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'BLANKETslSWT j LH I "How fat I'd get if I had one." FREE-Get from yonr dealer free, th $■4 Book. It has handsome pictures and valnable Information abont horses. Two or three dollars for a Sx Horee Blanket will make your liorse worth more and eat less to keep warm. 5A Five Mile . ;' 5A Boss Stable A$k for 5A Electric 5A Extra Test 30 other styles at prices to snit everybody. If you can't get them from your dealer, write ue. IkWWi THJE ST30RGEST. -■'. -'■- OSNUtN '.'MTH-.V..IT fHC 5'A LA8EI, .■.,,. f.i Fiv "■. 'tï! { sons, Philada.. wlio ■ ii -...- n-iTr) psiiror martelGEORGE W. MILLEN, WHO AS SPECIAL AGENT FOB Itik MiMAti klik mVüMM lUi DESIRES TO SAY That Thf National Life Insurance Company was incorporated by the Legislature of Vermont in 1848 lts existence practically covers the whole history of Life Insurance in America, as the oldest company wrote its first policy in 1843. Hon. Henry Clay, of Kentucky; Hon. Amos Abbott, oí Massachusetts; Hon. Alex. Ramsey, of Pennsylvania were among the incorporators. That during the forty years of its successful experience, it has passed through the cholera epidemir of 1854, the financial panics of 1857 and 1873, as well a the ordeal of the Civil War. These were eriods when corporations and individuals were tried to their utmost capacity. On every side were failures, large and small, but the National came out with a record of solid prosperity, and not a scar to mark the greatest financial disturbances ever known in this country, lts policy contracis, therefore possess all the security and permanence that stability and successful experienee can guarantee. That it wrote in Michigan during the year 1888 $74,000, and during the year 1889 $752,000, which was thé largest per cent. of gains during said year by any company in Michigan. No company writes a more satisfactory policy, writing in the face of each policy three guarantees: First. - A paidup policy. Second. - A cash surrender for each year after the third. Third. - An extended insurance wbicb provides for all emergencies that may overtake anyone between youth and oíd age. Other facts and figures gladly furnished by Room 1 Hamilton i-„_"wTr iurii Biook. Greo. w . millen, W. L. DOUCLAS #% é IR k f and other sneclalrn ■% S rfi VvJ t tir's f()r Gentlemen, " ■ ■ " m Ladles.etc.arewarranted, and so stamped on bottom. Address W. 1,. UOUGIiAS, BroeEtOD, Mass. Soldby WM. REINHARDT & CO $500 REWARD Will be paid to the agent of any scale company whfl will say over bis own name as agent, that the Jones ê TON WAGON SCALE, $60, U nof -qual to any made, and a standard reliable g cale. For particulars addre&s only Jones oí Binghainton, Bingbamton, S.T.