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Lansing, Mich., Feb. 19.- Representative Ferguson iutroiluced i bill yesterday providing for tbe appointineut of state examinersto register or reject applicants for autliority to practice medicine in Michigan. The three examining boards provided for will include the chief schools of medicine- allopathic, homeopathie and eclectic. The committee appointed to investígate the Nellie Griffin murder is divided into two factions. Senator Sharp, the chairman, prepared a report recommending the dismissal of Superintendent Newkirk. Other menibers of the committee were in favor oi censuring Newkirk, but not of dismissing him. Lansing, Mich., Feb. 20.- Bills were introduced in the house yesterday making an appropriation for a display at the World's fair and creating a commission to arrange it; increasing the special tax on gross premiums of life insurance companies from 3 to 3 per cent.; providing for the care of veterans of the war at the Sol diers' home. Bills were intróduced in the senate: Compeüing the purchase of dairy and farm products direct from the farm by the state institutions; increasing the special tax on iron ore to 20 cents and on copper ore to $5 per ton; joint resolution limiting introduction of bilis to the flrst thirty days of the session, and redistricting the legislativo distriets. Lansing, Mich., Feb. 23.- It has been written, on the statute books for some time that a liquor dealer is liable if he sells liquor to a man after that man's wife has warned him not to do so. Representativo Wagner Saturday intróduced a bill which providea that the wife must furnish a good photograph of her husband at the same time that she files the notice. Lansing, Mich., Feb. 25.- The three Independent senators who were elected laat fall have held the balance of power in the senate all winter. Yesterday by an adroit flank movement on the part of the Democrats, the three were toppled headlong from their cemmanding position and the Democrats have a clean majority. The senate has had two contested election cases on hand for some time, Democratie contestante laying claim to the seats of Horton and Morse, both Republicans. The committees held back their reports because it was clearly understood that the three Independents would not vote to seat the contestants, their votes being necessary. Lapsod in Their Vigilance. Yesterday several Republican senators attended the state convention at Jackson and the Democrats seized the opportunity. The committee's reports unseating Horton and Morse were presented and adopted, and James H. Morrow and Charles Fredlinder were declared elected in their places, taus giving the Democrats a clear majority. All the Republican senators have been wired to return at once, and an attempt will be made to overthrow the action.