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STRAY COW. giTRAYED, or.6tolen frorn theeubscriber J5 on Sunday, the 20th inst. a small eize RED CO W,about seveu years old.some spots incüning to brindle, Bwallovv-tail n the righl ear, white spot on the ehoulders, sorae white on her belly and lega, small sizc horns and turning in a Jittle at the points. Whoever will recurn said covv or give information where she may be found shall be liberally rewarded. GEORGE N. STODDARD. Ann Arbor, July 7, 1841. ll-3w Wood! Wood! Wood! WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a few cords of good hickory wood in exchange for the "Signal of Liberty." JuneSS, 1841. 9-tf JUST RECEIVËD the Anti-Siavery. and Christian Almanacks for 1841, t A!ex. M'Farrcn Bouk Store, 137 Jeferson Avenue. BLANKS of every description neatly exeruted at this oflice.! THRESHING MACHINES, HORSE POWER, MILLS, &.C. THE undersigned are manufacturing and will keep constantly on hand at their 6hop iwo and a half railes west of Ann Arhor, near the Rail Road, HORSE POWERjá and THRESHING MACHINES.- The hor8e power is a new invention by S. W. Fostkr, and ia docidedly superior tQ any thing of the kind ever beforc offered to the Public. The prico of a Four Horse Power, vvith a good 2'hreshing Machine is one hundred dollars, tt ihe 6liop; withou.t tlie Machine, ninety dollars. These Horso Powers can be used wïth Iwo, ihreu or four horses to good advantage. Threo men with two horses, can thresh one hundred bushels of wheat per day (if it yields middling well,) and k wiU not be hard work for the horses, The Horse Power and Thresker can both b$ put in a comtnon waggon box, and drawn any distance by two horses. The Two Horse Power will be sold at the shop, with the Thresher for one hundred dollars; without the Thresher, for seventy-five dollars. They also manufacture STRAW CÜTTERS, recenily invented by S. W. Fostbr, which are decidedly preferable to any other3 for cuttiog 6traw or corn stalke, by horae or water power. They also work by hand.- Price, fifieen dollars. -ALSO- CAST-IRON MILLS for grinding provender, at the rate of six to eight bushela por hour, with two horses or by water. - Also - OJSMUT MACHINES of superior construction. Invented by S. W. Koster.- Price, sixty dollars. S. W. FOSTER, &. Co. Scio, June 2ü, 1841. 10-ly GRA8S LAKE ACADEMY, AND TEACHERS SEMINARY. THE TRUSTEES would inform the puh lic, that the Winter term of this Lvstitdtiok will commence on Wedneaday, EIGHTEENTH OF AUGUST, and continue twenty-two weeks, under the Superintendance of Mr. Lücibn H. Jones, the preaent incumbent. They would also say that this School has been respectably siistained during tho present pecuniary pressurelhathas crushed so many of the Literary Institutions of our country; and that there is a disposition with all concerned to sustain, it till better times shall secure to it, Us antic- ipated.prosperity and usefiilnesa, TUITI ON. Por the common English branches, 3,00. Thehigher Eng. br. and Mathematica 4,00. The Latin and French Languages, 5,ö0. The Tuition to be paid at the middle of the uarter, unless other arrangeiuents aro reviouBly made. Board and washing are Tom 1,00 to 1,50 dollars per week, and a number oí private rooma may be engngedby such as wish tp board themselvcs. ThaSchool is open to both sexes and all denom-. nations. No Student will be received for I essthan half a Term; and no reductioiv made for absence except for continued sick-. u-ss. FOSTER T13CKER, Secretary of the Board. Graes Lake, June L3, 1841. 104w The peculianties of this Chemical Conw. pound, are owing to itsextraordiiiary eüecta upon the animal fibro or nerves, ligamenta, and musclee, its virtuea being carried by them to the immediatc seat of disease, or ofjain and weakness, However good any internal remedy may b&this as an extcrnal application, will prove a powerful auxilary, in removing the diseaso ind faciüating the cure, in case of Local Inlamafion, Scroffulous Affuctions, King'a Evil, Gout, inflamtory, and Chronic fyheumatism, and in all cases where seated pain or weakness cxists. A gentlemen travelling in the South of Surope, and Palestino, in 18S0, heard bo much said in the latter place, in praise of Jcw David'6 Piaster; and of the (as he considered miraculous cures it performed, that ie ivas induced to try it on his ovvn person, br a Lung and Liver affeclionjthe removal of which had boen the chief object oí hie journey, hut which had resisted the genial influence of that balmy and delictous climate.