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ProdHice of very Dcscriptiois., MECEIVED in payment for Job work, Advertising and Subscriptione to the "Si&nal of Liberty," if delivered at the Office, immediately over the Store of J. Bcckley, fc Co. APnlL8Wood! Wood! Wood! WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a few cords of good hickory wood n exchane for the "Signal of Liberty." June 23, 1641. Ö-tf An important discovery for Rheumatism Fever Sores, White Swellings, lnflammation in the Eyes, Burns, Swelled Throat in Scarlet Fever, Quinsy, c. The CiiuaiicAii Plasteu is an important remedy for all those who are afllicted with nflammatory complainls, by its easing pains, counteraciing inflammation, aDtl giving speedy relief, by its active, strengthening, aad sudorific properties. - An effectual retnedy for inflammalory rheumatism, ague in the breast, cramp, burns, bruises, scrofula, old sores, ulcera of almost every description, cankered and swelled throats ariöiug from scarlet lever, felona, white swellings, chilblains, &c, Persons suffering from liver complaints, pulmonary diseases, inflammation on the lungs, with pains in the sidea and breast, pain and weakness in the back, will find relief. In all cases it may be uscd with safety. TO THE PUBLIC. To WHOM IT MAX CONCERN. This may certify that I, Erastus Dean-, the proprietor of E. Dean's Chemical Piaster, have for more than Uvo years been in a delicate state of health, so that I have been unable to prepare and circuíate said Piaster to that extent which the interest of the suffering community demands; and feeling so valuable an article ought to be extensively made known to the afflicled, Í have uiadetrrangements with H. HARKlö & Uo„ ot shtabula, Ohio, to manufacture and vena t in my name as my sole successors. This, herefore, may be relied on a the genuino irticle heretofore prepared by me, As witness my hand, ERASTUS DEAN. Wertfield, Chatjtauojoe Co., N. Y. January 21, 18S9. Penn Line, Pa. April 7, 1340. Messrs. H, Harris & Co. - Sirs: - Sinco I was atyour store in July last, I have used E. Dean's Chemical Piaster, which I havo received from you at different times, and fee! myself in duty bound to you as proprietors, and to the people generally, to recommend the same as a safe and efficacious remedy for those complaints for which it is recommended . I have used it in several cases of inflamed eyes, in some of which lts effects as a curative have been very decided, and in no case has it failed of giving relief where it has been applied according to directions, and all who havo U6ed it are perfectly aatisfied with it so far as I know. I have also applied it in some severe casea of ague in the breast with the happiest effects. J vvould also leíate the case of Mr. Thomas Logan, who has been afflicted with the rheumatism in one hip for thirteen years, so that he had been compellcd to abandon labor in a great measure. I let hira have a box of the Piaster, he applied it, and for three days found, as he supposed, no benefit, but after that he perceived that the pain '.vas not so severe, and in less than ttvo weeks he could labor hard all day and rest free from pain at night. He says that he would not part with the box he has for three hundred dollars, providing he could not obtain another. He aleo says to me, keep it on hand and recommend. it wherever you go. I have used the piaster in cases of pains in tho sidcs, back, shouldor, etc. with liko gc-od effect. Yours, f-c. DANIEL KNEELAND, M. D. Monroe, Juno 18, 18S9.Messrs. Harris &l (Jo.: - Sirs: l nave used E. Dean's Chemical Piaster for more than four years past, and do cheerfully recommend it to Physicians for rheumatism, sptains of wrist, ankle, shoulder, &c. ín felone, whitlow, and scrofulous swellinga of all descriptions, it s generally an effectual remedy. In short, wherever thoreis o pain t ia almost eure to give relief n a fevv hours. I have used it in a great number of rheumatic ofFections. One of my patiënte, aged 4ü, full habit, had a rheumatic swelling on one leg. He bnd been unable to get out of liis hoiisc for threc montas; his log waa swelled to an enormous size, twice its usual bigness; every thing had been done without success until we commenced using Dean's Chemical Piaster. We enveloped the knee and a portion of the limb in the piaster, and in three days the swelling entirely disapseared, nnd In ten days he went aboui his jrdinary business. Such has been our auccess with the article, and we notv willingly recommend it to the public for a trial.Yours 6tc. J. H. REYNOLDS, M. D. The