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GT Preseason Weekend Results

Sun, 07/31/2005 - 5:20pm by eli

The preseason is behind us now, and after some amazing matches, the glory of 32 players playing super smash brothers at the same time, and the splendor of a crabby eli trying to sort out glitches with pencil & paper, we now begin the long wait until Round 1, which is Saturday, August 20th, from Noon - 5:00. First, the tournament results.

The single player kart event featured some intense competition, but ended with four seasoned veterans - Duck, Miniblin, Sravan, and Galen - on top. We then moved on to the Co-op team kart event, where the Troublemonkeys, this time represented by Troublemonkey Clan members Sravan and Galen were victorious, along with new teams Masked Monkeys, JonnyBean, and the n00bz.

Single player Super Smash Brothers: Melee saw the increasingly unbeatable Sravan again among the top four finishers, along with season 1 4th place finisher John Durski, and newcomers Badger and Tofu.

The Team Melee Event, with the troublemonkeys stepping aside to save time, found many newcomers earning the first trips to the surprize round, with emerging contenders the n00bz, the Gamers, the Badgers, and the Tridents winning the event.

We had 17 players qualify for the Surprize Round, and our mystery game this month was Madden 05 Two-minute drill. When the dust cleared, newcomer Balla walked away with the $50 giftcard first prize, beating out returning player and button-masher Omid, who took home the $40 second prize. Rookies tournament graduate LimaBean proved he can play with the veterans, beating out Galen for the $30 third prize.

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AADL-GT Preseason Weekend

Tue, 07/26/2005 - 7:48pm by eli

Here we go! It's time to gear up for the start of AADL-GT Season 2. This weekend, we have three tournaments scheduled, with something for everyone.

This Friday Night, 7/29/05, we'll have a Mario Kart tournament for ages 18+, from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Downtown Library. Race mode, single-player only, no registration required. Prizes are gamestop gift certificates, 1st place: $40, 2nd place: $30, 3rd place: $20.

Then, from Noon to 5 PM on Saturday, 7/30/05, join us downtown for the AADL-GT Preseason Tournament for grades 6-12, featuring Mario Kart single-player and coop race events, and Super Smash Brothers: Melee single-player and team events, followed by a mystery game for the prize round. Prize round winners take home $50, $40, and $30 gift certificates. Read more below for more details about how the AADL-GT Tournament will work.

Finally, on Sunday, 7/31/05, we'll have a Mario Kart race tournament for grades 1-5, downtown from 1:00-4:00 PM.. 1st place: $40, 2nd place: $30, 3rd place: $20.

Preregistration is not required for any of these events, just show up, but don't be too late!

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Clan Cup Basics

Fri, 07/08/2005 - 8:48pm by eli

Next season, (but not necessarily pre-season) Clans will be teams of four players.

In single-player events, all points scored by a clan member will count towards the clan's total score. In team events, clans break up into 2-player teams, and their scores are added to the clan's total score. In Mario Kart, this will be modified Grand Prix scoring, in Melee, I think it should be match points, without negative scores, but a bonus for each match winner. Event winners get big bonuses.

You can have subs in your clan, but only 4 clan members can compete in each AADL-GT tournament (i.e. no subbing in ringers or specialists).

Clan Champ of each tournament will be decided by points. No point bonus for being a Clan Champ, but all Clan Champs get into the Clan Cup at the Grand Championships in December, even if they're not one of the 4 highest regular-season point-total Clans. With me so far?

Okay, now get this: There will be a clan point bonus for referring new players clans. If you can get another new player to come to an AADL-GT tournament, your clan will get a point bonus, and if you get a whole new clan to signup, you'll get a big bonus.

So, what do you think? I'll work on a table of all points and bonuses. I also think we'll multiply everything by 10 to make it more interesting.

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Welcome back to AXIS

Sun, 07/03/2005 - 11:38am by eli

Notice anything different? We've relaunched the AXIS blog in a new format, as a part of the new Now you guys know why you haven't heard much from me lately.

So, aren't we having a tournament soon? OH RIGHT. On Saturday, July 30th, from Noon - 5:00 PM, we'll have the AADL-GT preseason tournament at the Downtown Library. We'll have 5 events:

1. Mario Kart: Double Dash Single Player Race
2. Mario Kart: Double Dash Co-op Team Race
3. Super Smash Brothers: Melee Single-Player Battle
4. Super Smash Brothers: Melee Two-player Team Battle
5. Sur-Prize Round: Game to be announced!

Information on prizes is coming soon, we're still working on it. I will also announce the specifics of the Clan system before the preseason tournament, but know that the preseason tournament will not count towards clan scores.

Also, we'll have an 18+ Mario Kart Tournament Friday, July 29th, from 6:30-8:30 PM, and a Mario Kart Tournament for ages 5-12 on Sunday, July 31st, from 1:00-4:00.