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The peculinrities of this Chemical ]j ound, are owing to ituextraordinary effect pon the animal fibre or nerves, lignments nd muscles, its virtnes being carried uy hem to the immediato eeat of disoaee, or of ain and weakness. However good any internal remedy rnay b bis as an ex.ternal application, will prove a lowerful auxilary, in removing the diseaso nd faciliating the cure, in case of Local Inamation, Scroffulous Affections, King' 2 vil, Gout, Inflaintory, and Ghronic lllieumaism, and in all ca9cs where seated pain or weakness exists. A gentlemen travelling in the South of Europe, and Palestine, in 18S0, heard so rauch said in the latter place, in praise of ew David's PlaBter; and of the (as he con- úderedj miraeulous cures it perforrnedr that ie was induced to try it on nis owq personbr a Lung and Liver arTection,the removal of vhich had been the cbief object of hisjourney, but which had reeisted the genial inffiN enco of that balmy and delicious climate. ie . put oue over the reglón of the liver ; :n he mean time he drank freely of an herb tea of laxativo quahlies. He eoon found lm healih inproving; and in a few woeha hjs cough lefthim. the eallowness of hisekin. disappcared, his pain was removed, and hi health became permanently re-instated. It has likewiee been very beneficial in ca ees of weakness, such as weaknea and pain in the elomach, weak limbs, lorneness, and affectione of the spine, female weaknesB,k,c No female subject to pain or weakuess m the back or side ehould be without it. Married ladies, in delicate situations find great relief froni constantly wearing this piaster. No pufiing, or great notorious certifícate is intended. Those who wish to satigff themselves of the efficacy of this piaster, can oblain sufficient to spread 6 or 0 piasters for 50 cents, a sum not half sufficient to pay for the inBertionof a single certifícate into any of our moBt coramon prints, a single time.- ihis trifling price per box is placed upon it, in order that it may be within the meara of every afflictod son and daughter of the cormunity;that all.whether rich orpoor.may obtain the treasure of health, which resultt IV om its nee. Jew David's or Hebrew Piasier, is trtain cure for corns Direction accompany each box. Pric 50 cents. ■ . DooliUle !f Ray, agents for Michigan Country agenta supplied by M. W. Biroh ard U Co., Detroit. Sold by Dr. McLea Jackson; Dewey fc CoM Napoleon: D. D Kief, Manchester; Ellis U Pierson, Clinto P. Hall, Leoni; G.G. Grewell, Gratt Laie Koeler & Powers, Concord. Ann Arbior, May la, 1841. tf Evert tnan woman and chilcl n the Urn- ted otates, who possesses a Bible, wili 6ure ly furnish tbemselves with the followiag beau tiful series of sciipture llluetraiions. L0O pictorial illustration of the bible, and view, in the Holy Land. Four hundred pages, 8vo., fine paper hand' somely bound, price only two dollarB The subscribir respectfully invites the attention of Clergyraen, teachers ot sabbath school heads of families, and booksellers, through- out the United States, to the above nevr, cheap, and eplendidly Illustrated work, publiehed and for sale, at No. 122 Nassau Sreet N. Y. City. lts features are better defined by the title: - Two Mundred Pictorial Illus trations of the Scriptures, consieting of view in the Holy Land, together with many of the most remarkable ohjecte mentioned in the old and new teetaments, represenling sacred historica! events, copied from celebrated pictures, piincipally by the old mastere, the landscape scènes, taken from original sketch es made on the spot, wilh full and interest ing letter-press descriptions, deroted to on explanation of the objccts mentioned in thé sacred tezt. On examination this will be found & very pleasant and profitable book, eepecially for the perusal of Yonng Peopie, abounding in the most valuablc.information, collected with great care, from the best and iatest suurcee, It may, very properiy, be designated a coramon place book of every thing valunble, re lating to Oriental Manners, customs. and compr6es within itself a complete library of religious knowledge. A volume l;ke the present, is far superior to the common Annunls - It wil! never be out of date - It ia beauiifully printed in new long primer type bandsomely bound in muslin, gilt and lettered ; and is, decidedJy, the best and cheapest publication, (for the price,) ever issued frota the American Press. The present vork differs from all othr ever published in this country. The immens treasures of Art which the great Pointer have bcqueathed to us on sacred subjectt, are here openod to all, as