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An important discovery for Rheumatisrn Fever Sores, White Swellings, Inflammation in the Eyes, Burns, Swelled Throai in Scarlet Fevcr, Quinsy, Sc. The Chbmical Pi,bter is an important remedy for all those who. are afïlicted with nfiammatory complaints, by its easing paine, counteract ing inflammation, and giving speedy relief, by its active, strengihening, and sudorific properties.- An effectual remedy for inflamnaatory rheumatisio, aguc in the breast, cratpp, burns, bruises,.scrofula, old sores, ulcero of almost every description, ;.. cankered nnd ewelled throats arising from scarlet lever, felons, white svvellinga, chilblains, &c Persons suffering from livcr complainte, pulmonary diseases, inflammation on the lungs, with pains in the sideB antf breast, pain and weakness in the back, wil) find In all cases it may be-u-sed: with snfety. TO THE PUBLIC. To WHOH IT 51 A Y COCERN.This may certify that Í, Erastus Deatf, tho propriètor of E. Dean's Chemical Piaster, have for more than two ypars been in a delicate state of health, so that I have been unablc to prepare and circuíate Baid Piaster to that extent which the interest of the suffering community demande-, and feeling Ba valuable an article ought to be extensively made known to the afflicled, I have made nrrangements with II. HARR1S &t Co., of Ashtabuln, Ohio, to manufacture and vent] it in my name as my sole successörs. This, theretore, may be relied on as the genuioe article heretofore prepared by me, As witness my band, ERASTUS DEAN. Wertfieli, Chautaüqoe Co., N. Y. January 21, 1839. Penn Line, Pa. April 7, 1340. Messrs. H Harris Sc Co. - Sirs: - Sihce I was atyour store in July last, I have used E. Dean's Chemical Piaster, which I have rpceived from you at different timos, and feel myself in duty bound to you as proprietors, and to the people generally, to recommend the èame as a safe and effic3ciou8 remedy for those'complaints for which it is recommended. I have used it in several cases of inilamed eyes, in eome of which lts effects as a curativo have been very deculed, and in no case has it faiied of giving relief where it has been applied according to di rections, and all who have used it are perfectly satisfied with it so far as I know. I ; have also applied it in some severe cases of j ague in the breast with the happiest effecte. 1 would also ïelate the case of Mr. Thomas Logan, who has been afflicted with the rheumatism in one hip for thirteen years, . eo that he had been compcllcd to abandon labrr in a great measure. I let him have a box I of the Piaster, he applied it, and for three day6 found, as he supposed, no benefit, but after that he perceived that ihe pain was ! not so severe, and in less than tvo weeks he could labor hard all day and rest free from pain at night. He says that he would not part with the box he has for three hundred dollars,, providing he could not obtain another. He als says to me, keep it on hand and recommend it wherever you go. I have used the piaster in cases of pains in the sides, back, shoulder, etc. with like good effect. Yours, cf-c. DANIEL KNEELAND. M. D. Monroe, June 18, 18S9. Messrs. H. Harris & Co.: - Sirsrl have used E. Dean's Chemical Piaster for more than four years past, and do cheerfully reeommpnd it to Physicians for rheumatism, sprains of wrist, ankle, shoulder, fcc. In felons, whitlow, and scrofulous swellings of all descriptions, it is generally an effectuaï remedy. In short, wherever there js a pain it is almost sure to give relief in a few hours. I have used t in a great number of rheumatic affections. One of my patiënte, aged ! 