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The Flood At Nashville

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Nashville, Tenn., Marcli 11.- The river feil slightly yesterday, although it is expected to rise at least a foot yet when the water from the upper, river reaches this city. From all low-lying portions oL the city the cry of distress is heard, and the streets are filled with the eiïects of those who are able to move. The less fortúnate are compelled to carry their beloneings to higher ground, and there deposit them without she'ter. Great Dainage in the Country. Fully 1,000 houses have beeu vacated on account of the rising water. The greater part of those who have been forced to move were unable to rent other houses, and have taken up temporary abode among friends and neighbors. Reports from surrouuding districts show that the creeks are out of their banks and great damage has been done by the washing away of fences, bridges and inundating the wheat fieids.