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Blank r Bianks ! ! Jilasiks ! ! JUST PRINTED, on fine paper and in a superior style, a large assort ent of blank Sumiuons, Subpoonas, Exocu ons, Ücc.' &c - For sale at this office. Ann Arbor, May 12, 1841. tf The pcculiantiea of this Chemical Com sound, are owing to iteextraordinary cfiects ïpon the animal fibre or nerves, ligaments ind muscles, its virtues being carried by ;hem to the immediatc seat of Uiaease, or of min and weakness. Howevor good any internal remedy may be his as an external application, uill provea jovverful auxilary, in remo ving the diseaso md faciliating tlio cure, in cabe of Local Inlamalion, Scroffuloiis Affection?, King's Kvii, Gout,lnflamtory,nnd Chronic llhcuma:ism, and in all cases where si-atcd pain or vcakncss exista. A gentlemen travelling in the South of Europe, and Palestine, in 1830, heard so nuch said in the latter place, in praise of icw David's Plasterj and of the (aa ho con.idercd miraculous cures it performed, that ie was induced to try it on his own person, br a Lung and Liver affection, the removal of vhich had been the chief object ot his jourïey, but wliich had resisted the genial ínflUncc of that balmy and delicious climatc.- 3e put oue over the región of the liver; in he mean time he drank freely of an herb ca of laxativo qualities. He soon found lis health inproving; and in a few weeks liis cough left Iiim, the sallowncss of his t-kin Jisappearcd, his pain was removed, and las fiealth bocatne permanently re-instated. It has likewise been very beneficial in cases of weakness, such as weaknes and pain tn the stoniach, weak liiabs, lamcness, and jffections of the spinc, female weaknes6,&tc. No female 6ul-jcct topain or weakness in the aack or side should be without it. Married ladies, in delicate situations find great reief from constantly wearing this piaster. No puffing, or great notorious certifícate 8 iQtcnded. Thosc who wish to Batisfy ihemselves of the efficacy ofthÏ8 piaster, can oblein snfficient to spread C or 8 piasters for 30 cents, a sum ïiot half 6uflicipnt to pay for the insertion of a single certifícate into any of our most common prints, a single time. - c.his trifling price per box is placed upon il, in ordcv Umi it may be vvithin the means of 2very aíflicted son and daughter of the communityjtliat all.whelher rich or poor.tnay ob lain the trectsuro of health, which resulta 'rom its use. Jew David's or Hebrevv Piaster, íb a certain cure for corns Directions accompany each box. Price 50 cents. Dooltile Sf Ray, agents for Michigan. Country ogents supphedby M. W. Birch ud &, Co., Detroit. Sold by Dr. McLeaa laqkson; Dewey Si Co., Napoleon: D. D Kicf, Manchester; Ellis'& Pierson, Clinton F. Hall, Leoni; G.G. Grewell, Gra6s Lako Keeler & Powers, Concord. Ann Arbor, May 12, 1841. tf Evkry man woman and child in the Uni- ted otates, who possesses a Bible, will surcly lurnish thcrnselves witb the follüvviug beautiful aeries of scripturc Illustrations. L0O pictorial illustraion of the bible, and views in the Iloly Land. Four hundredpnges, 8vo., fine papor handeomely bound, price only two dollars. - The subscriber respectfully invites the attention of Clergyraen, teachers ot eabbath schools heads of families, and booksellers, through- out the United States, to the above new, cheap, and splendidly Illustrated work, publishcd and for sale, at No. 122 Nassau Sieet N. Y. City. lts features are better dcdis&d by the title : - Two Hundred Pictorial Illutrations of the Scriptures, consisting of views in the Holy Land, together with many of the most remarkable objecte mentioned in the old and new testamenta, repreeenting sacred historica! events, copied frona celebrated pictures, principally by the old piasters, the landscape scènes, taken írom original Bketches made on the spot, with full and intorest'mg letter-prcss