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He Committed Suicide

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August Kajuski committed suicide ?riday by taking a dose of Paris green. He obtained the poison at a drug store on the pretense of using t in a mixture for his leg, which he aid he had injured on a railroad while in Toledo. Shortly afterwards ie entered the Exchange hotel and ordered a cup of coffee, and commenced vomiting. Green particles ppeared, and the pólice were notified. Charles Schott took him down o the jail, where Dr. Kapp was ummoned. He strenuously denied aking poison. At half past four aturday morning he appeared to e resting quietly, and told a risoner he was resting comfortably. At seven o'clock he was found tobe ead. The coroner's jury which was impaneled, rendered a verdict hat he "carne to his death by his wn hand by taking Paris green ome time in the evening of Febuary 2 7th, and died in the county ail between the hours of 4 and 7, February 28." Papers found on is person indicated his despondent ondition. His wife had seeured a ivorce from him a few years before nd he alleged this as one reason for lis rash act. He was 46 years old nd had five children. He was inured for $500 in the Arbeiter Verein. The funeral services were ïeld yesterday afternoon.