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Topeka, Kan., March 3.- A new Alliance movement contemplates the formation of a huge graia and live stock trust, including Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa. Frank McGrath, president oí the Farmers' AUiance, says that the project s one of the results of the fuilure of the Alliance legislatures to pass certain bilis. District Alliancesare being formed in every congressional 'district and provisions being made for building cold storage and grain depots. The district Alliances will be made up of sub-AUiances. In this way a constant communication from individual meinbers of the Alliance is to be had. "We will know how many cattle each individual member of the Alliance has on hand," said Mr. McGrath, "and he can hold them without selling for need of reedy cash. The Alliance the Only üujer. "A record of these facts will be kept. No individual member wil! sell his grain to option men or brokers, but when he is obliged to sell, the graia will be taken by the Alliance. The same thing will follow with cattle. We will have agents In Kansas City, Chicago and St. Louis who will keep the district Alliances postedas to the market and the demand. Upon this information the demand will be supplied, and no more, at a fixed price determined by the Alliance. No option wheat will be on the market. There will be no speculating on grain before harvest. The four states in this trust will practically control the wheat and cattle markets of the United States. Modeled After the Whisky Trust. "The commission each day will wire farmers to send in a certain amount of wheat or cattle, as the case may be, calling on the ones who are the hardest pressed for cash. The amount demanded to supply the market that day will be apportioned among the districts equally, and in turn apportioned by the district Alliance. No farmer who is a member of the Alliance will sell his products till called upon. By this plan wheat fluctuations in prices will be avoided. Other state Alliances are expected t join the movement. The new scheme is modeled in detail after the whisky trust. We have decided that we nvist fighi, the devil with flre; that is, we must fïght trusts and combinations with trusts and combinations."