- . ie put one over the región oí the liver: in he mean time he drank fjjeely of an herb ,ea of laxativa qualities. He soon found lis heallh inproving; and in a few weeks lis cough leilhim, the sallowness of his Bkin disappeared, his pain was vremoved, and hia ïealth became nermanentlv re-instated.It has likewise been very beneficial n cas ses of weakness, such as weaknes and pain in the sloraach, weak limbs, lamcness, and offectiona of the epine, femalo veaknes6,&:c. No female subject to pain ur weakness in tho back or side should be without il. Warried Jadíes, in delicate situations find great re-. lief from constantly wearing this plaetor. No puffing, or great notorious certificaten 3 lntended. Those who wish to satisfjr themselvee of the efficacy of this plaeler, can obtain sufficient to spread 6 or 8 piasters for 50 cents, a sura not half sufficient to pay forthe ïnsertion of a single certifícate into any ofüur most comraon prints, a single time. - ihislrifling price per box is placed upon il, in order tliat it may be witfain the means oí every afilicted son and diiughter of.tae community;thatall,whetherrich orpoor.may obtain the treasure of health, which resulu from its use. Jew David's or Hebrew Piaster, is a corain cure for corns A liberal discount made to whoIeeaJe pur-r chasers. Directions accompany each box. Pric 0 cents. Doolitlle 8{ Ray, agenfs for Michigan. Country agents supplied by M. V. Birch, rd & Co., Detroit. Sold by Dr. McLean ockson; Dewey &t Co., Napoleon; D. D Kief, Manchester; Ellis &t Pierson, Clinton F. Hall, Leoni; G.G. Grewell, Graag Lake Koeler &c Powers, Concord. Ann Arbor, May 12, 1841. tf Produce of every Deecription, RECEIVED in pay inent for Job work, Advertising and Subfscriptions to tha "Signal of Liberty," if delivered at the Office, immediately over ihe Store cf I. Beckley, &. Co. April SS, In order thatthis valuable medicine should not be counterteiled, we have a píate repre sentin a persian scène, that is struck on each bill, one of whicii accompanies each box. We deern it unnecessary to publish u long list of certiilcates, as they will neithnr add to nor diminish the virtues of this admiral) Io compour.d. Superior to the Hygeian,Brnmlreth's,Evan' tomatto, the Matchlees (pneed) Sanative, or any other Pilis, or Compnund, BHbre tho public, as certified to bv Physicians and others. Let none condenin Uieui until they have tried thern, and they will not. It is now rt settled point with all who hnve used the Vegetable Persian Pilis, that they aio pn;-eminently the bost and most cfScacious FatnÜy medicine, that has yet been used in America. If every farnUy could bccome aéqnainted with ilieir Sovéreizn Pote er over dieease, they would seek them and [)t; prepared with a sure remody to spply on the firslappearanceof disease, and then how much dislress woiild bo avoided and money s.ivcd, r.o wol! as Uves of thousands who are iiirried out of tfme by neglecting disenso in lts first stages, or hy not being m possession, of a rcinedy wfiiich they can place dependonCH. uiion. AM who tvish io.guard against sickness, should uso the Persian Pilis freelv, when needed, no injury can ensue, if used fron) youih tooldage, when taken accörding to theiiirections.CERTIFÍCATES. I Rochester, Sept. 1840. Messrs E Chase SfCompany. - Gents. Sirs: - This is to intbrra you that we havoused your Vegetable Persian Pilis for a year past, in our practico, and aro, weIJ pJeaeed wiih thoir operaton Bdieving them tö fulíil their advortismentj" in answering a3 a substituto wberc calomel is indicatedfwe can recommcnd tiiern f.o tho public Drs Brown, M'Kensie, & Haisted Rochester, 1840. TO MOTHERS. Messrs. E. Chase fy CoGants - Hearing much said about extraordinary effticts ofthe Resurrcction or Porsian Pilis, upon those about to becoine Motil ers, wc u-ere iniíúcé'd to make a trial of them. IVIy wife was at that time á mother of 5 childrcn, and hadsuffered the most vxexcruciating püins during and after hor confinement of each. She liad tricd every means and taken niuch medicine, but found little or no relief. She commenced taking the Persian Pilis about 3 mo. before her confine ment (her health being very poor nbout this lengthoftimeprevious,) and soon after was enabled by their use lo a:tind to t he cares of a rnother to her fam&until her confinemont. At Ihe time olie commenced taking the P.'rsian Pilis, and for feveral weeks previous, with a dry hard cough, and frequently severe cramps. which the use oí the pills entirely removed before using half a box. It is with great confidence that wc advise ail those about to beeome Mothers to make use of the Perstan Pilis. A H those that have taken them in our neighborhood, have got along in the same easy marnier, and are about. the house in a few days.