descriptions, devoted to an explanalion of the objocts mentionetJ in the sacred text. On examinationj this will be found a very pleasant and profítable book, especially for the perusal of" Yonng People, abounding in the most valiiable.infbrm&tion, collccted wifh great care, írom the best and latest suurces. It may, very properly, be deaignated a common place book of every thing valuabJe, relating to Oriental Manners, customs, and comprises within itself a complete library of religious knowledge. A volumo üko the present, is far superior to the common Annuals - It will never be out of date- It is beautifully printed n new long primer type, handsomely bound in muelin, gilt and lettered; and is, decidedly, the best and cheapest publication, (for the price,) ever issued írom tlie American Prees. The present work diners froui all olhera ever published in this country. The immense treasures of Arl which the groa t Paintera have bequeathed to ue on aacred subjects, ire here opened to all, as far as thcy are ca3able of being diTuscd ihrough the medium f nood engravings. Among our numerous lumerous embellishment6, wili be ibund the elcbratedCARTOONS OF RAFFAELLE, and the series of the prophets, so magnificent ly portrayed by Mjchael Angelo in the Üistine Chapel. VIEWS IJM EDOM(PETRA,)EGYPT,cc. These lattcr, and all the Landscape Scènes, are representad with that fidclity which we ore now able to realize through the labora of recent travellers. The other objectsvwhether oí' Natural History, of Costume, or of iiitiquities, are, also, delincated with equal accuracy. Many of the Illustralions requiro ittle or no comment - Ihcy spcak Jor hem clues. The vork cannot laii in proving aceptable to ali denominatiün of christians. A liberal discount tñode to wholeaale purhnsers. Poreons in the country, wishing to act as agents, may ohtain ui! the necessary inforïation, by addressing tlicir letters to the ufasenber, No. 12S Nassnn street, N. Y.ROBERT SEARS, Publisher. ClcTgymen, Superintendentsand Teachers fSabbath Schools, agonts of religious ne.WB mpers, and pcrodicívl3, Post-raaslers and Booksollers, throughout the country, are tbBpGctfully requestcil to net as our agents No letter will be taken from the office unïesk it is pnst pr.iJ. May 19,134L 4-tf'' ( xn order thatthis valuiiule medicine should not be countorfeiled, we have a píate roprcseuting a persiun scene, that is struck on each bilí, one of which accompanies each l'ox. We deem it unnccessar to puhlish a long list of certiflcates, as they will neilher add lo nor diminish tlie virtues of this admirable compound. Superior lo ihe Hygeian,Brandreth'e,Evan' tomntto, the MalcMcss (priced) Sanativo, or any other Pilis, or Cuinpound, before iho pubüc, as certtfied to bv Physicians and others. Let none condemn them uutil they have tried them, and tliey will not. It s now a eettltui point with all who have used the Vegetable Persian Pilis, that they are pre-eminently the best and most efiicacious Family medicine, ihat has yet been used n America. If every farnily could becoine acqnainted wilb their Sovéreign Pote er over clisease, thy would seek them and be prepared with a sure remedy to apply on the firsiappearanceof diseasc? and then how muc; dialress wouid be avnjded and money savod, us wil ís Uves of thousands who are hurried out oftiineby neglecting disease in it iirst stages, or by not being in possossion of a remedy which they can place depen(ence upon. All wiio wish to guard against sickness, should use thé Persian Pilis freely, when needed, no injiiry can ensuc, if used f rom youtlí toold age, when taken according to thedirctítions. CERTIFrCATES. Rochester, Sept. 1840. Messrs E Chase Sf Campan y: Gents. Sirs: - This is to inform you that we have used your Vegetable Persian Pilis for a year past, in our practice, and are, well pleased witi) their operalion. Believing them to fuifil