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The Difference In Votes

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Virginia. - The whole vote n the Siate amounts to 86,394 - being an incrense since 183G of 32,509 - greatly (he largest voto ever polled in the Cummanwealtn. Massachusetts gave over 126,000 votes at the same election. Virginia numbers about 1,500,000 people; Massachusetls about 715,000. Virginia has twenty-one lepresentatives in Congres3, and gives wenty-three votes for President. Massachusetts has but 12 Congressmen in the iouse, and gives fourtoen electoral votes. Let us make these facts ihe basis of a few calculations, and see the advantages slavery has over liberty; those who live upon the plunder of other peoples labor, over those who work themselves for an honest living. Taking the number of volers, as the Kasis. Massachusetts should have 21, and Virginia only 12 Representatives; the proportion being exactly reversed. Each Representative in Virginia has about 4,100 voting constituent?, on the average. Each one in Massachusetts represents 10,500 voters. So thateach voter in Virginia has as much political power as 2 1-2 voters in the bay state? VVhat say the yeomanry of Massachusetts to his? What say our democratie friends to this accumulation of power, in the hands of elaveholding monopolists? But again, Massachueetts, taking the nutnber of voters as the test, ought to exercise just the power Virginia now wields, in thé election President, gi ving 23 votes; while the latter should give but 14. Ia it not time that slavery was deprived of such power? - Mass. Paper. In Massachusetts, the abolitionisls of the fifth Congressional district have nominated Rev. Cyrus P. Grosvenor, of WOrcester, as a candidate for Congress in oposition to Rev. Charles Hudson, whig, and Isaac Davis, V. B. Mr. Grosvener is, ve believe, a Baptist clergyman, and Mr. iudson a Universalist.