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Fri, 06/14/2019 - 6:08pm by eli

Welcome back, players! Here's two of those BIG POINT BADGES you certainly don't want to miss! One you can get any weekday, but the other you can only get on MONDAY JUNE 17th and MONDAY JULY 15th... by coming to the monthly meeting of the AADL BOARD OF TRUSTEES and making a public comment!

Above BoardJosie's Kids

Don't miss your chance to tell YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS what you think about the LIBRARY and the SUMMER GAME! Come to the Multipurpose Room in the basement of the Downtown Library just before 7 PM on 6/17 or 7/15 to make your public comment (3 minutes max, but you can say whatever you want!) and earn this VALUABLE BADGE!

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Badge Drop #1: Look! A Badge-illion Badges!

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 12:00pm by nicole

It's FRIDAY, and that means it's time for a Summer Game BADGE DROP! 

If you've played before, you're probably shouting, "At NOON?? So SOON!" We know. It's wild. This Summer we'll be doing our darnedest to bring you badges by 12PM SHARP--or at least SHARP-ISH. Like a butter knife trying its hardest!

These badges we're rolling out have traveled the globe, so they're pretty WELL-ROUNDED and all oh-so-different--just the way we like it! They're WORLDLY and WORDY and full of clues and hints to help you pick a destination and ARRIVE IN POINTS TOWN!

And since we can't help ourselves, we're making things BIGGER and BETTER than ever! In fact, this may be our BIGGEST BADGE DROP POST EVER!

Like, of all time.

(Seriously. It's so many.)

Badge Drop #1

Fine Feathered FriendMI MichiganTodd's Travels! PB&YAYWatson Up, Doc?Fortune and GloryLet's Rock, Woodstock!C'est No MoreWhat A WreckBand CampPants On FyreZingerman's BakedZingermans Creamed Spot TheRideRide TheRideRack In ActionTheRide StuffSweet Spot SweetwatersKerrytown ConstitutionalA2CAF Megafan 2019A2CAF Alley Catcher 2019Pop On OverHappy CamperTop PlayerFan Of JapanMusic MakerSuper FoodieMixer UpperSew GoodBar HopperArt StarterStorytellerLittle GemFree Tinker


WOW. That's a lotta badges.

Each one is a MINIATURE MAP to some kind of fun! Travel to A2 Comic Arts Festival this Saturday and Sunday, and collect codes while you chat about comics! Learn about sandwiches or treasure hunters or your lovable Mitten State! Find codes in restaurants! Or on bike racks! Or spot them as you "achoo!" your way through a park!

All that fun will earn you POINTS! And starting July 12th, your totally-pretend points can be exchanged for TOTALLY REAL PRIZES from the Summer Game Shop--where points are CURRENCY and all sales are FINAL!

We know! It's a lot to take in. You can play the Summer Game from anywhere, and with the WHOLE WIDE WORLD as your playground, where on earth do you START? Well, why not start with our GETTING STARTED badge series! 

So, are you absolutely itching to see what's out there? Are you ready for adventure? YES, YOU ARE! Grab a compass, pick a direction, and get GOING! 

Thanks for playing!!

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Summer Game 2019: Get GOING!

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 9:00am by nicole

It's HERE! Finally, it's that time again! The temperature's rising and the construction barrels are blooming, which can only mean one thing: SUMMER!

And unlike the weather in June ("Oh look it's sunny! Oh wait, no, it's snowing.") Summer Game is dependable! It's got all of the great things you know and love from past games like CODES and PRIZES and PUZZLES and GOBLINS!

This year's game is all about TRAVELING! EXPLORING! STAYCATIONING! PLAYCATIONING?! But there's a lot to do, SO how will YOU get started?

-Travel to each AADL location and collect some codes! Westgate, Malletts Creek, Pittsfield, and Traverwood all have 10 codes hidden around the building, Downtown has 15 codes PLUS every building has a BIG code on the banner outside (all banners are going up as we speak)! 

-Venture into the wilds of the AADL catalog to rate and review everything you've ever read or seen on TV! Then, wait for a Badge Drop later today with even MORE catalog code adventures in store!  

-Read books, watch movies, listen to music, or download something cool from the catalog!  Log the item for up to 50 points per day! 

-Start getting started by starting with our GETTING STARTED series! 

Getting Started Badge Series

Checkout HistorianSuper Summer ReaderBanneramaTell Us What You Really ThinkStar GiverLog Jammer

Yes, it's FINALLY here! Can you BELIEVE it? Are you GEEKED? Are you HYPE? Are you...already PLAYING?! Well, clearly you must be, because doing anything else would be WILDLY IRRATIONAL!

Unless of course you're thinking, "I don't have the foggiest clue WHAT these stylistically LOUD people are talking about." If this sounds like YOU, head over to the Get Started page to figure out how you, too, can be a Summer Game influencer (nearly as glamorous as Instagram) and GET STARTED!

It's time to pack your bags, dust off your walking shoes, and PLAY!

Ready? Set...GO!!!


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Summer Game 2019 | COMING SOON

Tue, 05/28/2019 - 10:03am by richretyi

Summer Game 2019

The Summer Game starts June 14 and runs all summer long until August 31! Get ready for another summer of reading, riddles, codes, and prizes. Stay tuned for more teasers on the upcoming Summer Game.

What are you waiting for? GET STARTED NOW!