their advertisment, in ansvvering as a substitute wbér'e calomel is indicated,we can recommend them tr the pubfic. Drs Iírown, M'Kcnsie, & Haisted Rochester, 18-10. TO MOTHERS. Messrs. E. Chase fy CoGents -Hearing milch 8aid about extraordinary effjcts ofthe Resurrection or Persian Piils, upon those about to become Moth ers, we were induceti to makc a trial of hem. My wifb was at that time a rnother oí 5 childicn, and had sufftred the most ej;excruciatinp pains .'uring and after hor connnement of each. Siie had tried every means and taken much medicino, but found little or no relief. She comrnenced talíincr the Persian Piüs about 3 mo. before horcem. finement (her health being very puor about this length.ftimsprevious,) and soon afu-r was enabíed by their use to attrnd fo the cares ofa rnother to her íatr.ily until her conöncment. At the time she cöiatóenWd the Pprsian Pilis, and for several weeks prnvioiis, wiih a dry hard cough, and frwjiiently severe cramps. which the use of the pills entirely rernpved before half ab)x. It is wilh greatconfidence that ve advise ail ihose abom t0 bocorne Morhers to maltouseof the Po.sian Piüs. All those I tliat have taken them in our neighborhood, lave got alone: in .he same easy manuer, and are about the house ín a few davs L II Ijere dops not ipper.r to bo half the danser ifollicr diffieuïlies setting in oftor confine nent where ihcte Piüs are taken. Wc unifediy say, let none neglect taking them for hey-orc in the reacii of tjio poor as well as he rich. VVoare truly thankful that there s a remedy which femalcs can easüy procurewhicli bids to lessen the world of su'. fering, which many of them have to bear and perhaps sar the üves of thousanda which ötöerwise would be lost. Rochester, May Mth, 1840; corner of Cal edonia square, Edjogbiirg strect. For pp.rticulará; aee subscribers. S. ROBERTS, A. O. ROBBRTS. Gents- I wish you to send a quantity o? yonr Pills to this place.' for I am sure they would riïeet with a rt-ady sah. J brothcr-Ki-law while passirtg throygh you'r place heurd so much said in their behulf-that he was induced to piirchaso4 boxes; and I inav sufelvsav tlist th ii,o,i„„ c . ..te - i - ■■" uitj iittniuuiie nioro for myselfandn halfsistRr ofmine, Iban L400 whieh I had paid to Doclors. and for o'tlier vanoOTpjwecriptioos and medicines. I have used 28 box-es of Brandreih's PiHs, jJeh gave rae some partial relief. Bul your Pilis went riglft ahead likc aman of vV:,í What I pas.ed off lookéd lilre ink. My disease has I been naraed d.fiorently l,y everv Physician: Ibutmyuhatl.atitwaB a encral vuice o, the fluida which produced symptoms of altóost every diseaso. h would be too ledious for me to g.vegive y.,u a history of all my diíficul .os. vvas weak.dnll, stüpid and redhced to a skeleion. All hopes of heinr restored had beengiveri over, except by tny bro ther-in Jaw I toöfc two boxea ofyour P.lls, and am ablo to perform my dutiss 'm the countíng room. M sistewas eumptive-herjiver was much affected, her egS , sív,elled-a bwh cough constan K rouljlod her. One box ofyour PHls ent" ey reheved her fróra all those symptoms.I am about to remove to Burlington, and would wisii an agenev &c STKPHENB.LUTHER.Jr. PEVER & AGÜE, CHILL FEVER . Those n health who live in marshy countnesj and unheaHhy climates, can avoid the díaselo which tbeir s.tuations aro subje--t, by taking the Persían pilla once, nnd n some instancos perhap3 twice a week, to cleanso the systen and purify it f,om the smal accurnulation of eíSuviawhiehTaos ftíetnn;rySea9eS)ÍndÍfftírent5ÍtUatTlíose whofinddisease fast increasing upon themshouIdtakeOorS p.lls on g,,inir lí' whlch wil! generally opérate ae a gentle emetic and cathartic; after Which ooni.nue ihe use of ibera in smaller doses, as recoromended in the other large bilí. lhoso W,o follow thia coime will find them a sure and never failing prevontiveJ bose whoso