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ro iftíVESTORS Arip HoMeseekers. The University of Michigan have purchased ten acres of land opposite mm, rose m wm TO THE CITY OF ANN ARBOR, On South State Street. A new Gymnasium will be built on this ground. We believe Ann Arbor is the best city in Michigan in which to live. The educational advantages here are unsurpassed. The streets are broad and well kept. Ann Arbor has a low rate of taxation. It has the best system of water wor s in the west. Our addition is just 5 BLOCKS FEOM TEE THTCVEILSITY OF MICHIGAN It has a front of onehundred rods on State street, the best residence street ia the city lts location ia unsurpassed for healtk and oonvenience. The lévela taken by our eagineer " Go W banborn, show the lowest point on our addition to be higher than Main street in front Vrie Jï111 The slope of the grouad is such, that the drainage is perfect, having a fall of from sa . to ten feet. We havelaid six inch drain pipe acrosa our land . We havl bleu our plat and nare given eight and one-half acres for a park. We hare paid fiftv dollars for a handsome and attractive plan for a Park. Work has been commenced on the streets and Park, SeVei) INleW HoUses AÏreadiJ Coi)fcracted Fop to be built upon our addition this year. New sidewalks have been laid 1100 Celevan their lots . All the lots have an alley sixteen feet wide in the rear. We have made the PRIGE OF LOTS VERY LOW, If you buy a lot we believe you will doublé your money in three years' time. The investment is as safe as a savmgB bankaad the gain in value mxich more rapid. Ten new houles will be built on South State Street this year. them to tS&tlÜ&JS3l8LsL " BUY A LOT. MONEY MADE. Payments may be made by the weet, by the month or by the vear to miif !.) n-n atSheehStoreoratámüton Bloei to see the plat7 S ffl Z We desire those mtendmg to parchase lote to examine them. The new buüdings on State' strert this year will amount to Fifty Thousand Dollars. investígate what we have bhen judge for yourselves. TWS is better than a LoaD and Imrertment AModtóon. M0NEY IS Ks1Syosrr - - and rwo New Houses, witii modern improvements, to Rent. Appy to 1ÍAM1LTO1SÍ, lOSE & SMEEH AN.