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A Slave Dealer

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-On Mouday atship streef, an uncouth looking personage who gave his name as George Young, and stated himself to be an American subject was placed ut the bar. Late on Saturdny night, wbile the"waits" were serenading Spitafields, the defendanf, half drunk, stumbled against theni,and, after violentIy abusingtliem for daring to impede the progress of a free man, tendered his card to one of them, whom he chnllenged to fight hhu on the following morumg. - The pólice endeavered to persuade him to go home, but he slruck one of them several times, saying that in his owo country he should know how to settle the matter in a moment; although he had not a poinard, he had a good knife, and would stick it into the iïrst person that ran againsl hitn Mr. Broughlon aslted him what vwis his occupalion? The defendant unblushingingly said that he was a sltive dealer.- Mr. Broughtou: What, a trader to the coastsof Guiennt? - The dsfendant said no; he was a trader in slavcs inland, beiween the southern states. Mr. Brouliton sentenced him to a fine of 30d. fur