- 'l'here dots íiotáppeár tobe half the ÖRÏrgèr ofother difficukies setting in nfter confine ment vvhere these Pills are taken. We unitedly say, let none neglect taking them for they are in fhe reach of tho poor as well as Lhe rich. We are truly thanklul that there is a remedy which females can easily cure which bids to lessen the world of suffering, which many of them have to bear, and perhaps save the lives of thousonda i which otherwise would bo lost. Rochester, May Mth, 1840; corner of Cal edonia square, Edingburg street. For p?.rticulars; see subscribers. S. ROBERTS, A. O. ROBERTS.Gents. - I wish yo to send n qunntity of your Pcrsinn Pilis to thiè place, for I am sure they would meet wilh a ready sale. My brother-in-law while passing tiirough your place htard so much eaid in ïheir bchalf,that he was induced to parchase 4 boxcs; and I may eafely say that (hcy have dono more for myself and a half sister of mine, than $400 which I had paid to Doctors, and for ot.hcr various prescriptions and medicines. I have used 28 boxes of Brandreth's Pilis, which gave me some partial relief. But your Pilla went right aheatl !;e a man of war. What passed off looked like ink. My discase has been rmmed diöbremly hy every Physicianbut my id.'a is, that k waB a general vi tice of the fluids which prodneed syinptoms of almostovery disoaso. Ir. wonld be too ledious for me to givegive you a history of all my difliculries. I was weak.dnl!, stupid and reduced to n skelet on. A!l hopea of beingá restored liad beenjgiven over, except by my brother-in-Jaw. I took two boxes ofvour Pjlla, and am able to perform my dutiss in the counting room. Wy sister 'was coneumptive- her Jiver was much affected, her lege Gwtíüed- a harsh cough cunstanlly troublod her. One box of your Pilis entirely relieved her from all those symptoms.- Iatn nboutto remiife to Burlington, and would vvieh an ogency, &c. STEPHEN B. LÜTHER. Ju. FEVER & AGUE, CHILL FEVER c Those in bealth who live in marshy countries, and unh.eaHhy climates, can avoid tho disease to which their situations are suhject, by takrngtlie JPèrsian pilla once, ond in some instances perhaps twice a week, to cleanso the Bysjtetn and purifj it from tUc smal! accumulation of efflnvia, whicli causes the different diseases, iu different situations of the country. Those whofiaddisease fast increasingupon them should (ake 6 or 8 pilJs on going to hed, which will gencrally opérate as a gentle cmetic and cathartic; after which continue the se of them in smaller doses, as :ecommended in the other large bill. Those who follow this courso wijl find them a sure and never failing preventiveThese whose diseases are stubborn, should take a eufficient quantity of tho piUs to vomit tlïom once or twico, say every (hird night till thejr disea3e is subdued. then take thern in smaller doses until every vestige of it is exterpated. Be no longcr imposed upon by "Tonic Mixtures," "Tonic Bitters," or any medicine recommended to break the Fevsr and Ague; ae they ajl contain more or lees qui ,ino and arnsnic, which, if they brenk the Ague, injure the constitution, often causing iho pntient9 to linger out a miserable exiatence, subject to every othor disease. These pilla do not break the Ague leaving the BCattereci fragmenta in the system, to show themselvcs in cvery other form, butby their cleansin propevties tiicy root out cvery vestige oï diseaae, leaving the systern free and heakhy, and the constitution not only unimpaiiea but improved TliosefWlio wish a tonic biter can máke a most excel" lent onc after tlic recoipt that accompaiiies each box of pï lis. Doolittle anu Ray, State Agcnf.s for Michigan. Orders addressed to M. VV. Bircliard' Si co., wijl receive attention. Sold by Doet. Mc. Loan Jackson; D.;wy $z co., Nnpolcon; Ellife Pearson, Clinton I. D. Kief, iMaiichesterTT.