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Grossman & Schlenker light with electric lights. The February sparrow orders amounted to #75.42. Frederick Kalmbach, of Scio, died in Pittsfield, Wednesday. Dr. and Mrs. Chadbourne rejoice over the advent of another daughter. The street railway company now sell six tickets for twenty-five cents. Edward J. Taylor has been appointed mailing clerk in the post office. T. P. Kearney has moved his law office to over Duffy's store on Main street. Allmendinger & Schneider shipped four carloads of flour to New England, Wednesday. The Disciples will occupy the parlors of their new church on South University avenue Sunday. Adam Stoll and Miss Clara Miller were married by Rev. John Neumann, Wednesday evening. There were 13,000 passengers carried on the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti street railway, last month. Thomas Bain, of Ypsilanti, has been appointed to a position in the Jackson prison by Warden Davis. Thomas Williams and Frank Kenneda were given four days in jail as vagrants by Justice Butts, Tuesday. Rev. Mr. Sunderland delivered an address in the new village opera house at Plymouth, Tuesday evening. The prosecuting attorney has had John A. Foster, arrested for larceny frora N. Sutherland's house, discharged. The Christian association of the high school spent a social evening in the Congregational church, last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. AJbert Kinney and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunlavy, of Vebster, rejoice over the birth of aughters. Christopher Gay paid $10.15 nne nd costs into Justice Pond's court, esterday, for being found drunk on "ourth avenue. Dr. Breakey and J. Q. A. Sessions are the delegates from Welch Post to the G. A. R. state encampment at Muskegon next week. Each evening, next week, services will be held in the Baptist church, Rev. J. C. Carman, of Zanesville, Ohio, conducting them. The wood delivery wagon' purchased last December forthefire department has already saved more than its cost in delivering wood. Gruber has taken charge of the delivery of the Free Press and News for W. W. Watts. Two pretty good papers and two pretty good agents. The Ypsilanti city council has voted for a charter amendment authorizing an expenditure of $10,000 to obtain more manufacturing institutions in that city. The new trail car on the Ann Arbor street railway was used for the first time yesterday. Itsusepermits better city service by freeing one of the motor cars. Dexter, on Monday,elected Henry Phelps, president; Jay Keith, recorder; David Waite, treasurer, and D. Litchfield, John Tufts, and Charles Stannard, trustees. The Board of Directors of the Ladies' Library Association requests all members holding books, to return the same to the library, on or bef ore Saturday, March 14, 1891. Barnard Williams died in Ypsilanti, yesterday, aged eighty-five years. He was born in Ireland, came to this country sixty years ago, and had lived in Ypsilanti twentyfive years. An address upon mission and native life in India, illustrated bysteriopticon views, will be given in the Congregational church next Sunday evening at 7:30. All are cordially invited to attend. Ernest Straussburger, charged with taking harnesses from Volland's shop, waived examination before Justice Pond, Wednesday and was bound over to the circuit court. He will probably be tried this term. Charles R. Henry, of Au Sable, a son-in-law of J. J. Parshall, would probably have been nominated for regent on the democratie ticket hac it not been for the'persuasive tongue of Jerome Turner, who captured the convention for Williams. The lecture to be given by the Rev. M. P. Dowling, of Detroit, next Suuday, atUniversity Hall, has been postponed to Sunday, March i5th. Mr. Dowling is president of thé Detroit College and a rich treat is instore for our citizens. Don't fail to hear him. It is claimed by the owners that the two best teams of horses in the city are those owned by Herman Hardinghaus and Peter Pacquett. Whether the claim can be substantiated we know not. The teams were purchased of the Norris brotheas, and are Missouri stock. The following officers of Ann Arbor Commandery No. 13, K. T., will be installed Monday 'evening: Eminent commander, John R. Miner; generalissimo, L. C. Goodrich; captain-general, M. E. Cooley; prelate, L. D. Wines; senior warden, G. W. Millen; junior warden, A. C. Nichols; treasurer, D. C. Fall; recorder, J. W. Bennett; Standard bearer, R. A. Cuthbert; sword-bearer, A. W. Gascer; recorder, W. H. Dorrance; sentinel, T. Taylor; trustees, C. E. Hiscock, W. W. Nichols, B. F. Watts.