far as they are capable of being diffused ihrough tbe medium of wood engravings. Among our numeroua numerous etnbellishnients, will be found the celebratedCARTOONS OF RAFFAELLE, and the series of the prophett, ao magnificent ly portrayed by 21icuxel. Angelo in tb Sisline Chapel. VIEWS IN EDOM(PETRA,)EGYPT.?. Tbese latter, and all the Landscape Scener, are represented with that fidelity which w are novv able to realize through the labora of j recent travellers. The other qbjecti.whether of Natural Hietory, ofjCoetuinp, ér of Antiquities, are, alao, delinéate wiih equal accuracy, üUttyjtf the Illustrrfijpns requirat little pr uo-t'oramerit - thty spïac for themseloes. The work canrvpfdiJ in proving aceptírtíle to all denommation of cbristians. A liberal discount madú to wholesale purcb,asere. Persons in the country, wishing to act ta agents, may ohtain all the necessary infor malin, by adüressing thoir letters to tho auteenber, No. 12Í Nassan Btreet, N. Y. ROBERT SEARS, Publisher. Clergymen, Scperintendcnts and Teacher ofSabhath Schools, agenta of reügioua new papers, and periodicals, Post-masters and Booksellere, throughout the country, are re-. spectfuliy req;iested to act as our No letter ivill be taken from the offico anle K ie pogt paid. May W, 1641. tf In order thatthia valuable medicine should not be counterfeited, we have aplate repre senting a persian scène, that is struck on each bill, one of which accompanies each box. We deern it unnecessafy to publish a long list of certiflcotes, as they will neither add to nor ditninish the virtuea of this admirable compound. Superior to the Hygeian,Brandreth's,Evan' tomatto, the Matchless (pnced) Sanativo, or any other Pilis, or Compound, before the public, as certified to bv Physicians and others. Let none condemn them until they have tried them, and they will not. It is now a setlled point with all who have uaed tho Vegetable Persian Pilis, that they are preeminently the best and most efficaciou8 Family medicine, ihat has yet been used n America. If every family could become acqnainted ivith their Sovereign Pow er over disease, they would seek them and be prepared with a snre remedy to apply on the firsl appearanceof diseasej and then how much distress would be avoided and money saved, as well as Uves of thousands who are hurried out of time by neglecting disease in ita first stages, or by not being in possession of a remedy which théy can place dependence upon. All who 'vitíh fo guard against sickness, should use" the Persian Pilis freely, when needed, no injury can ensue, if used f rom youth to oíd age, when taken according to thedirections. CERTIFICATES. Rochestcr, Sept. 1840. Messrs Chase fyCompany: - Gents. Sirs: - This is to inform you that we have used your Vegetable Persian Pilis for a year past, in olir practice, and are, well pleased wilh their operation. Believing them to fuifil their advertisment, in unswering as a substitute wbere calomel is indicaied, we can recommend them to the public. Drs Brown, M'Kensie, & Halsted. Rochester, 1C40. TO MOTIIERS. Messrs. E. Chase fy CoGents. - Hearing mucb said aboút extraordinary effect3 of the Resurrection or Persian Pilis, upon thoseabout to become Moth ers, we were induced to make a trial of them. My wife was at that time a mother of 5 childrcn, and had suffered the moet exexcruciating pains during and after her confinement of each. She had tried every means and taken much medicine, but found little or no relief. She commenced taking the Persian Pilis about3 mo. before her confineraent (lier health being very poor about this length of time previous,) and soon after was enabled by their use to altend to the cares of a molher to her family until her confinement. At the time she commenced taking the Persian Pilis, and for several weeks previous, with a dry hard cough, and frequently severe cramps. which tliu use of the pil Is entirely removed before using half a box. It is with great confidence that we advise ail those about to become Mothers to make use of the Poisian Pilis. All those tiiat have taken them in our neighborliood, have got along in the same easy manoer, and are abouc the house in a few days.