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Kicked Into Insensibility

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About seven o'clock Sunday evening an altercation occurred in the southwestern part of the first ward during which Fred Rosser, a typo working in the Argus office, was kicked in the face by the Weinmann brothers, sustaining a broken nose, a cut eyelid, a severe bruise over the eye and on the cheek. As told by several eye witnesses, the kicking seems to have been very brutal. The brothers, Will, Chris, and Fred Weinnman, were talking together, when Fred Rosser and Henry Otto passed them on the sidewalk. Some words passed between them and Rosser was knocked down. He got up and ran a few steps, was rolled into the ditch, and kicked while in the ditch in the manner described. Henry Otto, who endeavored to come to his rescue. received a black eye. Rosser was picked up insensible and carried into the house of a neighbor, where a doctor dressed his wounds. He was insensible for nearly two hours. No warrants have yet been issued.