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The Afflicted's Frlend. Drs. Frath, formerly of New York, principáis of the Fruth Medical Institute, Chicago, III., stand second to none among the noted professional rnen of this country. Thts extiaordinary success is the result of the most thorough preparation for their calling, and an unusually !arge and successful practice has enabled them to gain commendation even from their professional brethren. On account of their large practice in the west, they have permenently established, and incorporated, under the laws of the state of of Illinois, The Fruth Medical Institute, for the treatment of all forms of chronic, nervous, catarrhal, stomach, kidney, bladder, the special diseases of men and women. The Institute has the largest and finest collection of instruments and armliances, and the rnost eminent corps of physicians and surgeons in the world'. A "word to thé afflicted: Xf vou are suffering Irom any form of ohronic disease tliat bas baffled the skill of the home physicians, come and have your case examined and they wil! teil you at once if your case is curable or beyonrt hope. Many diseases are so deceptive that hundreds of persons have them before they even suspect it- they know they are not well, but they neglect to flnd the cause and delay in seeking the proper treatment. Your case may now be curable but if you obstinately persist in procrastination, the time must come when medical aid can render you no assistance, when the door of hope is closed against you and the disease has worked irreparable injury. Then for the flrst time youwill realize what negligence means. Please do not cast this matter aside and destroy your best interests, but cali at the Cook House, Ann Arbor, Thursday, March 12th, for free examination, and if a cure can not be effected you will be so informed, for you can not longer afford to trifle away your life and hapiness upon uncertainty and ruinous experiment. Miss E. O'Duffy, a young woman about 20 years old, is one of the largest importers and dealers in wild animáis in this country. She is the daughter of a Dublin druggist, and has a natural liking for the business. An Important Matter. Druggists everywhere report that the sales of the Kestoratiye Nervine- a nerve food and medicine - are astonishing ; exceeding anything they ever had, while it gives universal satisfaction in headache, nervousness, sleeplessness, sexual debility, backache, poor memory, fits, dizziness, etc. L. Burton & Co., Troy, N. Y.; Ambery & Murphy, of Battle Creek, Mich., C. B. Woodward & Co., of Port Wayne, Ind., and hundreds of others state that they never handled any medicine which sold so rapidly, or gave such satisfaction. Trial bottles of this great medicine and book on Nervous Oiseases, free at Eberbach & Sons', who guarantee and recommend it.