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Slave Catching In Michigan: For The Signal Of Liberty

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In all the Free States the difficulty of retaking fugitives escaped froio slavery, is perpetuaHy increasing. The fugitive is altnost euro of finding friends as eoon as he crosses the boundary Ime of a Free State. Canada is a sure refuge, and any slave, by the help of a few friends can be landed there in a few days. In addition to this, public sentiment is alsoÊJKg, and setting ir. slrongly in beliajH Ky. Among the respectable portiofl Hiuniiy, it is no credit to a man, tliaW ss been instrumental in retuming the helplese slave lo hope. Ikrs hnndaerp.o A few evenings since, I had the pleasure of taking by the hand, a robust, fine looking fellow, named Sylvester, who was bond and educated in the land of "the patriarchs." - He was about twenty-seven years of age.- I learned the following particulara concern- ing bis history. He was bom in St. Louis, Missouri, and learned the trade of a blacksmith. He has also eerved as steward on hoard of steamboats on the Missfssippi nnd its branches. - In this capacity, he has often visited the Pree States, without knowing tiiat slaves could not bc held within their boundaries. He earned as a etevvard from 135 to $45 per month, and his ovvner had been offered gl600 for him. Sylvesler, ho wever, began to think he inight be worth something to himself, and carne to Detroit. While residinty there, another fugitive was apprehended, and the colored people detorniined to rescue him from the officer by forec. The at tempt failed, and Sylvester was lodged in jail, and an indictment preferred againat him for an attempt to kil!, by snapping a pistol at a white man during the affray. On this charge he was convicted, and sentenced to State Prison for five years. Some time after, satis factory proot was made to the Governor that it was not Sylveeter, but another colored man who had attempted to kill with the pistol. The Governor forwarded a pardon for Sylvester, to the proper officer at the State Prison. In the mean time, through some unknown channel, inforraation that Sylvester was about to. be pardoned and released, had been conveyed to Missouri, and three elave catchers came on from that State to Jackson.ready to seize hira and take him to Missouri. While they attended church on the Sabbath, listening to a sermón on the death of President Harrison, Sylvester walked out of prieon, and departed from Jackson. The next morning upon presenting thenoselves to obtain their victim, they were much a9tonished to Jearn that he was probably many miles distant. Sylvester hae probably reached Queen Victoria 's land of liberty, luhaw ha iiniil.tH not that he fihall be able to