diseases are stubbom, should take a saíficient quantity of the pilj3 to vom hetn once or twice, eay every third night U1I their d.sease ís eubdued. tlien take tkeni ïïtSeïirdti06e8UDtilevery vestieeof itis Benolonger impn9(.d upon by Tonic -Tonic Bitters," or any medicíoe recommended to break the Fever and Aoí m tbey aif eoBtais more or lew jai ,ine and arnsnic, whicbi if they break the Ague, injure the conslitution, often causing ilie palients to liuger out, a miserable eis tence, subject to every other diseuse. These pilla do not break Üie Ague leaving lbo scattered fragmenta in the jystem, lo show tliemselves n every other form, butby their cleansing proporties they root out every vestigc oï disease, leaving tho systetn freo and hciilthy. and the coustituiioii not only unimpoiieü but improved Tliose who wish a tonic hiter can inake a most excellent one after ttte receipt that accompanies each box of' pü!s. Doolittle and Ray, State Agents for Michigan. Orders addressed to M. W. Bircliard èi co., will reccive attenlion. Sold by Doet. IMc.Loun Jackson: Dewy 8c co., Napoleon; Ellis U Pearson, Clinton Í. D. Kief, IManchester;T. Huil, Leoni; C. G. Grevell, Grass-Lake; Kueler &, Powers Cüiicord. For removingdiseases arising from an abuse of Mercury, chronic and cojieiittitfonai diseases, suclias scrofula or king's evji, secondary sypliillis, ulcorations,3 con0l tliruat, nose, cheeks, lips, eara and olher parts of the hody, erupto on the skin, rlieumatic afll-ctions, white, pain3 in ihe and joint?, fever sores, obstinate old sores, scalled hend, sak rheum, ring worm and other dieeases arising from an ïmpure siate of the blood. Also, lialiitual coötivènéss, piles, chronic afiections of the liver, f'ïnga and cliest, paias in lbo slomach and sities, night sweats, &c. I: is hkewise much recommended as a clenrtaing spring medicine. Thiscompound fluid extract is Alterative Diuretic, Diaphoretic, Laxative, Arometir, and slightly stimulent, and miy be used successfuüy in scrofFulous and syphiloid dis eases, and thal shattered state of the consti-. tution wlucli so often follows the abuse of mercury, exotoses or morbid cnlargemcnt of the bones, supiginous mustulcs of ringworm; ujceraliorra generaily; caries of the honc3; cartüüges of ihe nose, mouih, with the other diseases above mentioned, nnd all disenes arising from a morbid 6tate of ihe blood. Thcre is hardly a physichn who has not had occasion to observe with pain, the phusr edenic variety of herbs; and in spite Of aü their remedies he could bring aainst this cruel disease, was compolled to acknowledge their ïneificacy and aliow the monster to corrode ;nd destroy tlie nose, cheeks, lips, ey elide, ears and temples; parts of' which this malady generally affects a preferénce: Dut ín this extract, will be found a pnrfect remcdy, ia all snch cases, and wliere the di3easo has nut produced a y'ery great ! dorangement of structure, it will even yield to this romedy n a very short time. Within a very short poriod, there has been j great ïmprovements in France, on tho phar-! maceutical and chemical treatment of Sarsa pnrilla, and it has boen fully proved that nino-tenths of the active principies of that vnlnable root is actually lost in tho usual mode of preparing it for medical use. The compound extract being a very nice pharmaceutical preparatiun, requires the most rigid care and skilful manngement, and not without strict reference to the peculiar active principie of each of lts coiistil uents. The French chemists have ascertaio ed by actual experiment, that the active principie of Sarsaparilla is either destroyed by chemical chango, or dnven off by the heat of boiling water; consequently the P'eparations from thia root in general use, (which are also frequcntly prepared by persons unacquainted with phnrmaey, and" trom materials rendered inert by age or olhervisc,( can have littlo or