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The Irish Corporal

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The Scranton Truth says of the play which will be given in the opera house to-morrow night as follows: "The play entitled 'The Irish Corporal,' which was presented at the Academy of Music on Saturday evening last, introduced a new star comedian in the person of Mr. Tony Farrell, who made an excellent impression and before the final fall of the curtain established himself as a prime favorite in the good graces of the audience. Mr. Farrell is a young actor of fine promise. His bright, intelligent face beams with good nature and his laughter is contagious. His singing is spirited; his words are clearly enunciated; his acting is graceful, and he never descends to any of the low clap-trap which is the stock-in-trade of so many would-be comedians, in order to raise alaugh. The keynote of Mr. FarrelPs success is wholesome, intelligent good humor under all circumstances, and it is safe to say that the public will hear more of him before long. The play in which he appeared contains some excellent points and in its opening scène gives promise of some good things which are not realized. It does not afford Mr. Farrell the opportunity to which his abilities are entitled, but certain improvements are contemplated that may possibly come up to expectation. In theclosing scène Mr. Farrell was compelled to respond again and again to encores until he was finally forced to make a speeh of thanks and beg to be excused from further effort. Miss Jenny Leiand played a pleasing banjo solo, which was heartily applauded, and sang and danced merrily, and the other members of the company did well. The noticeable feature of the entertainment, however, was the warm welcome extended to Mr. Farrell, who scored an immediate success as the hero of the play."