- There does not appear to be half the dunger of other difficulties 6etting in after confine ment where these Pilis are taken. We unitedly say, let none neglect taking them for they are in the reach of the poor as well as ihe rich. We are truiy thankful that there is a remedy which females can easily procure which bids to lessen the world of suffering, wbich many of them have to bear, and perhaps save the lives of thousands which otherwise would be lost. Rochester, May 1 4 1 h , 1840; corner of Ca edonia square, Edingbuïg street. For pnr ticulars; seu subecribers. S. ROBERTS, A. O. ROBERTS. Gents. - í wish you to send a quantity o your Persian Pilis to this place, for I am sure they would meet with a ready sale. Jly brother-in-iatv while passing through you" place heard so much sau! in their behalf,that he was induced to purcbase4 boxes; and may safely say that they have done more for myself and a half sister of'mine, than $400 which I had paid to Doctors, and for other various prescriptions and medicines. 1 have used 28 boxes of Brandreth's Pilis, wJiich gave mo oome partial relief. But your Pilis went right ahead like a man of war. Vbat passed off looked hke ink. My disease has been named differently by every Phyeician but my idea is, that it was a general vitioe of the fluids which produced sytnptoms of al most every disease. It would be too tedious for me to give give you a history of all my difficulties. I was weak.dnll, stupid and reduced to a skeleton. All hopes of being restored had been given over, except by my in-law. 1 took two boxes of your Pilla, and am able to perform my duties in the counting room. JVJy sister was consumptive - her liver was much affected, her legs svvelled - a harsh cough constantly troubled her. One box ofyour Pilis entirely relieved her from ali those symptoms. - I am about to remove to Burlington, and would w6h an agency, &c.STÜPHJSN ii. LUTHER. Jr. FEVER b AGUE, CHILL FEVER &c. Those n heallh who live n marshy countries, and unheilihy climates, can avoid the disease to Jwhich their situations are subject, by taking the Persian pills once, and in some instances perhaps twice a week, to cleanse the system and purify it from the sma!l accumulation of efiluvia, which causes the different diseases, in different situations of the country. Thoee who find disease fast increasing upon them shculd take 6 or 8 pilis on going to bed, which will generally opérate as a gentle emetic and cathartic; after which oontinue the use of them in smaller doses, as recommended in the other large bill. Those who follow thie course will find them a sure and never preventive Those whose diseases are stubborn, should take a sufficient quantity ofthe pilJs to vomit them once or twice, 6ay every third night till their disease s subdued, then take them in smaller doses until every vestige of it is exterpated. Be no longer imposed upon by "Tonic Mixtures," "Tonic Bitters," or any medicine recommended to break the Fever and Ague; as they all contnin moro or lees quNine aud arnsnic, which, if they break the Aguc, iiijure the constitution, ofton causing the patiënte to linger out a miserable existence, subject to every other disease. These pilla do not break the Ague leaving the öcattered fragmenta in the syetem, to show themselves in every other form, butby their cleansing propevties they root out every vestigo of disease, leaving the systora free and hoalthy. and the constitution not only unimpaireci but improved Those who wish a tonic biter can mak e a most excel lent one after the receipt that accompanies each box of pills. Doolittle and Ray, State Agenta for Michigan. Orders addreseed to M. W. Birohard 8i co., will receive attention. Sold by Doet. Mc.Lean Jackson; Dewy &, co., Napoleon; Elli's &. Pearson, Clinton I. D. Kief, Manchester; T. Huil, Lconi; C. G.Grevell, Grass-Lake; Keeler U Powers Concord. For removing diseases arising from an abuse of Mercury, chronic and constitutional dieeases, sucliis scrofula or king's evil, secondary syphillis, ulcerations, corrosionsof the throat, nose, cheeks, Ups, ears and other paris of the body, eruptions on the skin, rheumatic affuctions, white 6wellmg8, pains in the bones and joints, fever sores, obstinate oíd sores, scalled liead, salt rheumj ring worm and otiier diseases arising from an impure state of the blood. Also, habitual costiveneas, piles, chronic affcctions of tho liverlunga and chest, pains in th atomach and sides, night sweats, &c. It is hkewisc much recommended as a cleansing spring medicine. This compound fluid extract is Alterative Diuretic, Diaphoretic, Laxativo, Arometie, and slightly stimulent, and niay be used successfully in scroffulous and syphiloid diseases, and that shattered state oí' the constU tution which so often follows the abuse of mercury, exotoses or mcrbid enlargement of the bones, supiginous mustules of ring! worm; ulcerations generally; caries of the j hones; cartileges of the nose, mouth, with the other diseases above mentioned, and all diseaes arising from a morbid state of the blood. Thcre is hardly a physician who has not had occasion to