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The Lost Street Names of Ann Arbor

Compiled by Don Callard, for "The Lost Street Names of Ann Arbor," July 2, 2002 Ann Arbor Observer.

Current Name (2002) Earlier Name(s)
Allen Drive Arbor Drive
Arbana Drive Urbana Drive
Ashley Street Second Street (East)
Barton Drive Warren Avenue
Barton Shore Drive California Avenue
Beakes Street Pontiac Street
Berkshire Road Valley Street
Butternut Street High Street
Cambridge Road between Forest and Lincoln Israel Avenue
Cambridge Road between Lincoln and Baldwin Hubbard Street
Cambridge Road east of Washtenaw Avenue New Jersey Avenue
Church Street south of Hill Wood Street
Concord Road near Lafayette Huddy Road
Crestland Drive Highland Drive
Daniel Street Grove Street; North First Street
East Davis Street Elm Street; Lincoln Street; Stoll Street
East Hoover Street east of railroad Philip Street
East Hoover Street west of railroad Edwin Street
Eberwhite Boulevard Eber White Boulevard
Eighth Street Vine Street
Fletcher Street Twelfth Street
Forest Avenue south of Hill White Street; White Forest Street
Fuller Road between Detroit and Glen River Street
Geddes Avenue Ypsilanti Road; N. Ypsilanti Road
Geddes west of Observatory Cemetery Street
Glen Avenue Pitcher Street; Thirteenth Street
Glen Leven Road Valley
Golden Avenue East University Avenue south of Packard
Gralake Grace Avenue
Granger Avenue west of Golden North Park Place
Greene Street Arbor Street; Ann Arbor Street; South Fourth Avenue
Highlake Highland Avenue
Hill Street Huron Avenue
Hillcrest Lulu's Court
Jackson Road Territorial Road
Jefferson Court Weinberg Court
Jones Drive Mill Street
Kingsley Street North Street
Kirtland Drive Mt. Vernon
Koch Avenue John K Avenue
Lawrence Street between Division & State Bowery Street
Lincoln Avenue Millen Street
Longshore Drive North Boulevard
Longshore Drive, south leg Cedar Street
Lorraine Place Orchard Street
Main Street north of Depot Plank Road
Main Street south of Madison South Plank Road; Saline Road
Maple Ridge N. Eighth Street
Maple Road Arbor Glen Drive and Outer Drive
Medical Center Drive east of Observatory Glen Boulevard
Miller Avenue Corham Road
Moore Brown Street
Mulholland Avenue Sixth Street north of West Liberty
Newport Road Foster Road
Nichols Drive Glen Boulevard
North University Avenue off Observatory Volland Street
North University Court Ypsilanti Street
Northside Avenue Wagner Avenue
Oakland Avenue north of Hill South Thayer Street
Observatory south of N. University Court Forest Hill Avenue
Packard Street southeast of Division South Ypsilanti Road; Grove Street
Page Avenue Maplewood Place
Parklake Park Avenue
Pauline Boulevard West Street
Seneca Avenue Medallion Street
Seventh Street between Liberty & Huron Jewett Street
Seventh Street north of Huron Mann Street
Sheehan Street South Ingalls Street south of Packard
South University east of campus Orleans Street
Stadium Boulevard Boulevard Drive
Stanley Thompson Avenue
Steere Place Burke Avenue
Sunnywood Sunset Drive
Sunset Road Hiscock's Road; Osborne Road; Chubb Road
Swift Street Mill Street
Sycamore Street Oakwood Place
Tappan Avenue between S. University & Hill Denton Street; South Ingalls
Tremmel Avenue Elmwood Place
Upland Drive Highland Drive
Warner Place Warren Place
Washtenaw Avenue Middle Ypsilanti Road
Washtenaw Court Washtenaw Avenue from South to North University
West Liberty Street South Liberty Street; Eber White Road
West Summit Street High Street
White Street South Thayer Street south of Packard
Woodland Drive Mt. Pleasant Street
Wright Street Washtenaw Street
Zina Pitcher Place Washtenaw Place; Fourteenth Street; North Forest; Grant Street