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Special Sprins Sale OF DRESS GOODS AND Black and Colored SILKS! 25 PIECES, Newest Shades. Colored Henriettas, all Wool. 16 and 17 Twill, 75 cents a yard. Usual price $1.00. 25 PIECES, Spring Colors. Serge Eoyal, 42 inclies wide, at 75c per yard. Actual Valué, $1.00. 20 PIECES, Desirable Tints. Fine Quality Serge, 40 inches wide, at 57 cents per yard. Worth 75c. 10 PIECES,Latest Patterns. Plaid and Striped Saxony Suitings, . at 25 cents per yard : 40 inches wide and Cheap at 35c. 15 PIECES, Staple Colorings. Paragon Colored Gros Grain DRESS SILKS, at 75 cents per yard. Sold everywhere at, and Reduced from $1.00. 50 PIECES, All Shades and Colors of the Famous Clifton Mills, Colored Surahs and Failles, at $1.00 per yard. The best the market alïords. 15 PIECES BLACK GKOS GRAINSILK, Quality Guaranteed. Great Bargains at 75c, 95c, $1.00, $1.10, $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75 per yard. Greatly Reduced in Price for this sale. EXTKA ATTRACTIONS IN Black Faille Francaise, Black Surahs, Black Rhadames, Black Satin Regence, Black Armures and Radimers, Black Brocade Silk, All $1.00 per yard, to Reduce Stock. Store to be Remodeled and Eenovated . TMs Sale is to get the goods out of the way. Take advantage of and get some of these Bargains. BACH, ABEL & CO., 26 S. MAIN STREET. Cor. of Washiagton, GEOUGE WAÏÏH THE LARGEST Book and Wall Paper DEALER IN THE CITY, Offers for the SEA SON OF 1S91, the Best Selected Stock of WALL PAPER w WI10W SHADIS Ever shown in the city. Look at the following Prices bef ore buying: Best White Blanks, 5, 6, 7c Best Flats, 10, 12, 15c Best Gilt Paper, 6, 8, 10c High Class Grade Gilts 12, 15, 18c Fine Decorations, 20, 25, 30c Our Papers are all g-uaranteed f uil length and bost stock. In short, we are the cheapest Wall Paper House in the city. Eemember we nave the best Wall Paper Hangers and Decorators in our employ . We would invite Special Attention to our f uil line of fine StationeryGEORGE WAHR, Leading Bookseller and Stationer, Opposite Court House, Ann Arbor, Mich. gA"J f i VpinSL. and all foreiga couutriea TWUflPvUjok Examinationa made. LiIkJHbbLwE% censes and assigmnents LSVrTjintJL Irawn. Infringcmenta fiSll I 1 1 1 1 1 1 UT' prosecuted in dl Fede-al "1 Vil I 3 I I lifcjcmirts. Advice mkI paniRf (llril IH3phletsiVee. Scientiflc exlnJllllll'Jmit validlty opiuiona VvHIUHRrW given. Komodelsretiuired. ÖSjPvSr Thos. S? Speagce & Son, 37 KlïlliWM Congress Street Weai, - Detroit. MlCh.