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Talking of patent medicine - you know the old prejudice And the doctors - some o them are between you and us They would like you to thinl that what's cured thousand won't cure you. You'd bc lieve in patent medicines i they didn't profess to cure everything - and so, between the experiments of doctors and the experiments of paten medicines that are sold only because there's money in the " stuff, " you lose faith in every thing. And, you can't always tel the prescription that cures by what you read in the papers So, perhaps, there's no better way to sell a remedy, than to teil the truth about it, and take the risk of its doing just what it professes to do. That's what the World's Dispensary Medical Association, of Buffalo, N. Y., does with Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, Favorite Prescription, Pleasant Pellets, and Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. If they don't do what their makers say they'll do - you get your money back. , TAMTKI i Michigan liMtíU ForSale. 300 Acre four and one-balf miles from Ovid. Clinton Co., known as the Seott Farm. 243 '4 Aerea near Quincy, Branch Co., known as the Berry Farm. 157 Acres near Marlette. Sanilac Co., known as the Murray Farm. 77 Acres in the Village of Vernon, Shiawassee Co. 40 Acres in the Township of Fairfleld, Shiawassee Co., known as the Lattimer Farm. 80 Acres near Olivet, Eaton Co., known as the Dowler Farm. 80 Acres near Midland, Midland Co., known as the Foster Farm. 80 Acres near Leutz, Saginaw Co., known as the Cobb Farm. 89 Acres near Thornton, St. Clair Co., knowii as the Hilliker F8rm. 120 Acres near Advance. Charlevoix Co. known as the Hayes Farm. 8O Acres in Montealm Co., four miles l'roni Riverdale, known as the Fisk Farm. 2O Acres in the City of Niles, Berrien Co. Also timbered and unimproved lands In Tuseola, Hanilac, Huron, Monroe, Ottawa, Muskeffon, Osceola, Roscommon, Aiontmorency, Alpena. Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Cbeboyg-an, Maekinac. Benzie, Missaukee. Ieabella, Wexford, Gratiot a-d Saginaw Counties. For par ticulars apply to iï SEELDEV S CO. DETROIT, MICH. The Press (NEW YORK) FOH 1891. DAILY. SUNDAY. WEEKLY pages, lc. 20 pages, 4c. 8 or 10 pages, 2c The Aggressive Eepublican Journal Of the MetroDolis A BEWSPAPEB JFOK THE MASSES Founded December lst, 1887. Circulation over 100,000 copies T-ï A TT r-y " Thk Press is the organ of do faetion; pull no wires; has no anímosities to avenge. The most remarkable Newspaper Suceess n New York. The Press is a National Newspaper Cheap news, vulg-ar seosations and trash find no place in the columns of The Press. The Press has tlie brisrhtest Editorial page in New York. It sparkles with points. The Press Sunday Edition is a splendid wenty page paper, covering every current topic of interest. The Press Weekly Edition contains all the good things of theDailv and Sunday editions. Forthose who cannot afford the Daelt or are prevented by distance f rom early receiving it, The Weekly is a splendid substitute. AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM The Pkess has no superior in New York. THE PRESS. Wtthin the reach of ali. The hest and cheapest Newspaper publiehed in America. Daily and Sunday, one Year, $5.00 " " " 6months, 2.50 " " " one " 45 " only, one Year, 3 00 " " four months, 1.00 Sunday, one Year, 2.00 Weekly Press, one year, 1.00 Send íor The Press Circular. Samples f ree. Agents wanted everywhere. Liberal commissions. Address, THE PRESS, Potter Building, 38 Park Eow. New York. MANHOOD RESTORED. ygh Wonderful s'panish fe mI 'rtiní'1iarantee -urTsSf, Wal;efulaes3, Lost ManAAfter Use. iS'Ss 'S Fhotographed írom Ufe. Generet've Organs, Ín -"- - -- bJ elther eex, caneed by oTerxertIon, youthful IndeBCretlons. or the excesslve uae of tobáceo, opium, or Btlmulants, whlch ultlmately led to Inürmlty, CoD6umption and Insanlty. Pnt up Ín convenient form to carry In tbe vest pocket. Prlce (1 a package, or 6 for $5. Wlth every 15 order we Klve written ííuaranteo to cure or ref and the money. Sent by mail to any addreee. Circular free. MenUon thls paper. Address, MADRID CHEMICAL CO., Branch Office for V. S. A. 417 Derborn Street. CHICAGO. ILL. F0E SALE IN ANN ABBOR, MICH., BT Mann Bros., Drugglsts. 39 Sonth Main 6t. J. J. Goodj-ear's Brug Store, No. 5 South Main St.