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Library Tour Information

To request a tour, please call Administration (734) 327-8311 or email at least two weeks prior to the date you're requesting.

It's very helpful to us if you have the following information available when you call:

1. Name of the school or the group you are calling on behalf of
2. Name and phone number of the group's primary contact person
3. Expected number of attendees
4. Age range of the group
5. Primary, plus an alternative, date and time preference
6. Type of tour (please see below for descriptions)

Library cards can be issued during a tour if the following coordination is planned:

  • Find out if your students are eligible for Library cards here.
  • 2-3 weeks before the tour date, application forms and brochures should be picked up from the Library and signed by the appropriate person.
  • 1 week before the tour date, signed applications should be returned to the Library for processing.

Standard Tours (30-45 minutes)

1. Preschool/Lower Elementary Class Tour includes:

  • Story for age level
  • Building tour
  • Kids go home with program brochures, library cards (if planned ahead) or library card application forms.

2. Upper Elementary/Middle School/ High School Class Tour, includes:

  • Presentation of Library programs and services
  • Building tour
  • Students will leave with program brochures, library cards (if planned ahead), or library card application forms.

3. Class Research Tour, includes:

  • How to use CATALOG and/or RESEARCH databases
  • Building tour
  • Library materials gathered for research subject

4. General Building Tour

5. Malletts Creek "Green" Tour

A library staff member is assigned to a tour group once the above information is collected. Actual tour dates and times are scheduled with that staff person and should be confirmed with him or her one week prior to the scheduled date of the tour.

We look forward to your visit!