piaster is tiow put tip in boxc9 at 50 ents, and oue dollar each. Made and sold, Wholesale and retail, by i. HA.RRIS & Co., Ashtabuln, Ohio- sole jroprietors. Nonegenuine unless eigncd by ÍI. Harris on the stereotype wrapper. The above article may be had at the storo of J. M'Lean, Jackson; Hale fc Stnitli, jrraes Lake, and by the principal druggiat hroughout the State. Jackson July 4, 1840 JUST RECEIVED the Anti-Slavery and Christian Almanacks for 1841, at Alex. M'Farren Book Store, 137 Jefferson Avenue. Wood! Wood! Wood! "lljrANTED IMMEDIATELY, a few corda of good hickory wood in exchange for the "Signaj. op Libebtt." June 23, I6i4l. 9_tf The pcculiaritiea of th:s Chemical Compound, are owingto itsextraordinary effecte pon the animal fibre or nerves, ligaments and musclca, its virtucs being carrieU by them to the itnmediatc eeat of disease, or of pain and weahness. Hovvever good any mternal remedy may be f his as an esternal application, will prove a powerful auxilary, in removing tho disease nnd faciliating the cure, in case of Local Inflamafion, Scroft'ulous Affections, King's tëvil, Gout,Irifianitory,and Chronic Rheuraatism, and in all cases where eeated pain or weakness exists. A gentk-tncn travelling in the South of Europe, and Palcstine, in 1SS0, heard bo much eaid in the lattor plice, in&praise oí' Jew David's Piaster; and of the (as he coneidered nurnculous cures it performed, that he was induced to try it on bis owa person, for a Lung and Livor nüciionjthe removal of which liad buen the chief ubjüct oí his journcy, luit which had rpsisted the genial influence of that baltnv and deücious climate. - He put oue over the roglun of the liver: ín the mean time lie drank frocly of an herb tea of liixativë qvialities. He booij found his healtb inprovingfaiid in a few weeks his cough left him. the sallowness of his skin disappeared, his pain was removed, and his health became permanently re-instatcd. It has likevvise been vcry beneficial in canses of veakness, such as weaknes and pain in the stomach, weak liml)i?, Inmoness, and sffections of the spice, female weuknessj&cc. No female siilijcct to pain wt wcakuess m the or side should be without it. iarried ladiea, in delicate situations find great relief from" constantly wearing this pla6ter. No pufllng, or griüt notorious certificaten is intended. Those who wish to saiisfy the.mselvee of the cfficacy of this piaster, can obtain sufficient to spread 6 or 8 piasters for 50 cents, a stim not half Eufficient to pay for the inserlion of a single certifícate into any ofour most commonprints, a single time. - this trifling price per box is placed upon ii, in order that it may be within the means of every afflicted son and duighter of thü community ;that all.whether rich orpoor.may obtain the treasure of health, which resulta from its use. Jew David's or Ilebrew Piaster, is a ccrtain cure for corns Directions accompany cach box. Price 50 cents. Doolittle - Ray, agents for Michigan. Country sjients supplird by M. W. _13irch ard fa. Co., Detroit. Suld ly Dr. McLcan Jackson; Dewey &. Co., Nnpoleon: D. D' Kief, Manchester; Ellis &. Picrson, Clinton F. Hall, Looni; G.G. Grewell, Grass Lake Keeler & Powers, Concord. Ann Arbor, May 12, 1841. tf Every man woman and child n the Unied States, whrc possess?s a Bible, wilisuro- y fbrnisli thamseivës wiih the folio whtg beauifnl series of scripture Illustratione. 200 icloriol illualraUon of the bible, and views D the Iloly Laiul. Four hundred p"ges, Svo., fine pnper handomely bound, price oly tvvo dollars. - The ubscriber respectfully invites the aUcntion if Clergyruen, teachers ot sabbat!) schools leads of fornilies, and bookseilers, througiiiut the Uniterf States, to the above new, heap, and splendidiy ïllustrated work, pubshed and for sale, at No. 122 Nassau Sreet ï. Y. City. Itq features are beller df fined ly the title: - Two Hundred Pictorial Illusrations of tho Scriptures, consisting of views n the Holy Land, tógether ivith many of the nost romarkable object? m;n(ionpd in the ld and new testaments, representing eacred listorical evt-nts, copied from c-lebrated picures, principally by ihe old mnsters, the andscape scenee, tken from original sketches made on the spot, with fnll and interestnpr lelter-press descriptions, duvoted to an ixplanation of the obj.cts raentjoned in tho acred text. On examinntion, this will be founrl-a very leasant and pmfitable book, eepecially for he perusal of Yonng People, aboundinff in he most valuable information, collected wiih ;reat care, from thn best and latest sources. t m;iy, very properly, bc