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Dogs Have Deteriorated

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While tlie grander sort of dog has been morally degraded by being turned rnto a usele3S lackey, the breeds that have happened to snit the capricious and errant fancies of animal pettêrs have undergone a still deeper deterioration. The sleek png, for instance, on whom is often lavished such a wealth of feminine fondness, has long since become perfectly aware of his new functdon in the house. He knows he is the first pet, and he is perfectly happy in the fact. His inind seems untroubled by any recollection of a higher estáte. He has lost the an.ient desire of the species to be man's loyal servant. He may, perhaps, if you happen to cali at the house and find him in exclusive possession of the drawing room, make a of resisting your intrusión. But his Sybaritic habits are too much for him, and presently he sinks in voluptuous slumber on the softest of sofa cushions. These Bpoiled creatures learn to take the f ondlings bestowed on them as a matter of course. They are wholly nndemonstrative, and perhaps the most fiattering thing that can be said of them is that, unlike their rival, the cat, they do not simúlate a tenderness of which their heart is wholly destitute.-


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