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Expensive Coal

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Consumers of coal are generall willing to accept the high prices tha have been maintained throughout th past season with at least apparen resignation, but when the price, al ready out of the reach of som classes, is threatened to be raisec twenty per cent. higher by the rai: road companies, it is time that lega redress should be sought by th wronged parties. An extreme case of the evil referred to is said to hav occurred recently in this city. It i the custom ot railroadsto charge on dollar a day demurrage on loadec cars kept over held by customers more than five days. For sorae time past the university has purchased it coal in ten car lots, shipped to the city from Ohio over the T. & A. A railroad. Not long ago the railroad saw fit to detain the assignments at Toledo until considerable had been accumulated, when they rushed the whole amount in, leaving the university authorities with about fifty cars waiting to be unloaded in theT. & A. A. yards. The contract had been let for hauling the fuel from the freight depot to the campus and no provisiĆ³n had been made for such a sudden deluge. The result was that within five days but very little had been carted away, and the university authorities found themselves paying demurrage at the rate of almost $30 a day. A prominent coal dealer in the city stated that during the past season he had been charged demurrage amounting to more than $100 by the railroad companies, and that he would not submit to the obvious wrong without litigation. Secretary Wade, of the university, was asked to give his opiniĆ³n of the affair, but he stated that the university would have nothing to say through the papers concerning the matter.