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HOWAPUSZLEWAS SOLTED. When yon want a certain article, you want the best make of that article, don't you ? Bnt how to determine which make is best is what puzzles you, isn't it? And when the puzzle is solved for you, by authority which cannot be questioned, you are pleased, aren't you? And you would like to hear of one puzzle that has been solved for the people of the whole world, wouldn't you ? Well, we will teil you about that very puzzle, and its solution. At the Universal Exposition of 1889 at Paris, France, the best sewing machines of the world, including those of America, were in competition. They were passed upon by a jury composed of the best foreign mechanical experts, two of whom were the leading sewing machine manufacturers of France. This jury, after exhaustive examination and tests, adjudged that the Wheeler & Wilson machines were the best of all, and awarded that company the highest prize offered, the GRAND PRIZE, ffiving other companies only gold, silver and bronze raedals. The French Government, as a further recognition of superiority, decorated Mr. Nathaniel Wheeler, president of the company, with the Cross of the Legión of Honor, the most prized honor of France. That is how the puzzle of the best sewing machine in the world was fully solved by the most competent authority in the world in favor of the No. 9 and No. 12 Wheeler & Wilson machines. The No. 9, for family use, and the No. 12, for manufacturing uses, are the best in the world to-day. And now, when you want a sewing machine, if you do not get the best, it will be your own'fault. Ask your sewing machine dealer for the No. 9 Wheeler & Wilson machine, and if he does not keep them, write to us íor descriptivo catalogue, prices and terms. Agents wauted in all unoccupied territory. WHEELER & WILSON MFG. CO., 185 and 137 Wabaah Avenue, Chicago, IUFOR SALE BY Michael Staebler. Ann Arbor, Midi. MAKMOOO RESTÖRfeO. fejfc "SANATIVO," the y=) ÏLS SÍ?! WiittenGuarantee ÏV JTff I 10 cure all KervouB DteöiNSffl' Mciocrv, Lofs of Braln CiLfvD t: Pcvr, Jli-auache, ■VÍStÍÍ; wkeH:lues, Lost Man„ ,'.f ■'{';' i!':tü'ee.'1"iili ilrnlus' and Before& Uss. loss of powe of the Photrspaei' ir iin llfo. Gcnf'vc Organs, In .ihbk-v -, ,.wi=-tvjiií t.:i;a i ül'.x. caveed by over-exertiu-. ■ , i 1Í15] indcicrcUoua. or the cxcesslve oraoftolAceo, ■ , ...'. f nOinnlants, whlcti ultimately lead tolnfirrn'--. Coi.snmptton nd Inatmtty. Put up Inconvcr.i. r' rm to cirryln tho TB8tpocket Prlce ïl a nckag -. 1 6 for 15 wlth even' Ï3 order wc glve awritteii : ti'antee to euro or i-efund th moncy. Bétbymai to any addreaa. Circular free. Wentlon xhr peper. Address, MADiinJ ' HEBI ""' L CO , Brcoch Office for V. S. A. i fot; sale iíf AirsAEBoa, mich., bt Manu BruJ., Drnp?lts, 89 S011M1 Main St. I J. J. Gooúyflara Un . ■- ton?. No. 5 bouih Iiíiin St.