-Hull, Lconi; C. G. G reveil, Grass-Lake; Keeler &t Powcrs Concord. For romoving disensos orising from an abuse of Mercury, clinnic and constitutional (iiseases, suchas s ero fula or king's evil, recondiiry syphilHe, ulcorations, corrosionscftlio tliroat, nosc, cheeks, lips. enrs and othcr paris ■ of the body, eruptions oti t!io skin, rheumatie nffections, white swellirgSj pams in tlie bonee and joints, lever eoros, obstinate ohl sores, scallec! head, salt, ring worm and other distases arising from an impure sfate of t!ie blood. -Aiso, habitual 'costivcness, pilca, chronic affections of the liver, l'fogï J and chest, pains in (Ik; ctomach and sides, night Bvveats, &c. I: ie hkcvvise much recommiíudcd as a cleausing spiinr medicine. Thiscompoiznd fluid extract is Alterative Diurelio, Diaphore:ic. Laxative, Aromelic, and slightly slimtilcnt, and may be nsed successfbÜy in ecrofllilous and ypijiloid diseases, and ihat sUattefwl state of the constN tulion wliich so oRon Ibüows the abuse of mercury, exotosin or morbid er.hrgement of the bones, supiginuus tnijstuïes of worm; ulcerations genera ]y; caries of the bons; cartiicges of ilie noso, mou.'h, with the other di?eases abovc montioned, and all diseñes arieing from a tnorbid state of the blood.Tiicre is hardly a phy?icLm who lias not liad occasion to observe witfi pain, the phog odonic variety of herbe; and in spito of all their remedies he could bring errain-4. thie cmol dis?eas was compelled to ackhöwlreJge thoir inr.iïicacy and allow the monster to corrode and destroy the nose, cheeks, lips, eyeüds, care and templos; parts of vvhich ihis innlady gcnerally afíl-cís a prefjerpncf. But ín ihis extract, yvill be found a perfect remedy, in il such cases, and whcro the disease has not pruduced ;very great derangemp.nt of struciuro, it vvill evjn yield to this remedy in a very short lime. Within a -very short poriod, th-re haa hoen great improvemcnts :n France, on the pharmacoutical and ohemical treatment of Sarsa parilla, and t has bpen fully proved tha1; ninn.fentbs of the active principies of that valuable root is actually lost in the usual mode of preparing it for medical use. The compound extract being a very nico pharmaceulical preparaten, reqtiires tho most rigid caro and ektlful management, and not without s'.rict reference to the peculiar active principie of each of lts constit uents. The French chemists have ascertain ed by actual experiment, that the active principie of Sarsnparilla ia either destroyed jby r.Iicmic-il change, or dnven off by the licnt of boiüng water; consÉqnemíy the peparations from thia root in general use, (whichare also frequent iy prfparèd by pereons unacquainted with pir.rmacy, n:id' from maferials rendered mort by ::%' or olheruisc,( can have lítele or no effect upon the syslom. G. W. UT. t.iking advantage of these, fiets has adepted an irnproved procesa for extracting the medical virtues from the active ingrésenla of this compouud fluid extract, which are nino in number, without heat; that is to say neither concoction, infu sion, or maceration are mode use of; nor is the temperature of the menstrum allowed to exceed 80 degrees Fah. uotil every partiële of active principie is exhausted, 'leaving a tasteless mass behind; thereby öbtaïning the wholeofthe eolulile activo principio in a liighly conccnt rated stato, leaving out the fecula voody fibro, fee., vvhich rnciunbers the extract ohtaihed by dscoctron. The propnetor thereforo has not only the satisfaction of assuring the tnedicai faculiy and the public, that tiiis remedy is prepnred according lo strict chcmica-1 and pliarmaceutjca] rules, .but that he also united isome of ihn officinale valuable and active vegitablea, all of the choicest selection which matenally enhances Us value in the treatment of the diseases aboye named. Ho is therefore induced to ofier this fluid extract to physicians and olh ers undor the fullest conviclion of ita eupcriority over that in common use. Physiciana wl'l find gieat advantage in (he use of this extract, and a gret relief from the perplexitie3 attendant upon the treatment of those obstinate cases which bid defiance to every remedy; their confidence prómpts them to prescribe euch a dict and régimen as in their judgement the case would eeem to indícate;- thoreby giving the extract its ful! influenco. Tliis extract is prepared from,the best seIcctod materials, without heat by an improved procesa; on an account of which, it is preferredty physicians as being. more active than any othsr now before the;public. Prepared at the Cheroical JLaboratory of G. W. Merchant, Chemist, Lockport N. Y. N. B. A liberal discount made to dealers and Physicians. The above article m&y be had at the store ofj, Mc Lean, Jackson; Hale and Srnith, Grjss-Lake, and by tbo principie druists throughout the state. W.S. and J.W. Maynard, and JLund and Gibson, Agonts, Ann Arbor. Juckson, July 4th, 1840. ElttEBlis: Blaüis ! ! Bïasaïts ! 