designated a comnon pln.ce bonk of cvery tiiing valuahle, ieating to Oriental Manners, customs, and :omprise8 vvithin itself a complete library of eligious know'.edge. A volume like thi' present, is far superior tn the common Anïuals - It will never be out of date - It is icnulifully printe.d in new long primer type, landsomely bonnd in muslin, gilt and letter;d; and is, decidedly, the best and cheapeet ïubücation, (for the price,) ever 6sued from ,he American Prees. The present wórk difFurs from all others jvcr published in this country. The immense reasures of Art vvhich the great Painters ïave l)cqutathed to U3 on sacred Biibjects, we here ópened to all, as far as they aro caiable of bemg diffased ihrough the mfdium jf wood engravings. Among our numeroii6 nimerousembellishments, wiJl be found the -elebratcd CARTOONS OF RAFFAELLE, md the series of the propkets, so magnificent y portrayed by Michael Angelo in the fSisltTie Chapel. yiEWS IN Fl;ese latter, and all tlie Landscape Scènes, ire represented with that lidelity which we ire now a!le to realize through the labora of recent traveüer.s. The otherobjects.whcthjr of Natural History, of Coslumc, or of Anliqnities, are, also, delineated with cqual nccuracy. Mny of the Illustrations require little or no comment - they speak for ihemselues. The work cannot fuii in proving ac ceptable to all donomination of christians. A liberal discount made to wholesale purchasers. Porsons in the country, wishing to net as agenta, may ohtain nll the necessary information, by addressing their letters to the subsenber, No. 122 Nassan street, N. Y. ROBERT SEARS, Publishor. Clergymen, Superintendents and Teachers ofSabbath Schools, ngents of religious nt.3 papers, and periodicals, Post-masters and Bookscllers, throughout tho country, are re öpectfully requested to act as onr ag?nts. No letter will bê taken from the office unless il is post paid. May 19, 1841. 4 tf In order that this valuable medicine should not be counterfeited, we have a píate repre8enting a persian scène, that 3 struck on cach bill, one of which accompanieg each box. We deem it "unnecessary to publish a long list of certifícales, ae they vill neither add to nor diminish the virtues of this admirable compound. Superior lo the Hygeian,Brandreth's,Evan' tomatto, the Matcnless (priced) Sanative, or any other Pilis, or Compound, before tho pubüc, as certified to bv Physicians and others. Let none condemn thern unlil they ha.e tried them, and they willnót. It is now a sotlled point with all who have uscd tho Vegetable Persian Pilla, that they are preeminently the best and most efficacious Faraily medicine, that has yet been used n America. If every family could hccoine acqnaintcd witb their Sovercign Pow er over disease, they would seek them and be prepared with a eure remedy to npply on the firslappeaianceof diseasej and ihen hou much dislress would be avoided and money saved, as well as Uves of Ikoicsands who are hurric.d out of time by neglecting disease in its first stages, or by not being in posscesion of a remedy whicb they can place dependence upon. All who wish (o guard against sickness, should use the Persian Pilis freely, when needed, no injury can ensuo, if used from youth to old oge, when taken according to thedirections. CERTIFICA TES. Rochester, Sept. 1840. Messrs E Citase fyCompany. - Gents. Sirs: - This is to inform you that we have used your Vegetable Persian Pilis for a year past, in our practice, and are, weiJ pleased with their cperation. Believing them 10 fulfij their adverlisment, in answeiing as a substitute where calorad is indicated, we can recommend them to the public. Drs Brown, M'Kcnsie, &. HalstedRochester, 1840. TO xMOTHERS. Messrs. E. Chase fj Co' Gents - Hearing much said about extraordinary effects of the Resurrection or Persian Pilis, upon those about to become Moth ers, we were iñduced to rnake a trinl of them. My wife was at that time a moUier of 5 childrcn, and had suiTered the moet exe.vcruciatmg p;iins during and after hercunfinement of each. Siie had tried everv means and taken much medicine, but found little or no relief. Shc commenced taicing the Persian Pilis about 3 mo. before her confinement (her health being very poor nbout this lc-ngth of time previous,) and soon after was enabled by their use to atend to the cares of a mother to her family until her confinement. At the time she commenced taking the Prsian Pilis, and for sevenil weeks previous, with a dry hard cough, and frequently severe cratnps, which the use of the pills entirely removed before using halt' a box. Il