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Abolition In The South

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-The inforüiation conveyed by Gerrit Srnith's correspondent, which we publish to-day, shows that our principies are steadily progressing at the south, as well as at the north. The writer states that a majority of the legal volers in Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina, are opposed to slavery. Tliis rosult is not surprising. The proportion of 8laveholders to the legal voters in the slavo states ia very snull. Dut the slaveholders are many of them well educated and weallhy, while the laboring white population arecomparatively poor, ignorant, and without influence, and live under laws whicli are ruinous their interests . We shall find in a few years, i that they will become excellent abolitionists. Their own iniereats, when ihey see them in their true light, will compel them to take that course.