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One Way Of Paying For Sewerage

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Mr. Editor. - In answer to your invitation of the i7th, for views on the sewer question, I should like to submit the following: I would not bond the city for any sum, because bonds like general taxes fall heaviest on those least able to bear the burden, because the increased taxation would retard other needed improvements, and finally they are unnecessary. There is over $300,000 of bare land value south of the river, and I think it is safe to say that this land value will be increased five per cent. by the construction of a sys. tem of sewerage. Now what I propose is this, let us tax this bare land value say 1 yi per cent. for the construction of the main sewer. Let us pursue this same taxing of the value of the bare land in the construction of the lateral sewers, and as a result you will find that we shall have a system complete without entailing any hardships, and perfectly assessed on just the property which derives the most benefit.