4u, full habit, had a ïheumatic swelling on one leg. He had been unable to get out of his house for three months; his leg was swelled to an enormous size, twicPits usua! bigness; every thing had been done without success until we commenced using Dean'a Chemical Piaster. We enveloped the knee and a portion of the limb in the piaster, aivt in three days the swelling entirely disappeared, and in ten days he went about hiri ordinary business. Such has been our suc cess with the article, and we now wilhngiy recommend it to the publip for a trial. Yonrs &c. J. H. REYNOLDS, M. D. Tlie piaster is now put up in boxes at 50 cents, and one dollar each. Mude and sold, wholesalo and retail, by H. HARRIS Sc Co., Ashtabula, Ohio- aolo proprietors. Nonegenuine unless signed by H. Harria on the stereotype wrapper. The above article may be had al the stora of J. M'Lean, Jackson; Hale St Smith, Grass Lake, and by the principal druggista throughout the State. Jackson July 4, la4O SIraycd F ROM the subscriber about iho firt of this monlh a dark brown pony,. witli white hind leet, a whiïe spot in tlio forehead arui a small white stripe on ono side of the neck. Whoever wül return said poney to the subscriber in the villago ofAnn Arbor, orgivo infonnation whereho mav befound shali be suilabfv rewarded. v. ir. roivELL. Ann Arbor, 4prii 26, 1841. "ijwr IIECËIVED the Anli-Slavery qJJ and Christian Almanacks for 1841, at Alex. M'Farren Book Store, 137 Jef ferson Avenue. Detroit, Pee. 10. 1840. __ Produce of every Dctcriytiou, KECEIVED in payraent for Job work, Advert6ng and Subscriptiona to the 'Sig.nal of Liberty," if delivered at the Dfiice, immedintely over the Store of J. Beckley, &, Co. April 28.Wood! Wood! Woodl WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a few cords of good hickory wood in exchange for the "Signal of Liberty." TEBLANK.S oi'every descrjption neatiy ■■- oxecuted al thia office. The peculiaritics of this Chemical CornpouncJ, are owing to itsesiraordJnary efiecls upon the animal fibre or nerves, Jiamcnts and muscles, its virttics being carried by thein to the immedíate seat of disease, or of pain and weakóess. Hovvever good any ïnlernal rê'm'eJy mav be this as an oxitmal application, iviil prove a powerl'ul auxilary, in rumoving tiio disef&c and líicilalJ)' ilie cure,.jn:-easi; of Locnl Jniljnialioii, ScroiFulousi Afil-ctious, King's EviJ, CoutjIriilaaUory.anclChronic Ulieuuiatisrn, and i allcasea whtre st-ated.pain or ivckm'ss exists. A gtiiUc,,,, „ ii.ivc-;lhi u Ulc SouUl 01 Europe, and Palestino, in 1830, heard so inuclj said in the laiter, jn prai&e of Jc.v David's Piaster; and of the (as he consideredj miraiulous cures il pei ■fonned, that li was iiuhicci! lo try it oa his owa person, fpr a Luñs and Cvöy aQection,tlie remo val of wiiicli lud boeo the ciiiefo!ject of journrty, I)lh uliich had resisted thé genial influence ut' th.Tt baliny and deücious climotc.ríe pui oiie uvor me región o[ the liver; in tli" jiean time lic drank fieely of an herb leu óT l.ixative qualdies. lAo soon found liis ica.lih inproving; and in a few weeks liis couli lelt lii.n.. ihosaüovvness of hisskin disappeared, hia pain was removed, and nis hoaltli beca me permanehtiv re-instated. Il lias likêwise been very beneficial in cacees of we.ii;uesa-, sucu. as wcaknes and paii in the blomncli, woak limbs, lameness, ani uiljciimis of l.Io some, fcmale ueakness,Sic. No female subject ioaiii ir weakness in tlit back or sicle siimild be without il. AJarriet ladie-i, in delicaJe situations find great rulioi'jVüin consiaolly iveatiog this phi6ter. b pufBñg, or great noh.riouöcertiljca'es is intfiidcd. Tnuse who wisS to eatisfy Ihemaelvcs uf'lhe crBcacy orihis.njasíor, can ob;uiii Miiïkiout to spread 6 or 3 piasters for öü cünitf, a turn not half suílicient lo pay for llie ïnseriioti of a single certifícate inio auy '.