is with great confidence that wc advise ail thoF3 about to bocomo Mothers to makeuseof the Persian Pilis. All those that have taken them in our neighborhood, have got along in the same easy m;mner, and are abom the house in a few davs. - Thero does not r.ppear tobe half the dánger of otlicr difüculties setting in nfter confine ment where these Pills are taken. Wo unitedly say, let none neglect taking them for they are in the reacb of the poor as wdl as j the rich. We are truly thankful thot therej is a remedy which females can ensily procure which bios to lessen the world of suffering, which rnany of them have to bear, and perhwpa sare the lives uf thousandí which (Hhervvise would bo lost. Rochester, May 14th, 1840; cortini of Cal edonia square, Edingburg street. For pnrticularp; see subscribers.S. ROBERTS, A. O. ROBERTS. Gents. - I wish you to eend a quantity of your Pcrfiian Pilis to tliis place, for I am sure they would meet with a ready sale. 'Mv brotiicr-in-law while passing through your place heard so rnuch said in ïheir behi]f,that üe was induced to pinchase 4 boxes; ond I may safely say that they have done moro for myself and a half sister of mine, than $400 which I had paid to Doctors, and for other various prescriptions and medicines. I have used 28 boxes of Brandreth's Pilis, which gave me some partial relief. But your Pilis went rijrlit ahead like aman of war. What passed off looked like ink. My disease has been named differently by every Physician: but my idea is, that it was a general viticc ofthe fluids which produced symptoms of almost every disease. It woüld be too tedious for me to givogive you a history of all my difficulfies. I was weak.dnll, stupid and reduced tu a skeleton. All hopes of being restored liad beengiven over, except by my brother-in-law. 1 took Uvo boxes ofyotir Pill3,land am oble to perform my dutk in tfie counfing room. .My sister was consumptive- her Jiver was tnueh affect ed, her !egs ewelled - a harsh cough constantly troublnd her. One box of your Pilis entirely relieved hor from all those symptoms.- I am about to remove to Burlington, and would wish an ngen'cy, Sic. STEPHEN B. LUTHER. Ja. FEVER &c AGUE, CHILL PEVER &c. Those in henlih who live n marshy countries, and utihcaHhy climates, can avoid the disease to which their situations are subject, by taking the Persian pills once, and in some instances perhapa twice a week, to cleanse the pystem and purify it from the small accumulation of effluvia, which causes the different diseases, n different situations of the country. Those whofind disease fast ncreasing upon them ehould take 6 or 8 pil]s on going to bed, which wijl generally opérate as a gentle emotie and cathartic; after which ooatinue the use of them in smaller doses, a9 recommended in the other large bilJ. Those who follow this course wi!l find thom a sitre and never failing preventivoThose whose diseuse3 are stubborn, should take a Guilicient quantity ofthe pills to vomit them once or twice, 6ay every tiurd night lili their disease is subdued. t'.ien take them in stnáHcr doses until every vestigeof it is exterpated. Be no longer imposed upon by t:Tcnic Mixtures," "Tonic Bitters," or any medicine recommended to break the Fever and Ague; ?.a they all contain more or lesaine and arnsnic, whicb, if they teeak iho a gue, injure the éonstitution, often caueW the patiënte to linger out a miserable exis tence, subject to every other diseass. These pills do not break the Ague leavin the Bcattered fragmenta in the system, to sliow themselves in evcry other fori, butljT t'neir cleansing propevties they root out ev ery vestigc of disease, leaving the Bystem fres and heakhy. and the conslitution nut only unimpaired but improved Those wlio wish a tonic biler can makft a most excel lent one after tlio receipt that accompaniej. each box of pilla. Doolittle and Ray, State Agenta for Mich igan. Orders addressed to M. W. Birchtfrd k. co., will receivo attention. Sold by Doet. Mc.Lean Jackson; Dewy fc co., Napoleon; Eilis & Pearson, Cliaton ï. I). Kief, Manchester; T. Huil, Leoni;C. G.Grevell, Grass-Lake; Kteler Sc Powers Concord. For removing diseases nrising from an obngi) of Aíercury, chronic and constitutional diseases, suchas scrofula or king's cvil, secondory syphillis, ulcerutions, corro6ions of Lhe throat, nose, cheeks, lips, eara and olher paris of tbe body, cruptions on the ski, rluumatiu affcctions, white swellirgs, pains in the bones and joints, tover sores, obstinate old sores, scalled hoad, snit rhfiim, ring worm and other diseases urising from on impure state of the