observe with pain, the phag edenic variety of herbs; and in spite of all their remedies ho could bring against this cruel diseasp, was compelled to acknowlQdge their inefficacy and allow the monster I to corrode and destroy the nose, cheeks, I lipa, eyelids, earsi and temples; parts of i which this malody generally affects a preference. But in this extract, will be found a perfect remedy, in all snch casee, and where the disease has not produced a very great i derangementof struciure, it will even yield i to this remedy in a very short time. Within a very short poriod, there has been great improvernents in France, on the pharmaceutical and chemical treatment of Sarsa I parilla, and it has been fully pro ved that i mne-tentbs of the active principies of that valuable root is actually lost in tho usuaj, mode of preparing it for medical use. The compound extract being a very nice pharmaceutical preparation, requires the most rigid care and skilful management, i and not without strict reference to the peculiar active principie of each of lts constit uents. The French chemists havo ascertain ed by actual experiment, that the active ! principie of Sarsafclla 3 either destroyed by chemical changó or dnven off by ttte heat of boiling water; constq'iently the peparations from this root in general use, (which are also frequently prepared by per. sons unacquainted with phm maey, and from materials rendered inert by Hge or otherwise,( can have little or no effect upon the system. G. W. 31. 'taking advantage of thpse facta has adopted nn improved process for extracting the medica! virtues from the ac live ingredienls of this compouud iUud extract, which are nine in numbfir, without heat; that is to say neither concoction, infusión, or niaceration are made use of; nor is tho temperature of the menstrum allowed to exceed 80 degreea Fah. until every partiële of active principie is exhausted, leaving a tasleless mass behind; thereby obtaining the vvholeofthe soluble active principio in a highly concentrated state, leaving out the fecula woody fibre, &c, which encumbers the extract obtained by decoction. The propn etor therefore has not only the satisfaction of assuring the medical faculty and the. public, that thiá remedy is prepared according to strict chemical and pharmaceutical rules, but that he also united some of the oiRcinale valuable aud active vegitablep, all of the choicest select ion which matenally enhances its value in tlm treatment of the diseasee above named. He is therefore indneed to offer this fluid extract to physicians and olh ers under the fullest conviciion of its euperiority over that in common use. Physicians will find greal advantage in tho use of this extract, and a great relief from the perplexities attendant upon the treatment of those obstinate cases which bid defiance to every remedy; their confidence prompts them to prescribe such a diet and régimen as in their judgement the case would seem to indícate; - thereby giving the extract its full influence. This extract is prepared from, the best selectod materials, without heat by an improved process; on an account of which, it is preferred by physicians as being more active than any other now before the public. Prepared at the Cheroical Laboratory of G. W. Merchant, Chemist, Lockport N. Y. N. B. A liberal discount made to dealers and Physicians. The above article may be had at the store of J. Mc'Lean, Jackson; Hale and Smith, Grasa-Lake, and by the principie dmggists throughout the state. W. S. and J. W. Maynard, and Lund and Gibson, Agents, Ann Arbor. Jackson, July 4th, 1840. Blanks ! JBIauks ! Blanks ! ! ! JUST PRINTED, on fine paper and in a superior siyle, a large assort ment of blank Summons, Subpoenas, Execu tions, fcc. &c. - For sale at this office. Ann Arbor, May 12, 1841. tf Jïn important discovery for Rheumatitm Fever Sores, White Swellings, Inflammcn tion in the Eyes, Burns, Swelied Throai in Scarlet Fever, Quinsy, c. The Chemical Plaster is an important remedy fot all those who are with nflammatory complamte, By its easing pain counteracting nflammation, and giving speedy relief, by its active, strengthening, and' gudorific properties. - An effectual renjsdy for inflammatory rbeumatism, ague in the breast, cramp, burns, bruiseB, scrofula, oïii sores, uicers of almost every descriptionr cankered and svvelled throats arising froia scarlet iever, felons, white swellinga, chilblains, &c. Persons siiiFering from liver complainte, pulmonary diseases, inflammation on the lungs, with pains i the sidea and breast, pain and weakness in the back, wil) find relief. In all cases it may be üscd with safety. TO