üur. most common prints, a single time. tiiis tiiflinjr pricc por !jo. is placed, iipon il, in order) hal it m,iy bo wilhin the 'means of evcry afilicted son and d.mghter of tfic community;tliat all.wheilier ricti orpoor.may ob'ain the treasnro of liealth, which resuitt li om i Is use. Jcw bavid's or Hebrew Piaster, is a ccrtain cure for corps Directions accompany each box. Price 50 cents. Doolitile k Hay, agenfs for Michigan. Couiury s-ents suppliod by M. W. Birch ard Lc Co., Detroit. Sold by Dr. McLean Jackson; Dewey k. Co., Napoleon: D. DKief, Manchester; Eilis &; Pierson, Clinton 1' . Hall, Lepni; G.G. Grewell, Graes LakeKeeler & Powere, Öoncord. In order ihatthis valuable medicino should not be counterieitcd, we have a píate rpptë setiting a persian scenc, that ia sfrucl; on eacli bill, one of whicli accompanies eacli box. We decm it unnecessary to publish a long list of ccrliilcaics, as ihéy will neilher add to nor dioiinish Ihe viiiues ol'tliis admirable compound. Superior to the Hygeian,Brandreth's,Evcn' tomatto, tlic J3alcliless (pneed) Sanativè, or any other Pilla, or Compound, before ! tho public, as certified to bv Physicians and others. Let none condemn theni unlil lliey Iiave tried tliem, and they will nol. It is Dow a eeulud póint witli allwhohnve used the Vegetable Persian Pilis, that they are prevcminenlly the best and most cflicaciou8 Family medicine, that lias vet been used in America. If every fdmily could bccome ncqnainted uilh their Sovcrcign Pow er over disease, they would seck them and be )repared wnh a sure rernedy to ppply on the fi rs l appearance of disease and then how much distress would be avoidcd and mor.ey 6aved, as well ns Uves of tkousands who are huiried out of time by neglecting disuase in its first stages, or by not being in possossion of a remedy wlitch they can place dependence upon. All who tvish to guard against sickness, should use the Persian Pilis freelv, when needed, no injury can ensue, if usod froiu youth to oíd age, when taken aecording to llm íiirPfíLions. s' CERTIFJCATES. Rnchestor, Sept. 1840. Mcssrs E Citase SfComjHiny; - Sirs: - Tliis s to nforfii you i.hat we liavcused your Vegetable Persian PHIs for a year past, ia our pructice, and ure, wel! plcased wilh their operalion. Beiioving them lo iblfil iheir advenisment, in answermg as a substituto wbere calomel s indicated, wc can recommend them tn the public. Drs Brown, MVKensie, & Haistcd. Rochester, 1840. TO MOTHERS. Messrs. E. Chase êf CV Gents. - Hearing much said obout extraordinary cfructs of the RosuiTectiou or Persian Pilis, upon these about to become Moth ors, we were induced lo make a trial of them. ly wii'e was at that time u motlier of 5 childicn, und hadsufTered the moet exexcuciafiog pains during and nflcrhr confiaement of eacli. Shu had tried evè'ry means and laken much medicine, buf. found little or no relief. She commcnccd laking tlie Persian Pilis about 3 mo. brl-bre herconfinement (her health boing very poor about this length of time previous,) and soon af?ci was enabled by their use lo a tend to ihe cares of a mother to her family until her conSnement. At the time 6he commcnct-c taking the P'-raian Pilis, and for severa weeks previous, wiih a dry hard couoli, incfrequently seveie cramps. which the use o the pills entirely ïetnuved ha a box. It is niüi great coiifidence thatw ad vise nil those abouL lo become IWoihcis t ma!;; use of the Peisian Pilis. All thos tliat have taken them in our neighborhooi have got alon ia he same easy manncr, and are obout the house in a few days. 'i'here does not .ppear to be half the d;';ng,er ofo'iicr diiïiculiics setting in offer confine ment uhere these Pilis are taken. Wc unitediy say, let none neg-lect taking them for tliey are in the recch of the poor as (well as ihü rich. We are truly thankiul tliatthere is a remedy which feiriales c;in esily procure which bids to lessen the world of snffering, which many of ihem hove to bear, and perhans save the lives of thousands wliich otherwisfi would be Jost. Jiociiester, May 14 th, 1840;:corneiofCal edonia equare, Edingburg street. For p.rticulars; set1 subscribers. S. ROBERTS, A. O. HO.BERTS.Gents. - ï wish you to send a quantitv o your-Persian Pilis tu tliis pkee, fur I nm 'sur they would meet wilh a rcady sale. M brofher-in-law wl):ie passing llironh yru pl;ice beard so much s;nd in theii bchalf,lha he wds indoced to pmchase4 boxes; and m;iy safely-say tliat Uicy have done more fa myself and a lialf sister of mine, than $400 wiiieh I liad paid to Dociors, and for othe various prescriptions and meilicines. 