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A course is offered this semester at the University in what is called in the announcements rapid writing, but which is, in reality, newspaper work'. Only those students who are connected with the college press are admitted to it, and the work done consists in the revisiĆ³n and criticism of matter that goes into the college papers. That the scheme will produce a sorely needed and much sought-for increase in the supply of ready and able writers for the press can hardly be expected, but there is no doubt but that it is a break in the right direction away from the dry, impractical and rigid routine that still, in spite of great improvement, characterizes in too many cases the college curriculum, lts chief, at any rate its most tangible result, will probably be that some dozens of young men who would otherwise adorn law offices and cashier's windows will adorn telegraph editors' desks, and that some scores of young men who would otherwise disfigure telegraph desks will disfigure law offices and cashiers' windows. In that case nothing will have been lost, some good will have been done, and Prof. Scott, who is conducting the course, and his students, will be open to