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The Moore-thompson Slander Case

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The court room lias been crowded for the past two days, many ladies being present. The case in court was that of Mrs. Kate L. Moore vs. Wilford B. Thompson, a prominent Salem farmer. Mrs. Moore sued him for slander. She had aided, as a nurse, in taking care of Mrs. Waldron, a sister of Mr. Thompson, and when Mrs. Waldron returned to her home several articles were missing. She expressed her belief Mrs. Moore had taken them. Thompson came to this city to get the articles, accused Mrs. Moore of stealingthem, gave her an hour to find them and searched her house. The articles were afterward found at Mrs. Waldron's, in a satchel, where they had been all the tiihe. The ease was given to the jury yesterday afternoon, and the jury returned in an hour with a verdict for $2,500 damages. On the first ballot the jury were unanimous in finding cause. On the first marking as to damages, the amounts varied from $800 to #20,000, the sum $2,500 being quickly agreed upon. This is the second trial of the case.