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Alum Baking Powders

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The following are the names of some of the baking powders given by the public authorities as being made f rom alum: Calumet, A. &P. Kenton, Ne Plus Ultra, Silver Star, Eureka, Forest City, International, One Spoon, Golden Sheaf, Patapsco, Burnett's PerEmpire, State, [fect, Gold, Silver King, Veteran, . Crystal, Cook's Favorite, Centennial, Sun Flower, Gem, Buckeye, Windsor, Crown, Sovereign, Wheeler's, Daisy, [Crystal, Gem, Zipp's Grape Scioto, Feather Weight There are doubtless many other brands of alum baking powder besides those so far examined and named by the authorities. Most of the baking powders sold in bulk, by weight, and all sold with a gift or present, are of this description. Prof. H. A. Mott, United States Government Chemist, says: "In my opiniĆ³n the use of alum as a constituent of a baking powder should be prohibited by law."