no effect upon the system. G. W. M. .taking advantage of these fuets has adopted an improved prosess for extracting the medical virtues from the activo ingreájeniB of this compouud fluid extract, which are nine in number, without heat; that is to say neither concoction, infusión, or maceration are made use of; nor 3 the tetnperature of the menstrum aüowed to Oxceed 80 di-grecs Fah. until every partiële of active principie is cxlmusted, loaving a tasleless mass behind; thereby óbtátníng tbc wholoofthe soluble active principie in a highly concentrated state, htaving out tho fecula woody flbrp, kc, which encumbers the extract obtained by decoction. The propnetor therefore has not only the satisfactibñ of assurinof the medical facullyand the pul)lic, !hat this re'medy is prepared accurdmg to stnet chemica-lrind pharmaceutical rules but that he alao united somc of iho offiein. ale valuable and active vegitables, all of the choicest seiection which matenally enhances , its valué i the (rcatment of the diöeases aboye n-imed. He is therefore induced to , oiier this fluid extract to physicians and oth ( era under the fullea', conviclion of its , rionty over that in common use. Pliysicians will find greal advantage in - ihe use of this extract, and a great relief from the porplexitiea attendant upon he treatment of those obstinate cases which . bid defiance to evcry remedy; their i uence prompts them to prescribe such a Bt and régimen as in their judgement the c case would seem to indícate;- thereby eivmg the exiruct its full influence, This extract is prepared from, the best ( lectnd materials, without heat by an improved process; on an account of which it ie preferred by physicians as beino rnore'active than any other now before the public. Prepared at the Cheroical Laborntory of Lx. VV. Meichant, Chemist, Lockport N. Y. j N. B. A liberal discount made to I 2rs and Physicians. L&L!& article may be bad at the Bt"-e ' irj. Mc Lean, Jackson; Hale and Smith, ■ Urjss-Lake, end by the principie druggiets :hronghout the state. èo . W 'S. and J. W. Maynard, and Lund ind Gibson, Agents, Ann Arbor. ( Jackson, Julv 4th. l84o. I Blauiis! BJauksü Bíasaks!!! JTUST PRINTED, on fine paper and ment of bla„k Suromons, SubpoenJ, Execu tions, he &c.For at thia office. Aoa Arbor, May 12, i84L tf An important discovery for Rheumalisrn Fever Sores, White Swellings, Injlamma. tion in the Eyes, Burns, Swelled Tkroat in Scarlet Fever, Quinsy, c. The Chümical Plaster ia an important rorncdy for all those who are afflicted witn nflamnialory complamte, by its easing pains counloraciing inflammation, and giving spee! dy relief, by its active, strongt honing, and sudorific properties. - An efleotual remedy for infliinmaforj' rheumatism, ague in the breast, cramp, burns, bruises, 6crofula, old sores, ulcers of almodt cvery description cankered and swelled throats arieing from scarlet iever, felons, white swellings, chilblains, &c. Pereons BuiTering frorn üvcc complaintp, pulmonary diseases, inflammation on the ungs, witli pains in the sides nnl breast, pain and weakness in the back, will relief. In all cases it may be used withsafety. TO THE PUBLIC. TO WHOM IT MA CONCEBN. This may certify that ï, Eraatua Dean, the proprictor of E. Dean's Chemical Plas ter, have for more than two yoars been in a deücate state of health, so that I have been unable to preparo and circuíate said Piasier t exient which the interest of the suffering community demande; nnd feeling so valuablo an arlicle ought to be extensively made knowri to the afilicled, I have made arraogementa with H. HARRiS &; Co., oí Asiitabula, Oliio, to manufacture and vend it in my name ns my solo succcssors. Thisr therefore, may be relied on as the genuine; article heretofore prepared by me, As witness my hand, ERASTUS DEAN'. Wertfieli, Chautauqüe Co., N. Y. January 21, 1839. Penn Line, Pa. April 7, 1340. Messrs. H Hakuis & Co.