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Piled In The Ditch

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Havana, Hls., March 9.- The south bound passenger train on the Jacksonville Southeastern railway from Chicago toSt. Louis was deraüed here Suuday morning, and the whole train of five cars was wrecked and burned. Fortunately, there were but few passengere aboard. The fireman was killed. Express Messenger John Bates, of Chicago, was wounded on the head, and had one foot cut olï. A. Conover, of Manito, Hls., had an arm torn 3ff. Frank Lewis, of Peoria, was serionsly injured. Engineer George Birkenhead had an arm and leg broken. Furtlier Particulars of the Wreek. The train consisted of a baggage and express car, smoker, chair car and two sleepers. As soon as the engine struck the defective rail it careened into the ditch and the baggage car was piled on top of the tender. Fire from the engine or stove in the car at once set fire to the latter and it was speedily consumed. The baggageman by some means maaaged to get out without being seriously injured and he at once went to work rescuing the others. He found the express messenger pinned f ast under a heavy box and with a superhuman effort extricated him, but the poor fellow had lost his left foot. Others who were not hurt at once went to work looking after the passengers on the train. The chair car was set on fire by the patent heater and the flarnes communicating with the sleepers all were destroyed. The List of Victims Conipleted. Fireman James N. Saddle was caught in the wreek of the baggage car and tender, and was burned to a einder. Frank Birkenhead, the engineer, fortunately was found and saved, though nis left arm and leg were broken. The others seriously injured are: Mrs. Thomas Martin, Cleveland, bruised about head and badly scalded; C. L. Hughes, of Decatur, bruised about head and hands; Charles Mulüoney, of Streator, badly bruised and scalded, recovery doubtful; Walter Conover, of Manito, left arm torn from socket and badly oalded, will hardly recover; Frank P. Lewis, of Peoria, badly bruised and burned; John Bates, express messenger, left leg broken, and otherwise bruised and burned slightly; J. A. Campbell, of St. Louis, left leg badly bruised and otherwise shaken up; William Plowman, of Virden, badly bruised onside and scalded. A Young Woman's Corpse Burned. A train with surgeons was at on ee sent to the scène and every effort was made for the comfort of the sufferers. The body of Miss Ellen Woods, whose remains were being transported from Chicago for burial, was consumed in the blazing cars. HEROISM OF A MOTHER. She Bravea the Flames Six Times to Rescue Her Children. Halifax, N. S., March 9.- Joh a Babcock's house at Bay Roberts, N. F., was burned a few nights ago. Oae child perished in the flames. Mrs. Babcock broke her leg in jumping, and all the other children were more or less injured f rom the same cause. One may die. Mrs. Babcock went through the flames six times for her children, rescuing one each time. She tried to save the other, but was unable to reach it and had to jump to save her own life, breaking oue of her legs. Narrow Escape for a Baby. Scottdale, Pa., March 9. - A singular accident occurred on the Southwest railroad Saturday. A train wasderailed near Connellsvilla station, by a misplaced switch. It was running swif tly and" when derailed it ran into a dwelling houe near by. The engine enteied the lower apartment and penetrated it as far as the dome. The inmates of the residence escaped and the engine stopped alongside a eradle where a baby was sleeping. It was unharined. Prostrated by Coal Gas in a Church. NORWICH, Conn., Maren 9.- Yesterday morning several persons were prostrated by coal gas during services in the Lutheran church. Rev. Mr. Schaeffer was the flrst afïected, and then one after auother oL those iresent followed until eiglit fainted. The victims were taken to their homes and soon recovered. The ignorance oL the sexton as to the working of the f urnace caused all the trouble. A Brave Lad Loses Hig Life. Reading, Pa., March 9.- John Sellers, aged 6, feil iuto the SchuylkiU canal Saturday evening, and his brother Samupl, aged 8, jumped iu to save hiui. The task proved too much for the little fellow and both boys sank. Helped arrived in a few minutes and the boys were taken out of the water. Samuel was found to be deau, but his brother was revived with great difficulty. Had Gasoline Neur a Stovo. St. Louis, Mo., March 9.- Mrs. Mary L. Woods, aged 28, wife of James Woods, a clerk in the treasurer's office of the Missouri Pacific railway, was burned to deuth at her residence, Ño. 4232 Page avenue, Saturday atternoon. Mrs. Woods was cleaning portieres with gasoline in an open tub near a stove.