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Appetite A Good Doctor

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When the health is fairly good, and thcre is no special strain to be pnt upon the system, the normal appetite may be trnsted to indícate the kind and quantity of food necessary to maintain that condition. Naturally the appetite varies with the changing seasons, and unless it indicates an unreasonable extreme of indulgence or abstinence no attention need be paid to any other monitor. Much harm is done by injudicious or meddlesome friends suggesting that a person is too stout or too thin, too palé or too ruddy, and senous disturbances of the system of ten follow the mischievous advice to take some bitters or pills, or refram from fattening food or drink. Paying attention to any of these fads is like playing with fire. If you are ill enough to seem to warrant any radical chango of diet or any application of medicine, consult your physician at once. Above all, avoid quack medicines. To use the opinión of a successful dealer in them, whose bank balance is more liberal than his conscience, they are "made to


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