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Pillow's Widow

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MK1IPHI8. Tenu., Marcl 11.- Mr. David H. Postou,a prominent lawyer of this city, was yesterday shot und mortally wouuded by Col. H. Clay King, a well-kuown citizen, and also a member of the Memphis bar. As Col. King was standing in front of Lee's cigar store on May street. Mr. Postou came along. When he reached King, the latter, wituout a word of warning, placed a pistol against Mr. Poston's abdomen and tired. The wounded man staggered blindly for a few seconds, when friends rushed to his assistance and carried Mm into a restaurant. Kiog stood still, pistol iu hand, and was arrested a few minutes later. Causes Thai Led to the aiurder. The causes which led to the shooting have their origin in the lawsuit which has become a case celebrated in both Tennessee and Arkausas judicial annals, and to which H. Clay King and Airs. Gideon J. Pillow, widow of Gideon J. Pillow, of ?ort Pillow fame, were the principáis. The litigation has been pending for a number of years, and grew out of certain ;ransactions between these parties with regard to Arkansas lands, Mrs. Pillow claiming the title through certam deeds signed by King and which he claimed were never e.-secuted as far as delivery was concerned, alleging that sue obtained surreptitious possession of them. Feil in Love with the Widow. Mrs. Pillow is about 45 years old and ooks 30. She is a woman of queenly preence, finely educated and of the most ascinating rnanner. She has the daring L a Bernhardt with the wit and polish of a Recamier. She was known to be risque," and women of her own social ank gradually drew away from her after ïer husband's deafh, but nothing posiively wrong was proved against her umil he met Henry Clay King, lour years ago. t was a chance meeting in King's own ffice, where she had caged to consult his artner on a matter of business. He was aptivated at first sight, and from that moment was her slave. King Deserts His Wife. He was never satisfied when absent rom her side, and she encouraged his atentions. Finally his infatuatioti caused im to throw off aü disguise. He desertd his wife aud children to go and board t her house, and when the scandal beame so notorious that it could no lorjger )e outfaced he took the widow to his plan■ation in Lee county, Arkansas, where hey kept house together. Mrs. Pillow' oungest child, a girl of 12 years, was tb nly other white member of the house old. flirtte Her Liaison Pay, In the course of tinieMrs. Pillow gainec such an influence over King that he deec ed her all his property, uot even exceptin the house in this city occupied by his de serted family. It seems that the deed was, not intended to be made a matter of ree ord, bat Mrs. Pillow had ideas of busi ness which would not permit her to throw away such an opportunity to provid against a rainy day. She took the dee;l and quietly caused them to be recorded When King found this out he was wik wtth rage, and there was a terrible scen between the two. Discarded Her Paramour, The result was that Mrs. Pillow ordered him ofï her plantation and he was forced to go. Even after this he tried to renew his relations with her, but she refused his advances, and then he brought suit in the Arkansas courts and the chancery court at Memphis to recover his property. Then the whole wretched sWy came out in the pleadiugs. The two local papers published it and King sued both for $50,000 damages. The suits, bowever, came to nothing, and the suits of King to recover his property from Mrs. Pillow are still pending in the courts. Threats Against the Victim. The firin of Poston & Poston was counsel fot Mrs. Pillow, and has prosecuted her title vigorously. A very bitter feeling was aroused between the parties to tht litiga tion. King's bitterness against Mrs. Pillow was in a measure transferred to David Poston, the leading counsel. Monday night King was drinking in a saloon and said publicly that he intended to shoot Dave Poston on sight. The threa) was repeáted to Poston, but, being plucky, he paid no attention to it. United to His Wronged Wife. When Kin was taken to jail his first request was for abottle of whisky; his second for his niuch wronged but still loving wlfe. She visited him and an affecting scène took place between the two, thus reunited under the shadow of the gallows. Mr. Poston's family is one of ;he most prominent in the city and wellïnown throughout the south. Col. H. 21ay King served with distinction in the Confedérate army, is a brillianfc lawyer, and is the author of King's digest of the aws of Tennessee, which was for a long time a standard work.