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Joseph Meriman nnú Mary Brown are a happy Galesbiirg couple who've just started out to traverse life'.s journey together. Joseph has Been 80 yeari, but Mary is not so old by two summers. C. M. King is a Muskegon man who has a contract with the city oL Minneapolis for building tive miles of streeft pavement. M. A. Fard lost his $4,000 home at Marquette by the explosión of an ordinary kerosene lamp. cjhould the scheme to still further reduce the legal oil test in this state succeed, such occurrences will be more frequent. A couple of Cadillac kids engaged in harvesting other people's lead pencils, and each lias been given a corrective dose of three years at the state reform school. Bay City is in pureuit of a Bellaire, Ohio, iron manufacturing concern that employés 3,000 people. Bellaire don't want to let the concern go, but Bay City doesn'l care for that. Two Clarksville citizens rafled off a horse according to ancient custom and were then seized by agent of the mordern lottery law. They must stand trial. Cadillac's beautiful new 838,000 high school building has gone into commission. La grippe was the most prevalent disease throughout the state during the first week in March, according to the statements of the slate board of health. William Robinson, the "muchly mar ried" pension agent who's "done" several portions of the state, has been given a three years' rest at Jackson for personating a government officer. Just how many wives Williams has no one knows, but three of thein were present to hear his sentence. Ex-Senator Thomas W. Palmer, of Detroit, president of the world's fair conimission, has gone to Florida for his health. No summer meeting of the Michigan Press association will be held this year, but a business meeting may be held next January, followed by an excursión to the far south. After courtin' an eastern girl a yearanp a half by mail, Ralph Faunton, of Naubinway, has just made a trip to form her acquaintance and gec married. A female clairvoyant has been locked up at Port Huron on the charge of performing a criminal operation on a young lady of that town. The admiration of Jackson ladies for the Eramet rifles, a local military company, is accounted for by the fact that the sixty members are single men with but one exception. During the past fifteen years the extensive fishing establishments along the Detroit river have gradually dwindled down in number, the industry having become unprofitable. Very few fish are now caught in that locality. Brighton has been designated as the proper place for holding the next state military encampment by the board designated for that purpose. Mrs. Gaorge Bush, a Masón lady, was given chloroform for the purpose of hav 1 ing a surgical operation performed, anc died while under the influence of th ansesthetic. C. L. Eaton, of Paw Paw, was elected departmtsnt commander of the state G. A. R. encampment, held recently at Muskegon. ïhe attendance was large. John Sykes- Grand Rapids painter - got gloriously drunk and then wanted to die - took big dose of laudanum - doctor saved Mm - John says he'll reform and let laudanum alone. Mrs. G. W. Cook, a Charlevoix lady, came near roasting her baby by fainting and the infant on a hot kitchen stove. William E. Detwiler is a Lansing teamster who wants 510,000 from the city treasury for going through a bridge last unimer. Emmet Frohman filled himself with Ioward City booze and then drove his eam into a deep gulch. The horses still ive, but Emmet was gathered unto his Father's at the age of 28. The Kent county poorhouse has a lady nmate who is tne owner of enpugh runks, satchels and wearing apparel for a Saratoga outfit. A Muskegon ice firm is storing 20,000 ons of congealed coolness in the belief nat we are to have an unusually warm uuimer. The Muskegon-M ilwaukee line of steam rs will be plowing Lake Michigan again next month, despite the aunouncement of ast fall that the arrangement would not je continued. Something like forty years ago, Nimrod Jenkins, a Berrien county man went to California in search of wealth. He's just )een back and made the folks a visit, showing 'ein evidences of the possession of more "stuff" than most of them had ever dreamed off. Robert P. Clark is the only surviving member of the Masonic lodge formed at 3elleville tbirty-five years ago with sixeen charter members. The Muskegon iron company wui extend its operations by engaging in tho manufacture of steel products, whieh wil! ïave a tendency to keep the boom of that enterprising city from premature deoay. The Michigan Horticultural society convens at Lansing March 23 and 'i for its regular spring meeting, at which time the subject of making an exhibió at the World'a fair will be considered. Slowly, but surely, the liberties of the American citizen are being abridged Mary Cotter, a Detroit woman of 40 summers, has been flned $5 for going barefoot in March. AfEection seems deep seated among the upper peninsula Finns. One of 'em recently sold his wife and three children for $5, and is now ready to begin life over again. Prize fights are numerous enough a Manistee to be the main amusement o the people. A Chicago firm proposes to preserve 2, 000 acres of Benton Harbor cucumbers f o the especial purpose of assauging th Yankee appetite for pickles. The Seventh-Day Adventists at thei rnnvention held recently at Battle Creek decided to build a $50,000 college at Walla Walla. Wash. A couple of strangers were taken into custody at Holland on the general supposition that they were crooks. The fine kit of burglar's tools that accompanied them strengthened this suspicion. Looks as though Owosso was to be made the headquarters of the Toledo, Ann Ar bor and Northern Michigan Eailway company. This means the removal of th general offices of the company from Toledo. Tom Navin, Adrian's ex-mayor who was recently pardoned from Jackson prison by Governer Luce, has gone west t ractice law in Washington and grow up vith the booming Pacific slope country. The Grand Rapids session of the state oard of pharmacy resulted in turning ixty-nine people upon the citizens oL the tate to compound the niysterious pHl nd pellet.