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Chicago, March 3. The quotations on the board of trade to-day were as follows: Wheat - No. 2 March, opened 940, close d 94c; May, opened 97c, closed 97c; July, opened 92%c, closed 9234c. Cora- No. 2 March, opened 54)4c, closed 549íc; May, opened 550, closed 56%c; July, opened 54Jác closed 50íc. Oats- No. 2 May, opened 48c, closed 48ác; June, opened 47%c, closed 47Séc; July, opened and closed, 439íc. Pork- March, opened , closed 89.55; May, opened $9.974 closed $8. 87Kc; July, opened $10.35, closed $10.2% Lard- March, opened $5. 72é, closed 5.67). Live stock- Following were the prices at the Union stock yards: Hogs- Market opened active and flrm; best grades, 5c higher; light grades, $3.0@3.70; rough packing, $3.45@3.55; mixed lots, $3.50@3.70; heavy packing and shipping lots. 83 60@3.80; pigs, 82.75@3.55. Produce: Butter- Fancy separator, 34@35c per Ib; dairies, fancy fresh, 25@27c; packing Stocks, fresh, 16@18c. Eggs- Fresh candled, loss off, 16@17c per doz. Dressed poultry- Chickens, 10Jéllc per Ib; Toosters, 5c; ducks, 12@13c; turkeys, mixed lots, 10@12c; choice hen tnrkeys, 13é@14c; geese, 7@9c. Potatoes- White Rose, 9U@95c per bu for seed; Hebron, 95@98c; Peerless, 9Ü@95; Burbanks, S1.0U@1.03; Early Ohio seed, 81.40@1.50. Sweet potatoes- Jerseys, $3.00@3.50. Apples-Cooking, $3.00 4 00 per bbl; eating, $4.00@5.00; choice, $3.75 4.50. Cranberries- Bell and cherry, 88.00@8.50; beü and bugles, gl0.O011.00. New York. New York, March 3. Wheat- No. 2 red winter cash, $1.11; do May. $1066; do June, $1.0%c; do July, $1.0Pá. Corn- No. 2 mixed cash, ütic; do May, 62%c; do June, tílc; do July, 61%c. Oats- Dull but steady; No. 2 mixed cash, 56c; do May. 5% Bye- Neglected. Barley- Negleged. Pork- Dull; mess, $10.50@11.00 for new. Lard- Quiet; March, J8-W; May, J8.16; July, $6.37.