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Iosoo county hasriito a hingle grist mili wrhiQ her borders, and soiiie enterprising maler c;ui .strike a ood field aud a bonus oy locating at Tawas City. Maoistee has been presented with 340 cres of soil to be used as a park, the gift of John Canfield, a wealthy lumberinau 3t that city. Local option has been tried in Van Buren county for nearly a year, and violators of the law are so numerous that a grand jury will be called to investigate 'em. Glanders Las made its appearance among Gay lord horses and three equines were ordered killed by the authorities. Dennis McCarthy, living near Grand Rapids, was attacked in his baruyard by m ugly buil and so badly injured that ieath resulted before any of the family iiscovered his whereabouts. ïwo women are claiming the life insura,nce of the late S. A. Merriam, who died at Port Huron, one of whom lives in Chicago. The Port Huron woman seems to be in the lead, however, at present. Grand Rapids policemen are maintaining the reputation of the craft. T'other iay they arrested a trio of thleves, buttwo nours later the three had effectually made their escape. There's a movement on foot in some 3ections of the state to deprive boarders at county bastiles of the luxuries of using tobáceo and card playing, and to substitute therefor eight hours of hard labor iaily. Michigan university has a total attendance of 2,435 students, divided as follows: Literary, 1,1&4. law, 589; medical, 475; dental, 141; pharmacy, 96. Eighteen shingle milis are doing a buzzing business in Isabella county. J. O. Smith, an Eaton Rapids farmer, claims to bave found a fine deposit of soft coal on his plantatiou at a distance of sighteen feet beneath the surface. The Ballou Basket company, of Becket, Mass., with its $50,000 capital stock, will soon become a Belding institution, with a Qew lactory 45x100 feet in size. Mrs. J. W. Burns, of Saginaw, attemptïd to clean a iloor by burning the oil that had been accidentally spilied thereon, and came near destroying her home and fatally burning lier two children. It is claimed that nearly every girl liberated from the Adrián Industrial home gets married soou aftel being discharged from that institution. The boys seem to appreciate a wife that's been taught to work. , Predicted that the straits will be open unusuaüy early this year if the winter continúes mild and lamb-like. A West Bay City gang of kids will be given a course of instruction at the state reform school, all because they indulged in chicken raids after dark and exchanging the captured fowls for cash. A Cross Village resident is said to have worn the same pair of overalls for four years without once washing. George T. Smith, the Jackson purifler gentleman, doesn't fancy paying the $250 fine imposed for contempt of court, and will obtain the supreme court's opinión of the matter before doing so. Many streams throughout the state are being stocked with brook trout from the state fish hatchery. Fiftyseven out of the ninety-seven people who are engineering high schools in this state are women. About 600 bilis, relating to all Sorts of 3ubjects, have been introduced at the session of the state legislature. A test medium who's been operating at Cadillac has been fined $100 costs on the ground of being a disorderly character. There are indications in sight that the Ashleys, contémplate an extensión of the Toledo and Ann Arbor road from Marión to Mackinac, the coming season. Bay City incendiaries destroyed $15,000 worth of property for Godfried Rimmerman on the 24th. Dr. E. M. Nix, of Hudson, is the owner of one of the handsomest residences in southwestern Michigan, which is located directly between two business blocks. A big hollow tree, of the red oak variety, was downed recently near St. Charles which proved to be a proliiic yielder. The harvest included 150 pounds of honey, two full-grown raccoons and a black bear. The Chicago and Grand Trunk railway company bas been called upon to pay $15,000 for the life of a man who, being intoxicated and refusing to pay his fare, was put ofE a train near Otterburn last summer and killed by the cars. Memorial services were held by many G. A. R. posts throughout the state in honor of Gen, Sherman and Admiral Porter. Marshall citizens will compare notes by ballot on the advisability of a $100,000 improvement fund to be raised by taxation. Saginaw has got the pull on a couple of Chicago manufacturing concerns, which will employ 200 hands. Ishpeming has just secured her first Wholesale house, a confectionery store owned by Martin Baker. S. Jonker died a few days ago at Holland from the effects of an injury received in the head a year ago by the bursting of a gun. Burglars have been cavorting about the state for the past week and many fine safes ruined, but very little cash was secured. The Bardeen Paper company, of Otsego, are to doublé the capacity of their plant, making one of the largest paper milis in the world. Potterville people continue to agítate the beet sugar problem with as much assurance as though they really expected to secure one of those sweet and costly re fining factories. Indianapolis has captured Kalamazoo's gelatine capsule factory, the only one of the kind in the country, the concern being protected by valuable patents. E. J. Palmer is a Bay City citizen who is accused of occasionally amusing himself by scalding his wife with hot milk. If reports concerning the condition of the Hastings jail be true, that institution reflects no credit upon the people of Barry cotrun in a period of civilization supposed to be many removes from that of the dark ages. Sturgis will add another furniture factory to her local industries. The Ohio river nood swept away the ice sto es of the Cincinnati Ice company, which now bas 100 men cutting a second supply at Harrison, this state. A runaway team in Alcona county collided with a tree, severely injuring the eight occupants of the sleigh, several of the eight now wearing broken legs. Having quashed all injunctions to its proexess, the Ann Arbor electrict street car line will extend its mileage in that city by something like 200 furlongs.