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Washington City, March 2.- The senate Saturday passed house bilí granting a peusion of $2,500 a year to the widow of Admiral Poru-r. The house amendment to tlie direct, tax bill was iigreïd to, and the bilí now goe to the president Conference reporta were agreed to on the bilis to define auii regúlate the jurisdietion of United States courts and lo establish a United Si ates land court. The hou-e substitute to the shippiug bill was laid befoie the senate, and went over. The conference report on tne bill to repeal the timber culiure law was ngreed to. The Indian appropriation bill was passed. The postofiice appropriation was taken up and an amendment agreed to giviug members of congress the right to frank any mailahle matter ex:ept merchandise to any officer of the governtnent when addressed otficially. Frye moved to amend by inserting the mail subsidy bill passed by the house, but the Democrats showed a disposition to have a "long talk" on the matter, and it went over under agroement to to'day. The deatU of Senator Hearst was announced, and after appropriate resolutions the senate - as a mark of respect - adjourned at 12:31) a1 m. to to-dny. In the house the mail subsidy bill, the sundry civil bill and the legislative bill were sent to conference. An understanding was reached that no contestad election case would be considerad. The Hawaiian cable amendment to the diplomaticand consular bill was non-concurred in and a conference committee appointed. The conference reports on the Indian depredations claim bill and on the bill to regúlate and define the jurisdietion of United Scates courts were agreed to. Also on the bill establishing a private land claim court. A resolution was reported for the impeachment of Alex Boarman, United States district judee. Louisiana. but pending aotion public business was suspended and eulogies delivered on tlie late Kepresentütive Phelan, of Tenn., after whieu the house as a mark of respect adjourned until 8 o'clock p. m. At the evening session tlie house refused to concur in the senate amendments to the copyright bill and it was sent to conference; agreed to the conference report on the bill to repeal the timber culture law: passed the bill providing that the McKinley tariff bill shall not be construed as affecting the treaty with the Hawaiian islands; a bill authorizing the constructioa of a bridge across Portage lake in Michigan between HougLton and Hancock, and the bill prohibiting book-making and pool-selling in the District. Then the death of Senator Hearst was announeed, the house took appropriated action and at 12:50 a. m. adjourued to to-day. Washington City, March 3.- In the senate yesterday the house amendment to the tonnage subsidy bill was passed. The bill now goes to the president. Manderson was elected president pro tempore of the senate, succeeding Ingalls. The credentials of James H. Kyle as senator from South Dakota and of John B. Gordon as senator from Georgia were placed on file. The house bill correcting the tariff law so as not to interfere wi'h the treaty of reciprocity with i ie Hawaiian islauds, and house joint resolution appropriating $1,000,000 for the improvement of the Mississippi river, to be immediately available, were passed. The postoffice appropriation bill was passed with an amendment appropriating $1,250,000 for the transportation of foreign mails. The agricultural appropriation bill was passed with amendments. At 6 p. m. the senate took a recesa until 8 p. m. When the senate again assembled the general deficiency bill was completed in committee, but final action postponed. It carries items to pay the widows of Chief Justice Waite and Justice Miller each one year's salary, but the proposition to give house employés a month's extra pay was struck out. The house amendunent to the live stock inspection bill was agraed to, as was the conference report on the bill to give employés of the government printing office 20 per cent. additional pay for nigbt work. The rest of the session was devoted to eulogies on the late Representative Phelan, of Tennessee, and at 1:55 a. m, the senate adjourued. In the housa senate bill granting a pension of $2,500 a year to the widow of Admiral Porter was passed. The conference report on the copyright bill was reported. An agreement was avrived at on all except the provisión that the home copyright shall not prevent the importation of like articles from abroad. A further conference was ordered, and the house took a recess until S:30 p. m. At the night session the rules were suspended, and the senate bill for the inspection of live stock and its producís was passed. The conference report on the bill providing for the publishing of 100,000 copies of Secretary Kusk's report on diseases of the horse was adopted. After partial action on several bilis the conference report on the bill authorizing the secretary of the treasury to suspend for one year the provisions of the act requiring steamers plying on the lakes and inland waters to cary life-carrying projectiles was agreed to, and the house took recess at 1 a. m. to 10 a. m. Washington Citt. March 4. - The senate yesterday passed the general deficiency bill, with amendments, including one for the paymeiit of the French spoliation claims. The conference reports on the diplomatic bill and on the sundry civil bill were agreed to. A large number of pension and other bilis were passed, and at 6 p. m. the senate took a recess until 8 o'clock. At the night session sixty house pension bilis were agreed to first thing. The conference reports on the Indian and postoffice appropriation bilis were agreed to, as was that on the coDyright bill, dropping Sherman's amendment. The pension appropriation was next got out of the way by agreement. A h 2:25 a. m. an attempt was made to rec isider the vote on the copyright conference report. The vote showed no quorum, and business carne to a standstill. In the house the conference report on the legislative bill was presented. An agreement was reached on all questions except the senate amendment making senators' clerks annual employés. A further conference was ordered. Other disagreements occurred and conferences were ordered. The conference reports on the sundry civil, Indian and postoffice bilis were agreed to, and the house took a recess un til 8:30 p. m. Some routine business was done when the house met at night. The conference reports on the pension and copyright bilis were agreed to as they came üp; also on the diplomatic bill. At 3:45 a. m. the house was patiently waiting for conference reports. Thirty-two incoes oí rain feil at Bear Valley, Cal., Feb. 22 and 2&