-- Sire:- Sinw I wis atyour store in July last. I have used E. Dean's Chomical Piaster, which I have received from you at different times, and teel myself in duty bound lo you aa proprie. tors, and to the pcople generally, to recommend the 6arae as a safe and efficaciou remedy for those complaints for which it is recommended. I have used it in eeveral cases of inilamed eyes, in eome of which its effecta as a curative have been very decided, and in no case has it failed of giving relief wheie it has been applied according to directions, and all who have used it are perfectly satisfied with it so far as I know. I have a!so applied it in some severe cases of ague in the breast with the happiest effect8, I would also leíate the case of Mr. Thotn as Logan, who has been afflicted with the rheuimitism in one hip for tliirteen years, ea tliat he had been compellcd to abandon labor in a great measme. I ll him have a box of the Piaster, he applied it, and for three days found, as he supposed, no benefit, but after that he perceived that the pain ".vas not so severe, and in less than tno weeks lie could labor hard all day and rest free from pain at night. líe saya that he would not pnrt with the box he has for three hundred dollars, provi-1 ding he could not obtain another. He aleo snys to me, keep it on hand and recommend it wherover you go. I have used the piaster in cases of pairn in the sides, back, shouldor, etc. with liko jood effect. Yours, &c.DANIEL KNBELAND, M. D. iMonroe, June 18, 1839. Meesrs. H. Harris 8c Co.: - Sire: I have used E. Dean's Chemical Piaster for more than füur years past, and do cheerfully recommnnd it to Physicians for rheum'atisnii spntins of wrist, anide, shoulder, &c. Id felons, whitlow, and scrofulous swellings of is generally an effectual reiTR-dy. In short, wherever there-ie a pain it is almost sure to give relief in a few houre. I have used t in a great number of ' matic affl.-ctions. One of my patients, aged 40, full habit, liad a rheumatic swelling on one leg. lie had been unnble to get out of his house for three months; his leg was swellcd to an enormous size, twice its U3ual bigness; every thing had been done without success unlil we com.-nenced uaing Dean'a Chemical Piaster. We enveloped the knee and a portion of the limb in the piaster, end in tiiree days the swelling entirely disappeaiod, and in ten days he went ubont hii ordinary business. Such Iirs been our success wiih tho articic, and we now svilhngly roconiinend it to the puiilic for a trial. Yoors 8cc. J. H. REYNOLDS, M. D. Tho piaster is now put up in boxes at 50; ceñís, ind onc dollar each. Made p.nd sold, wholesalo and retail, bf H. FIARRIS& Co., Ashtabula, Obiu- solft proprietors. None genuino uniese signed by H. Harrt on the stereotype wrappcr. The above article rnay be had at the store of J. M'Lean, Jackson; Hale b. Smith Grass Lake, and by the principal druggists throupiiout the State. Jackson Julv 4. 184(1 Si ra y cd F ROM the subscriber about the first of this month a dark brown pony, with white hind feet, a white spot ia the forehead and a small white stripe on one side of the neck. Whoever will return said pone}' to the subscriber in the village of Ann Arbor, or give information where ho may befound shall be suitably rewarded. V. H. POWELL. Ann Arbor, Apr'ú 26, 184 1 . J'ÜST RECEIVED theAmTsiary and Christian Almanacks for 1841, at Alex. M'Farren Book Store, 137 Jefferson Avenue. Detroit, Pee. 10, 1840. Produce of e ver y Description, WJ ECEIVED n payment for Job work M& Advertisingr and Subscriptions totba ''Sig.val op Liberty," if delivered at the 3ftice, immediately over the Store of J. Beckley, to Co, a pril 28. __ Wood! Wood: Wood! 'Wl'AKTED IMA1EDIATELY, a few cords of good hickory wood in exchango ror the 'Signai, op Liberty.". jlLANKSofevery description noatlj JiLS' executed at this office.