'i WUST FRINTED, on fine paper and !L in a superior sty'e, a Iarge assort ment of blank Suraraons, Subpcenas, Exacu tions, oic - For salo at tins offioa. Ann Arbor, May 18, 1841, tf An important discovery for Rheumatim Fever boren. White Swellings, Injlamma. tion m tke Eyes, Bitrns, Steelled Throat m ticarlet Fever, (uinsy, c. The G&BMiCAÊ Plaster is an important remcdy for all those who are afflicted with inflammatory complamts, by its easing patos counteractinginflammation, and givin" spee' dy relief, by its active, strengthening, and eudorific properties.- An efteetual remedy for inflammatory rheumutism, ague in the bronst, crtimp, burns, bruises, scrofula, old sorc.3, ulccrs of almost every description cankéred and swelled ihroats arising froin scailct (ever, felons, white swellingá, cliiL blains, he. Persona suffering froni livor complaint?, pulmonary diseases, iuflammation on tiie lungs, witli pains in the eideg and breast, pain and weaknesö in the back will find relief. In all casos it may bo iised with safcly. TO THE PUBLIC. To VVIIOM IT KAY CONCKRN. Thig may certify thnt I, Eraatus Dean, the proprietor of E. Dean's Cbemical Piaster, have for more than two yeare been in a. delicate state of health, so that I have been unable to prepare and circuíate eaid Plasler to tirat exteut wliich the interest of the suffering community demands; and feeling ao valuable en article ought to be extensively made knovyn to the afflicled, I have made arrangemeni3 with II. IJARR1S Si Co„ of Aslitabula, Ohio, to manufacture and veni ;t in my name as my sole successors. Tlli8 therefore, may be relied on as the genuines artice Iieretofore prepared by me. As witness my hand, ERASTUS DEAN. Weutfielj', Chaütauqüe Co., N. YJanuarxj 21, 1839.renn Line, Pa. April 7, 1840. Messrs. II Haruis & Co.- S:rs:- Since Í was atyour store in July 1;ís I havo used E. pean'á Chemicr.l Plasler, which I havo received from you at difterent times, and K-e! myselt" in duty bound to you as propritors, and to the pcople generally, to recommend tlm suine as a su fe and efficacious remody for thosf complaints for which it 13 recommctidod. I have used it in several cases of inflamed eyes, in 6ome of which ïts tffectö as a cnrative have been very decided, and in no case has it failed of giving relief vvherc it has been applied according to dU rections, and all who have used t are perfectiy eatisfied v.ith it so far as I know. ï have also applied it in some severe cases of agüe in the breast witli tho happiest efFects. 1 would also leíate the case of Mr. Toom as Logan, who has boen afflicted witl) the rheumatism in one hip for thirtecn years, so that he had been cornpcllcd to abandon labor in a great mensure. Í lol him have a box of tho Piaster, he npplied it, ond for three daya fbnnd, as ht? supposed, no benefit, but after that he pnreeived that the pain .vaa not po severe, ond in iess tlian tn o weeks he could lahor iiurd all day and rest free from pain at night. He says ihat he would not part with tho box ha has for three hondred dollars, providing he could not ohtain another. He also says t me, keep 1'. on hand and recotnmend it wherever you go. I have used the piaster in casps of pains in the 8idee, back, shoulder, etc. with like good effect. Yonrs, rf-c. DANIEL KNEELAND, M. D. Monroe, June 18, 1839.Messrs. H. Haruis & Co.: - Sirs: I have used R. Dean's Chemical Piaster for more than four years post, and do cheerfully recommend il to Physicians for rbeumatism, sprains of wrist, ankle, shoulder, fcc. In felona, whitlow, and scrofnlous sweiling8 of all descriptions, it is generally an effectual retnedy. In short, wherever there is o pain it is almost suro to givc relief in a few hours. I have used it in a grent number of rheumalic affections. One of my pationts, aged 4ü, full habit, had a rheumatic swelling on one leg. He had been unabie to get out of his house for three months; his leg was swclled to an enormoua size, tvvice its usun! bigness; overy thing had been done without success unlil we commenced using Dean's Chemical Piaster. We envelopedthe knt-o and a pyrtion of the limb in the piaster, tnJ in throe days tbe Btvelling entirely disipenred, and in ten days he went ftbont hi. ordinary business. Such hns bee"n our success wiih the article. and we now wilhrigljj recommend t to the public for a trial. Yours &c J. H. REYNOLDS, M. D. The piaster is now put up in boxes at DO. cents, and one dollar each. Made and sold. wholesalo and retail, by H. Il A RUIS &, Co., Ashtabula, Ohiu- aola proprietors. Nonegcnuine un!cs3 signed by H. Harrii on the stereotype wrapper. The above article may be had at thn storft of J. r-J'L?an, Jackson; Hale U Smitli,. Grass Lake, and by the principal droggisU throughout the Stale. Jackson July 4, 1840