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W. P. LODHOLZ IS OFFEEING IK huán lú FniTisioas. nSST-CUSSStDDUiPEUUT, New Teas at 25, 30, 40. and 50c per pound. Keitles, porcelain lined, free with 1 pound Baking Powder at 50 cents. China ware free with I pound coffee at 25 cents per lb. The best goods at the lowest prices. Always full weight and measure. All goods fresh and warranted. Delivered to any part of the city. You will save money by trading with W. P. LODHOLZ, 4 and 6 Broadway. risw i mum BAKERT, GROCERY AND R.0UB AND FEE9 STORE, We keep consuinUy on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &c. For Wholesale or Eetail Trade. We shall also keep a supply oi OSBORNE'iü GOLD DUST FLOUR J. M. Swift & Oo.'a Best White Wfcea Flour, Rye Flour. Buckwheat ilour, Oorn üleal, Fíed, &c, &e., &c, At Vholesale and Retail. A genera] stock oí GROOEBIES AND PBOVISIONS constantly on hand, which will be sold on as reas onable terms as at any other house in the city. B""Cash paid lor Butter, Rggs., and Countr Prqduce gtnerallv. Goods Delivered to any part oí the city with out extra charge. Rinsey & Seabolt GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 1878. Ï. Baker & Co.'s tBreakfast Gocoa from which the excess of oil has been removed, is Absolutely JPure and it is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, easily digested, and admirably adapted for invalida as well as for persons in health. Sold by Crocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. A GEÑTíf7 ENTIRELY WANTED I sf" NEW BOOK The most wonderful colleetion of practical, real valué and every-day use for the people ever published oa the plobe. A marvel of money-saving: and money-earning lor every one it. Thousands of beautif ui, helpt ui engTaving-s, showing justhow todo every thing. No competition; nothing like it in theuniverse, When you select that which ia of true valué, sales are sure. All sincerely desiring paying employment and lookibg f or something thoroughly flrst-class at an extraordinary low price, snould write lor description and terms on the most remarkable achievement in bookmaking slnce the world began. CA MM ELL & CO.. Box 5003 S ST.LOUISorPHLiADELPHIA. FREDLRICE KRAUSE, AUCTIONEER. Will attend to all sales on short notice at reasonable charges. For further particulars cali at the Abgus office. fT' n gr i FDCC jflík0l;ií New KSfFDffa hJtfgWiLN fnC Cssgjlasa.s soiii SUibFm bu J5WiP(SRGold Watch ■ ■■■L■■ KKgjóEgÖjp"and ralua.ble line of Ilouxehold j_ aTthe watch, are free. All the work you DMiI do is to ihow wbat we end you to thoio who cali- your ïri'-n-is and nelghborsand thote aboot you - thatalwayi reiulti i 11 valúa ble trade for us, which holds forycan when once started, and Chus w are repaid. We pay all eipreat, fretgrht, etc. Afttr you know 11, if you woald like to go to work for us. you eau am trom %1LO to $UO per week and uiiwardï.cAddrrs.,, Nriikkon Co.. Bax 01 2. Portland, Maine. Nuf] FOR A UAWIE JdUNEWPÖTATO For partioulars and our New 1891 Seed Annual, with over 250 lllustrations, address, S. . M. IS BELL & CO., J25, 127, 129 Pearl Street ackson. Mich. H. KITREDGE, No. 6 West Ank Street. LIYERÏ,HAÏK ASID BAGCAGE LIM, In the rear of Edward Duffy's (froeery store lack to'all trains, day and night. Orders for rains, partios, weddinffs and funerals romptly attended to. ï'olephoue, 108 Ann Artor Mich. Sa H B B ATWHOLESALEPRIGES BMHMt flH 1 If youuHC wall paper do ■H H not fail to sural 10c for KH Ajfl R eampies of nprini; patOH IV Hjm ■_toi'ii. I Kuarantce toiiavu " youmoney.Whiteblanka ctoCc per roll. GiltsSc _. c perroll. The finestB 1 HM I irlor papers with 18 ■■f BB Mk Bv n.frleze to match 16c r BS T B 11 er roll and imwnrd. ■ SH ■ L_ B l.FRED PÉATS.B ■ BB BH BB Wall Paper Merchant, 147-149 T'. Madlson-et. CWcago.