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Sport That Is Rather Cruel

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The scorpion is a bad bedfellow, and ie has a mean trick of hiding in ycmr boots and stinging you when yon pnt thoiu on. But you can have fnn with him after a fashion. If ycra want to briug out the best qualities of a scorpion bnild a little corral of dry leaves or paper around him and set re to it at all pointe. Make the circle about a foot in diameter, so that the ñames will not touch yonr prisoner. When he sees the ring of fire the scorpion wül try to escape, first at one place and then at other, bat the flames will drive Mm back every time, and when he realizes that he is completely sttrrounded he will retreat to the center of the ring and deliberately commit suicide by cnrling bis tail over and stinging biznself in the back. So yon see that natnre sanctions suïcide under some circumstances in spite of what the preachers say about it. The scorpion teaches a lesson that a man had better remember if he finds hirnself


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