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No. 31.- Rirtdle. I am ever in gight With all that is bright, Eut I melt in a laugh or a sigh, Though I'm bidden by night, I am taken in flight, While 1 cling to whatever is nigh. I am found with the sought, And I'm held with those caught, And am shadowed in many designs. I am lost much in thought, Though I am silent for nonght, But signal my presence in .signs. I am mom with the rough, And dumb with the tough, And glum when I'm canght in a plight, Close moutbed with enongh, Without breath for a songh, And still I am found in the right. No. 33. - Tile Box Prohlm. A roerchant had a certain line of goods vrhich were graded in quality, and for each quality had certain letters marked on his boxes. One day his son saw a number oí these boxes lying about, and by making a pile of flve oL them, putting three in a row and two on top, he read the name of an English poet. He made another combination of flve boxes, some of which had not been used in his first lot, and got the name of another English poet. He made still ánother arrangement of five and found tho name of an American poet. The nnmbers attached to the boxes will be used in explaining the solution. - Golden Days. No. 33.- Drop Letter Proverb. S-a-s-r-n-t-e - n-y-u-s-i-e. No. 34. - Numerlcal Enigma. My whole is a proverb composed of thirty letters. My 27, 7, 1, 20, 29, 2S are flakes. My 18, 19, 9, 15 is to pass. My 18, 4, 3, 12, 14 is a dotnestic animal. My 2, 1, 13, 18, 26, 22 is a ring of metal or leather. My 2, 10, 20, 2-Í, 23, 8, 17, 23 is a flower. My 10, 11, 22, 5 an order of plants. My 21, 20, 1, 6 is to signal. My SO is a letter. So. 35.- Initial Pnzzïo. The seven stars of the left slant represent a word meaning "a rowof hay raked together ior tha purpose of being rolled into' heaps." The iiext slant of six, a celebrated city in Poland. The next of six, "to separate chafE f rom grain." The next of seven, a saw used for preparing fuel. The whole is the initial of a celebrated nero of Scotland. No. 36. - Anagrama f rom Dickens. 1. I twirl votes. 2. Berwick wins mail. 8. Armygaspie. 4. Tried to trill. 5. Can't deny Rosy. 6. Doek all dyed. 7. Bet two doors yet. 8. Dole Mark polish. 9. Pearls diñe too hard. 10. Vice kills Drew. 11. I kiss Bell. 12. Let Jew oil. 13. King, hurl not! 14. Rob no hid Jew. 15. Pad devil if per cod. 16. Age try, law. 17. Hop lost. driver. 18. Reed, chevv darts. 19. Lunatic petcat. 20. Alms, Jerry. These anagrams represent the names of popular characters in Dickens' novéis. So. 37.- Buried Cities. 1. When the men went below Ella escaped through a rear window. 2. The required amount of money we can save nicely. 3. The wall is level, and so is satisfactory. 4. Amber generally acts as a magnet. 5. The boy grows paler, more deathlike in appearance. 6. We shall hang up the children's stock - ings to-night, it being Christmas eve. The Magie Breath. Put some lime water in a tumbler; breathe upon it through a small glass tube. The fluid, which before was perfectly limpid, will gradually become white as milk. If allowed to remain at rest for a short time, real chalk will be deposited at the bottom of the tumbler. Personal. Bobby- Say, Edith, wouldn't itbe nice if our mamas would let us get married when we grow big. Edith (with dignity) - Well,I don 't know about that. If you are as homely when you get a biï man as you are now I could never love you so there. Key to the Puzzler. No. 23.- Charade: Hamlet. No. 24. - Doublé Acrostic: 1. H ercule S. 2. A s P. 3. S e i n E. 4. T i m E. 5. EdwarD. No. 25. - Absent Vowels: Sow love, and taste its fruitage pure; Sow peace, and reap ts harvest bright; Sow sunbeanas on the rock and moor, And find a harvest home of light. No. 26.- Pi: 1. Lawrence Barrett. 2. Henry E. Dixey. 3. Denman Thompson. No. S7.- Anagram: Inventor Thomas A. Edison. No. 28. - Pictoiial Pyramid: C PAN NORIA M I N A R E T PARACHUTE AEOLIANHARP HIEROGLYPHIC S No. 29. - Easy Diamonds: T G TON ORE T O P A Z G'R AND N A, B END Z D Na 80.- Brokeu Dishes: 1. Cup. L Sauoer. 3. Bowl. i. Pitcher.


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