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Convention For Independent Nominations

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In pursuance of a call, a convention of abolitionists met at the village of Jackson, Michigan, Thursday, 11th of February, 1841, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States, and for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of this State. On motion, Thos. M'Gee, Esq., of Concord. was appointed President of the convention, and G. W. Clark, of Jackson, secretary, and T. Foster of Scio, assistant secretary. The committee to make out a roll of members present, reported the following: - J M Reed, S J Lord, G Beckley, H H Griffin, C Bliss, S Damon, N Power, G W Clark, Dr. A L Porter, Thomas M'Gee, L Townson, B I Mather, T Foster, R B Rexford, Elias Chiid, V M Sullivan, J S Fitch, M Wheeler, W J Rion, S B Treadwell, M Lightfoot, N Durfee, G G Lay, E Vedder, D Underwood, J W Brooks, J H Borrows, C A Seyinour, R L Hall, H P Hong, H Stowell, U Adams, S Dutton, R Banks, W W Crane, J S Love, T Elliot, A L Power. J J Taylor, S Muny, W C Munroe, C Branch, D Man, W S Bird, S Felch, J W Elliot, W Isham, J B Barns, R S Haskell, S Pomroy, J Whitman, jr, Nelson Ockrow. After calling the roll of members, the convention proceeded to an informal ballot for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. The votes stood thus : - For Governor. Jabez S. Fitch, 36 Dr. A. L. Porter, 5 Thos. Mc'Gee, 1 J. P. Cleveland, 1 For Lieut. Governor, Nathan Power, 39 Jabez S. Fitch, 1 Whereupon, it was unanimously resolved, that Jabez S. Fitch be our candidate for Governor, and Nathan Power our candidate for Lieutenant Governor of this State. The convention then proceeded to nominate candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. On balloting the result was as follows: For President. James G. Birney, 49 Thomas Morris, 1 For Vice President. Thomas Earle, 48 Alvan Stewart, 1