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Chica oo, Feb. 24. The quotation on the board of trade to-day were as follows: Wheat- No. 2 Fberuary, opened 03c, closed 9354c; May, opened 96c, closed 9tS%c; July, opened 92jc, closed 92%c. Corn- No. 2 February, opeued 52VLc closed 53%c; May, opened 54)4 closed 55c; July. opened 53c, closed 5394c. Oats- No. 2 May, opened ítijíjc, closed 474c ; June, opened 45%-c, closed 4(%c; July, opened 43c, closed 43}íc. Pork- March, opened $9.40, closed 89.35; July, opened $9.70, closed $U.65. Lard- March, opened $5.57, closed $5.00. Live stock - Following were the pnces at the Union Stock yards: Hogs- Market opened moderately active and prices 5@l()c lower; light grades $3.30@3.50; rough packing, $3.30 @3.40; mixed lots, $3.35@3.45; heavy packing and shipping Iot3, $3.4ö@3.M); pigs, $2.60@3.40. Cattle- Beef steers, $3.80@5.8Ü; stockers and feeders, $2.50@3.80; cows and bulls, $1.50O3.50; calves; $2.50@6.00. Sheep- In good demand; $4.00@5.50; lambs, 85.00a6.45. Produce: Butter- Fancy separator, 29c per lb; dairies, fancy fresh, 23@25c; packing stocks, fresh, 12@15c. Eggs- Fresh candled, loss off, MScperdoz. Dressedpoultry- Chickens, 8@9ic per lb; roosters, 5c: ducks, 10@13c; turkeys, mixed lots, 10@13c; choice hen turkeys, 12J 13o; geese, 7@9c. Potatoes- White Rose, 88@flOc per bu for seed; Hebron, 88@92; Peerless, 85 90c; Burbanks, 96@98c; Early Ohio seed, J1.40 1.50. Sweet potatoes-Jerseys, $3.00@&50. Apples- Cooking, $3.00@4-00 per bbl; eating, $4.00 @5.00; choice, $3.75@4.50. Cranberries- Bell and cherry, $8.009.00; bell and bugles, $10.00 11.00. St. Louis. St. Louis, Feb. 34. Wheat- Lower; cash, 97íc; futures higher; July; &l%a; Auuust, 85Jíc. Corn- Higher; cash, 52Jic; May, 52Jc; July, 51?4c. Oats- Firm; cash, 45c; May, 45%c. Pork- Quiet; Standard, $9.75. Lard- Quiet; $5.40. Whisky- Steady; $1.14. Detroit. Detroit, Feb. 24. I Wheat- No. 1 white cash, 97Hc; No. 2 red cash, $1.00; May, $1.01)4; July, 99c bid; August, 90J4c bid. Corn- No. 2 cash, 54; May, 55c. Oats - No. 2 cash, 49c; No. 2 white, 50Kc Milwaukee. MilwAukee, Feb. 24. ijjeat - Firm; No. 2 spring on track, cash, 92 @93c; No. 1 northern, 98c. Corn- Quiet; No. 3 on track, 5%c. Oats- Firmer; No. 2 white on track, 47@47Hc. Toledo. Toido, Feb. 24. Wheat- Lower and quiet; cash, 99J$@$.1OO; May, $1.00; July, 92J4; Angust, 89%c CornQuiet and hisher; cash and May, 554c Oats -Steady; cash and May, 47J4c. CJover seed- Firm and doil; cash, Febntary, and March, J4.70.