1 have used 28 boses of BrandretU's Pilis, wliicl g..vo mo oomc pnrtial relief. Uut your Puls went right ohi-ad li!;e a man of Wlia passed off looked hke ink. My disease lias been named diSerenlly by everV Phvscian but my idea is, tliat it was a general vitice ofihe fluids vvhiih prodii'-ed syinpioms ofali'nosteve-y diseaso. it would be too íedious for me to give give yon a history of all ray diSculíiea. I w;is weak,dnJI, stupid and reduced to a skeleton. All bopes of being reslorcd liad beengiven over, except ty my in-law. 1 took Iwoboxes of your Pilis, and am able to perform my dutis in ihe couniing room. .My sister "was consumptive- lierliver was mucb aifectt-d, her legs swclled- a havsh cough consiantly troubled her. One box of your Puls entiroly relieved her from a'l thoso symptoms. lam about to remove to Burlingion, and would wish an ngency, &c. STcPHEN B. LUTHER.Jr. FEVER fcAGQE, CHILL.FEVER &c.Ihose in heallh who livo n morshy countrics, and unheaUhy climates, can nvoid the diseaseto which thcir suualions are subject, by laking the Persian puls once, and in somu nstoncee peihaps Iwice a,week, to cleanse the eystem and purii it f om the small occumulation ot'effluvia, wlm-h causes líiediílerent diseases, in different situations of the country. Those whofindd'sease fust upon Ihem should take 6 or 8 pills on guiña lo bed, which will gener;illy oper.-ite as a gentle emelic and cathartic; after wiiich oontinue the usé"Lfhem in smaller doses,, as recommended in the other large b'II. Those who follovv this cour6e will find thena a Btirë and neverfailin preventive'J'liose whose diseases are etubhorn.should take a sulficient quantity ofthe pills to vomit ihem once or twice, say every third nïo-ht lili llieir discase is subdued. then tke them ia smaller doses unti! every vestigeof t is e.xterpated. Be no loner imposed upon by "Tonic Mixtures," Tonic Bitten," or any medicine recommended to break the Fever and Ague; as ihey all contain more or lewqui'inc and arnenic, which, if tliey breuk the A güi-, injure the constHution, oftf,n causing3 ihe palients to linger out a miserable exis tence, subject to evcry other disease. These pills do not break the Ague leaving the scattcred (rogmunis in tlie system, tq show tliemselvcs in evcry othcr i'orm, butby their cleansing properlies they root out every vesligc of diseas-e, leaving the systeta: i'ree and heakhy. and tho coustitution' not only unimpaired but improvcd Those wlio vvisli a tonic biter can inake a most excel 'lent one after the teceipt that accompaniea each box of pills. Dooliitle oud Ruy, State Agents for MicrjJ igan. Orders uddressed to M. Y. Birchard, & co., will receive allen! ion. Sold by Doet. Mc. Lean Jnclcson; Dewy Si co., Napoleon; Ellis & Pearsón, (Jlinton ï. D. Kief, MancliesteijT. Huil, Lcoui; Cj G. Grevcll, Grass-Lake; Ktcltr Si Powcra Concord. For removing discases ansingírom nn nbuse of Mercury, chronic and "■onslitutional diseases, euch as scrofula or king's evil, Bccondary syphilüs, ulcerations, corrosionsof thoiliruat, nosc, cheeks, lips, ear and olher paris of tlie body, cruptions on the skin, rheumatic nfilcüons, white swellirgs, pams in ihe bones and joints, lever sores, obstinate old sores, scalfed liead, salt rheum, ring worm :ind otlier diseases arising from an impiire state of the blood. Á)so, habitual costivetiets, piles, chronic affections of iho live r, Uirigs und chesf, pains in lhn sianiach aud sides, niglit sweats, fcc. Iï is likenise mucU recomniendcd as a cleánemg spring tnuU- icine. Thiscompound fluid extract is Alterativa Diuretic, Diaphoretic, Laxativo, Arome! ir, and slightly stitnulcnt, nnd :n;iy be used successfully in scrofftilous and syphiloid diseases, and tliat sliattercd state oí' ihe consli tution which so ofcen foüovvs the abuse of mercury, exotosea or morbid enlargoment of the