blood. AIso, habitunl costivencsa piles, chronic affections ofihe iiver, lunga and chest, pains in the stomach and eides, night 8wet.s, fcc. It is likewise much recommtiided as a cleaneing spring medicine. Thiscompound fluid extract is Alterativo Diuretic, Diaphoretic. Laxaiive, Aronoetic, and slightly stimulent, and may be used successlully in 6croffulous and syphiloid dis easee, and that shattered state of the con6tis tuliori whicli so often follows the abuse ot mercury, exotoses or morbid enlargement of the honcs, supiginou3 mustulcs of ringworm; ulceiations gencraily; carieo of the hone3; cartileges of ihe nose, moulh, with the other dise3ses above mentior.ed, and all diseaes arising frorn a morbid state of the blood. Thcro is hardly a physician who has not had occasion to observe with pain, the pliag edenic variety of herbs; and in spite of all their remedies he could bring against this cruel disensp, was compelled to acknowlcdge their ïnnrTicacy and allow the mousler to currode iind destroy the ncse, cheeks, lips, eyeüds, eare and temples; parta of wliich ihiá rnalady generally affects a preferrncr. But ín this extract, will be found a perfect remcdy, in all ench cases, and where the disease has not produced a very great derangement of structure, it will evea yield to this remedy in a very short time. Withiu a very short poriod, there has been great improvernents in France, on the pharmaceutical and diemical treatment of Saraa parilla, ana it has been fully proved that nine-tentlis of the active principies of trt valuable root is actually lost in the usual mode of preparing it for medical use. The compound extract being a very nice phannaceutical preparation, requires the most rigid care and skilful management, and not without strict reference to the peculiar active principie of each of lts consiit uents. The French chemists have ascertain ed by actual experiment, that the active principie of Sarsaparilla is either destroyed by chemical change, or dnven off by the heat of boiling water; conseqnently the p-eparations from this root in general use, (whíchare also frequently prepared hyper, sons unacqoainted with pharmacy, and from materials rendered inert by age or otherwise,( can have Hule or no effect upon the system. G. W. 3T. taking advantage of these facts has adopted an improved process for extracting the medicnl virtue3 from the active ingredients of ihis compouud fluid ex. tract, whicfa are nine in number, without her.t; that is to say neither concoction, infusión, or mnceration are made uso of; nor is the temperature of the monstrum allowed to exceed 80 degrees Fah. untü every partiële of active principie is exhansted, leaving a tasteless mass bchind; thereby ohtaining the wholeof the soluble active principie in & highty concentrated state, leaving out the-fe cula woody fibre, &c, which encumbers the extract obtained by decoction. The proprt etor therefore has nol only the satisfactio of ,'issuring the medical faculty and the public, that this reinedy is prepared accordmg lo 6trict chemical and pharmaceutical rulest but that he also united some of the officia, ale valuable and active vegitables, all of the choicest solection which matenally enhancea its value in the treatment of the dieeasea above named. He is therefore induced to offer this fluid extract 10 physicians and oth era under the fullest conviciion of ite superiority over that in common use. Physicians wlll find greal advantage in the use of this extract, and a great relief from the perplexilies attendant upon the treatment of those obstinate case9 which bid defiance to every remedy; their confidence prompts them to prescribe such a die.t and régimen as in their judgemnt the case would seem to indícate; - thereby giving the extract its fuil influence. This extract is prepared from, the best sclectcd materials, without heat by an improved process; on an account of which, t is preferred by physicians as boing more active than any other now before the public. Prepared at the Cheroical Laboratory of G. W. Merchant, Chemist, Lockport N. Y. N. B. A liberal discount made to dealers and Physicians. The above article rmy be had at the store of J, Mc'Lean, Jackson; Hale and Srnith, Grjs3-Lake, and by the principie druggista thronghout the state. W. S. and J. W. Maynard, and Lund and Gibson, Agents, Ann Arbor. Jackson, Julv 4th, 1840. BSauks ! Blanks ! ! Blaaïia ! ! ! ■g-UST PRINTED, on fine paper and QjF in a superior stylc, a large assort' ment of blank Sumraons, Subpcenas, Execu tions, fcic. &c - For ealo at tías office. Ann Arbor, May 12, I84l tf