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Fugitives From Slavery

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The number of colored people who are making their escape from the souihern Siutcs are every day increasing, and thcir facilitics for reaching the "Queen's dominions," were never so favorable as al present. From Ihe numbn-r that have recently landed" in Canada, one.would bc led to conclude that ihe "hnppiness and contentment," hiiherto enjoyed by the sabio sons of the south, has eutirely passed away and a longing desire for the bliss of fk.éedo3i seized thoir souls. Believing as we do that t is morally wrong to continue our fellow beings in involuntary servittidc, l is with the utmost pleasure that we aid and nssist them in their iliiit from Southern kidnappers A few d;iys since we had the rare pleasure, in conneciion wilh many of our friends in this place, of bestowing our "hospitalities upon six of our brothren, who tarriëd with us some sixteen hours to refresh tliemselves, on their journey to a "!and of freedom." T bey were from twenty-one to thirty years of age - in good heaith and spirits, and appnrently rnuch delighted wilh the prospect i-fa new home, where the sound of the whip and danking of chains will no longer grate upon thcir car, and mangle and grill thcir limbs. They vvgrc sober, températe, and gentlemnnly in their appcaranec - discoursed with readincss on all suljects that had come under thcir obscrvaiion - and with regard to general intelligence were fur in advance of many white persons with whom we have dis- covored, whose opportunilies for obtaining knowlcdge had been far superior totheirs. Hefuro the reader'ö eye shall have traced these lincs, they will all be in the possession of ihe iuch boon of freedom in a Monauchial Government, ha ving brokeu away from the southern prison houpe ol tli is "home of the brave, and asylum for the oppressed of all nations." We bade them God speed in their magnanimous enterprise, and should be much rejoiced tó iearn that this system of colonizition was becoming so general that the southern part of this confederaey would be under the neecssity of granling emancipation to Ihe slaves in order to obtain laborers for the cultivation óf their soil. Let the people of ihis State arise in the greatness of thcir streo&th and give to the down trodden and neglected Americans the right of trial by jury, when claimcd as fugitives, which will render tnem comparativcly safe white passing through the poninsnla state, to their destined place ol ireedom.