bones, supiginous mustulea ot' ringworm; uiceraiiooB generájly; caries of tlia hones; cartileges ot' ihe nose, muuiii, willi the other diseases above tnentioned, nnd uil diseaes arising iVom a murbid Lilu of ihe blood.I-hcre is hardly a pliysieian who has not had occasion to observe with pain, the pliaa edenic variety of herbs; ;tnd in sjJite of u% their remedies he could brlnij uainst tiiis cruel disease, was compellod to acknowl-' edge their inoiïicaey aud allow tlie monster to corrode ;ind desiroy the noso, elicckj, üps, eyelids, cara and tëmplesj parta of which ihis malndy generaJIy aüects a preferejnce. Büt l'nthis extract, vvillbefound a perfect remedy, in all sucli cases, and vvhéré the disease has not produceda ve'ry groat derangement of structure, it wil] cv. a yild to this remedy in a very sho.t time. i Within a ver 6hort poriod, thore has beea great nnprovernenïs rn France, on t!ie pharmaceutical and chemical . trcaiuicnt of Sarsa parilla, and it has buen fully pioved that nine.fentlis of the active principies of that valuable root is aetually lost in iho usual mode of prepaiing it for medical use. Tlie compound extract being a very nico pharmaceulical preparaliun, feqhir'es iho most rigid care and skiliul m.inament, and not without st riet refcrence to the peculiar active principie of each of üs constit uents. The French ehemists liave ascertain ed by actual expeiinient, that llie activo principie of SarsapariJla is eitiier destroycd by chemical chauge, or dnven oli' by ific heat of boiling tyalcrj constquently Iho preparations i'roin tiiis ro'ot in geucral se, (which are also frequently prepared bv persons unacquainU'd with phnrmacy, and from materials renderod inert by age or : wse,( can have Jittlo or n o effect upon tho svstem.G. VV. M. Uiking advantage of these facts has adopted un improved process for extracting the medical virtues froui the ac- tive ingrediente of tliis compouiid iluid extract, whicli are niné 111 tnimbür, without heat; that is to say n.cttlicr concoction, ioüsion, or maceration are made use of; nor ia the temperatore of tito monstrum allowcd to cxcecd 8ü iK yrucs Eaii. ui.iii eréry partióle of active principie is exhausléd, loaving a lastelcss maso behind; Élíereby ol)tainingth vvholeofthe soluble active principlein a higiily concentrated state, l.-avin out the fécula woody fibre, Sec, which eucumbers the extract oinaincd by decoction. The prpprietor therefore has tiot only the satisfactioa of assuring the medical facully and thu pub'ie, that this reuicdy is prepared according o strict chemica and pliarmaceiilicai rules, but that he ulso united sume of the oiiicinrfle valuable and active vegitaMo.--, all oi" the choicest seiection vvh'rch rnaterially enhances ts value in the of the diseases ii)ove named. He is therefore induced 'to -lier this fluid extract to physicians and oth ers underthefullest conviciion of its superiority over that in common use. Phy3icians v1ll find gieal advantacre in he use of ihis extract, und a grent relief rom the perplexities attendant üpoa he treatraent of those obstinate c;isos which bid defiance to every remedy; their confidenceprompts them to prescribe such a dit and régimen as in fheir judgement tho ase would seem to indícate;- tljcieby pïvng the extract its ful! inJluence. Preparod at the Cheiuical Laboratory of G. W. Meichanf, Cliemist, Lockport N. Y. N.B. A liberal discount made to deaÚ rs and Physiciana. The above anide mr,y bo had at the store of J, Rlc'Lean, Jockson; Halo and Srnitb, Grass-Lake, and by tho principie drufrsista hroughoutthe state. Jackson, July 4lh, Ic4o. JUSTKËCISIVfiQ (he Auii-Sl.ivery and Q.hristiun Almanaeiis lor 1841, atAlex. M'Farren Book Siore, 137 Jefferson Avenue. Detroi', Dcc 10, 1840. Blank! J3laoklJ lïlyinsks ! : JUST PRUNTED, on iinc paper and in a superior sile, n large assqrt ment of blank Summons, Sulipcenas, Execu tions, Sic. &c - For sale t tlns ollice. fgLANKS of cvery cfescriptión ncaily ■+ execmed at 'ttó office.