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Ann Arbor Open School Family Stories

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 12:19pm by dubaym

Mike Derhammer's class at Ann Arbor Open spent the winter interviewing family members and thinking about funny and interesting stories from their own lives. Along the way they discovered that storytelling is so much a part of who we are. Sometimes it's fun and enlightening to just stop and listen to each other's tales. We hope you enjoy listening to these stories as much as we did!

Attachment Size
openstories2013.mp3 28.55 MB
Cory 0:00
Aliza 1:52
Loey 3:47
Allison 6:19
Teo 9:06
Devon 12:27
Bao 13:27
Gabi 14:56
Carmen 16:03
Eva 17:14
Ethan 19:22
Jalen 22:17
Serena 24:34
Isa 27:17
Elena 27:47
Mira 28:45
Emma 30:34
Linus 31:15
Covey 34:53
Charles 35:51
Robert 38:05
Xavier 39:41
Kali 44:52
Max 46:09
Tenzin 48:08
Nur 54:35
Sam 58:03


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