THE PUBLIC. To WHOSI IT MAÏ CONCERN. This may certify that ï, Erastus Daan, the proprietor of E. Dean's Chemical Plaaster, have for more than two years been in a delicate state of health, so that I have beea unable to prepare and circuíate said Piaster to that extent which the interest of the suffering community demande; and feeling so valuable an article ought to be extensively made known to the afflicled, I have made arrangements with H. HARR1S êt Co., of Aslitabula, Ohio, to manufacture and vend it in my name as my sole successors. This, thcrefore, may be reliejd on as the genuino article heretofore prepared by me, As witness my hand, ERAStUS DEAN. Wertfiklh, Ciiautauque Co., N. Y. January 21, 1839.Penn Line, Pa. April 7, 1340. Messrs. H Harris Et Co. - Strs: - Since I was atyour store in July last, I have used E. Dean's Chemical Piaster, which I have received from you at different times, and fee! myself in duty bound to you as proprietors, and to the people generaily, to recommend the same as a safe and efïicacious remedy for those complaints for which it is recommended. I have used it in several cases of inflamed eyes, in some of vvhich lts effects ae a curative have been very decided, and in no case has it failed of giving relief where it has heen applied accorüing to directions, and all who have used it are perfectly satisfied with it so far as I know. I have also applied it ir. üome severe cases of ague in the breast with the happiest effecta. I would also ïelate the case of Mr. Thomas Logan, who has been afflicted with the rheumatism in one hip for thirteen years, so that he had been compellcd to abandon labor in a great measure. I lel him have a box of the Piaster, he applied it, and for three days found, as he supposed, no benefit, but after that he perceived that the pain wa not so severe, and in less than ttvo weeks he could labor hard all day and rest free frora pain at night. He says that he would not part with the box he has for three hundred dollar6, providing he could not obtain another . He also says to me, keep it on hand and recommend it vvherever you go. I have used the piaster in cases of pains in the sides, back, should&r, etc. with like good effect. Yours, éfC. DANIEL KNEELAND, M. D. Monroe, June 18, 1839. Messrs. Iï. Harius &t Co.: - Sirs: I have used E. Dean's Chemical Piaster for more than four years past, and do cheerfully recommend it to Physiciuns for rheumatismj sprains of wrist, ankle, shoulder, fee. In felons, whitlow, and scrofulous swetlings of all descriptions, it is generally an efFectual remedy. In short, wherever there is n pain t is almost sure togive relief in a few hours. I have used it in a great number of rhetimatic affections. One of my patients, aged 40, full habit, had a rheumatic swelling on. one leg. He had been unnbJe to get out of his house for three months; his leg was swelled to an enormous size, tvvice its usual bigness; every thing had been done without success until we commenced using Dean'a Chemical Pla6ter. We enveloped the knea and a portion of the limb in the piaster, and in three days the swelling enlirely disappeared, and in ten days he went about hia ordinnry business. Such has been our succesg wilh the article, and ve now willingly recommend it to the public for a trial. Yours &.C J. H. REYNOLDS, M. D. The piaster is now put up in boxes at 50 cents, and one dollar each. Made and sold, wholesale and retail, by H. HARRIS & Co., Ashtabula, Ohio- sol proprietors. Nonegcnuine unless signed by H. Harri on the stereotype wrapper. The above article may be had at the stor of J. M'Lsan, Jackson; Hale Si Stnith, Grass Lake, and by the principal druggÍ9ts throughout the State. Jackson July 4, 1840 Stvay cï F ROM the subscriben about the firt of this month a dark brovvn pony, wilh white hind feet, a white spot in the forehead and a small white stripe on one side of the neck. Whoever will return sa id poney to the subscriber in the viliage of Ann Arborfóf givè information where ha may beíbund shall be suitnbly rewarded. V. H. POWELL. Ann Arbor, pril 26, 1841. "H"ÜST RECE1VED the AntiSlavery P and Christian Almanacks for 1841, at Alex. M'Farren Book Store, 137 Jefferson Avenue. Detroit, Pee. 10, 1840. ProdïHce Of every Description., MECEIVED in payment for Job work, Advertising and Subscriptions totho ♦'Sigxal of Liberty," if deJivered at the Office, immediateJy over the Store of J. Beeld ey, fo Co. . April 28. Woodi Wood! Woodl , WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a Few cords o'f good hickory wood in oxchange for the "Signal op Liberty." BLANKS of every description neatjj cxecutcd at this office.