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Treasure Quest #5: Side-Quest!

Sat, 03/02/2019 - 9:00am by nicole

Another cryptic quest, another round of codes and hints!
Another king and kingdom, but no princess and no prince.
A pest that turns into a shark or morphs into a fox.
Find this heartless villain's key to find what it unlocks.


The Alchemist's Key

Somewhere in the vast catalog a pseudoscientific Key has appeared! The hunt for The Alchemist's Key begins now!

"Well hey there, Boss!
Your supervillain skills have caught my eye!
Yeah sure, you didn't post a job—
but I'm here to apply!

You see I'm a shape-shifter
and a side-kick's what you need!
I'll help you fight Ambrosius
and shift to fit the deed!"


Click on the image to get started searching for this Key (and the Gate!), or do something else entirely, like:

Call forth your dragons and escape to the Badge List!

Hatch a dastardly plan to conquer the AADL Catalog!

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Treasure Quest #4: Pop the Quest-ion!

Thu, 01/03/2019 - 6:00pm by nicole

You've seen this story told before, time and time again:
Prince meets poor sweet urchin girl. They marry. That's the end.
The most enchanting film of all was produced by Disney--
The dearest love in all the world is hiding this next key!


The Kingdom Key

Somewhere in the vast catalog a mysterious Key has appeared! The hunt for The Kingdom Key begins now!

A film was made in yesteryear
(that's 1997),
They had the right ingredients
for cinematic heaven:

A charming prince, a ball,
a town in colors bright as candy,
A fragile shoe, a pumpkin ride--
and lots of shots of Brandy.


Click on the image to get started searching for this Key (and the Gate!), or do something else entirely, like:

Dance all the way to the Badge List!

Hop inside a pumpkin and ride off to the AADL Catalog!

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Treasure Quest #3: Galaxy Quest!

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 9:00am by nicole

Another key has landed--this one travelled quite a way
to land inside our catalog so you've got games to play!
We plucked it from the stars and hid it somewhere you can't see.
To find your treasures you'll have to explore the galaxy!


The Star-Crossed Key

Somewhere in the vast catalog an interstellar Key has appeared! The hunt for The Star-Crossed Key begins now!

Two soldiers met in combat, but a star-crossed love took shape.
And then one night
They ditched the fight
And planned a grand escape.

They had with them a baby Wreath and Landfall called a curse
and chose to leave,
for distant Cleave
across the universe.


Click on the image to get started searching for this Key (and the Gate!), or do something else entirely, like:

"Borrow" a rocketship and blast off to the Badge List!

Travel at warp speed into the AADL Catalog!

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Treasure Quest #2: The Quest Count-inues!

Fri, 11/09/2018 - 6:00pm by nicole

At last! Another Treasure Quest to fill your freezing days.
A puzzle to unlock! A different screen at which to gaze!
It's fashionably late, just like the greatest rockstars are.
Now this Key's off to surf the crowd! Or is it a...Keytar?


The Subspace Key-tar

Somewhere in the vast catalog a mysterious Key has appeared! The hunt for The Subspace Key-tar begins now!

This story is about a guy,
Just him vs. the World.
One night he fell in like
With an Amazonian girl.

She came with lots of baggage:
Seven exes in a row.
This Zero had to beat them 
To become her latest beau. 


Click on the image to get started searching for this Key (and the Gate!), or do something else entirely, like:

Take a bus to the Badge List!

Zip through subspace into the AADL Catalog!

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Treasure Quest #1: The Quest Begins!

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 6:00pm by nicole

Last night as you were sleeping a strange wind blew through the fog

and cracked open a portal in our item catalog!

There through this crack in time a strip of summer could be seen
and futuristic treasure poured out from 2019!

Perhaps it was the weather, or the witching hour's begun,
(or maybe it's a story—who cares, this is just for fun!),
But whatever the reason the result is still the same—
We found these 2019 points and had to make a game!

That game is this and this is what? A puzzle and a Quest!
Some clues and hints are given, but you’ll have to find the rest.
We forged some Keys, constructed Gates, and locked away these games.
It’s finding and unlocking them that will be your true aim!

Each starting month our catalog will hide a brand new Key
that opens up another fun-filled opportunity!
So that’s the game! You get the point, there’s nothing more to say:
Dust of your brains and compass—Treasure Quest is underway!


The Graveyard Key

Somewhere in the vast catalog a mysterious Key has appeared! The hunt for The Graveyard Key begins now!

Two boys go walking through the forest on a hallowed day.
A froggy sings.
A lantern swings
To light the wooded way.

A Beast lurks out in the Unknown just waiting for his turn,
So don't despair.
Be wise. Beware!
Or you'll be fuel to burn.


Click on the image to get started searching for this Key (and the Gate!), or do something else entirely, like:

Journey to the adventure-filled Badge List!

Travel into the wilds of the AADL Catalog!

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It's the final CLASSIC SHOP DROP of 2018!

Fri, 08/31/2018 - 7:00pm by eli

THIS IS IT! These are the last things to hit the shop before it closes at Midnight on Sunday, September 9th! If you've still got classic points, no worries; the Classic Shop will definitely be back next summer. For now, get your hands on some of these ASTOUNDING items, plus 20 more of our famously USED UP TOTE BAGS:

Pulp Field NotesWindow ClingsAADL Mini SharpieFUN TOY LOGS

Have fun with these final items, and as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!