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No. 10.- A Trlangle. 1 12 3 13 . 8 14 . . 4 15 ... 5 16 .... 6 17 7 18 8 10 9 20 10 21 11 1, a Roman numeral; 12 to 2, a pronoun; 13 to 3, arista; 14 to 4, prosecuted judicially; 15 to 5, the joint on whicli a door turas: 16 to 6, one of two kingdoms into which the Jewish nat ion was divided on the death of Solomon; 17 to 7, pernieious; 18 to 8, overshoes; 19 to 9, a town of Central África in Soudan; 20 to 10, to expand; 21 to 11, a treaty. From 1 to 11, the name of a famous musical composer bom on Feb. 6, 1809. From 12 to 21, the name of a great and good man. No. 17. - Rebus witli Doublé Answer. The beginning and the end of the ship's last voyage. Ni. 18.- Charade. A small lurnp of clay, And a box to hold grain, Will ?ive you a rustic, Uncultured aud vain. No. 19. - Combination Iuzzl. l xxox OOCHxxox ( xxox The foundation word represented by the three circles at the left is a prefix meaning "against," or a word meaning "to study." Join this to the upper four at the right, meaning "the shelter preferred by nomadic tribes," and have "satisfaction." Join the same three to the second four, meaning "proof," and have "strife." Join thesame three to the third four, meaning "a passage in the Scriptures selected bythepreacher," and have "series or order of discourse." The x's duplícate each other, the only change being represented by the eircle o. No. 20. - Word Syncopationn. Take an urchin from artlessly and leave artful. ïake a chariot of war froin frightening and leave to carol. Take adroitness from nioving suddenly and leave to pain acutely. Take to snm up from encumbered and leave a winter vehicle. Take to fasten from au old fashioned musical instrument and leave to regúlate. Take an era from tbings added and leave adds to. Take to wander from the truth from a boat and leave a question. Take a metal vessel from a glass vessel and leave to hinder. Take to petitiou from packings of hemp and leavetraps. The words removed consist of three letters each; the central letters of these words, read downward, will spell the name given to a certain festival. i No. 81.- A Star. L A letter. 2. A pronoun. 3. A person who winds silk. 4. One of the periods of the tertiary strata. 5. Unites firmly. ti. To direct what is to be written. 7. Stopping. 8. A printer's measure. 9. A letter. No. Zit. - Corn of Various Kinds. 1. What kind of corn has four feet? 2. What corn grows ou trees? 3. What corn (besides toe corn) is umieBirable? 4. What kind of corn do carpenters ralsel 5. What cora signifles that there is plen ty more? 6. What kind of corn is musical? 7. What corn is plantea in an angle? Geographical Absurtlities. If you should wish to go to Rome, And you Havana friends there, Peru's these linos whiie yet at hce And find the Rhodes that end thei-e. Do just as Siíim wont to do. And if a Lake Hurón, Don't Scilly be and Raeine go, Or Rouen you'll be sure on. But Wyoming-le with the crowd? Keep with yoiir littie party. There's Mr:s. Ippi - rather loud - And Callie Fornia, hearty. And Minnie Sota, too, I see, Likewise her triend, Miss Ouri; Six others will inake ten, I see- A riciier crowd than poorer. Iowa frank apology For leaving out the Craeow, I'll Russia round, but if you seo Her, I ask Utah say so. Just hear the sailora' yo-he-ho; If I ilalii i I'd aid 'em; Iov.a sailor, as you know- G-iod Lucknow till Tve paid 'em. OhJo more than that, but then, Of Corsican repay it; This Spain-ful sense of debt again, Texas sume time to say it. - Good Hcusekeeping. Key to the Fuzzler. Ho. 9.- A Letter Enigma: Valentine. No. 10.- A Diamoud: M MAP P A N E D PES1CIL MANIPULAR M A N I P U L A T E D P E C U L A T E D DIL A T O R LAT ER KED D No. 11.- Charade: Buckwheat. No. 12.- A Rhomboid and Word Square: POWER DAWN NOVEL AMRI N E V E R W R E N RENEW NTNE LADEN No. 13. - AWordDwindle: 1. Fragment. 2. Garments. 8. Magnets. 4. Gasmen. 6. Games. 6. Gaii-e. 7. Gem. 8. Em. 9. M. No. 14. - Hidden Flowers: Pansy, rose, violet, goldenrod, tansy, pink, forget-menot, daisy. No. 15. - Transpositions: 1. Withe, white. 3. What, thaw. 3. 1oap, peal. 4. Iead, deal. 5. Sherd, shxed.


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