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Was It An Omen?

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Lokdon, March 4.- The arrival of the queen in London yesterday was marked by all the observances usual upon the occasion, but the happy effect of her majesty's popuI lar recoption was marred by a curious incident. The square in front of Buckingham palace ws densely packed with people when the queen entered the royal resi; dence. Shortly afterwardthe royal standard was raised, as is customary, but the flag stopped at half-mast. lts position was immediately noticed by tbe crowd, and the greatest consternation prevailed. The report that some one of the royal household was dead spread like wild flre, and the excitement grew intense. The Halliards Were Tangled. The crowd finally bec-tme so aroused that a rush was made for the palace to ascertain the truth. The gates were stormed and the wondering officials of the place plied with questions. These dignitaries were ignoran t of the position of the flag and at once instituted an inquiry. It turned out that tbe halliards had becöi&e entangled, preventing the complete raising of the flag, and it was necessary to have a man climb the staff to straighten things out. When the truth was learned the crowd gave expression of its relief in laughter and cbeers.