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Letter to the Editor
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Messrs. Editors: - You will pleaso exuse me forintruding upon your patience. - Sut tho following extract from a lecture on ducation, delivered at the Modical College, New York, by Rev. H. O. Sheldon, is a preciousgem, and I cannut well deny myself the pleasure ofseeing itin your intorestmg Signal, hoping tnereby to cali the atteotion of comtnunity and eepecmlly Jhe female part totdat deeply intoresting and highly importjnt subject.I believe the time has gone by, when Americans believe 'women have nosouls; ihough many of them are educated as i they hnd none, but were mere humining fcirdsjdeslined tocommand adnjiration fróm thcir music or their feuthcrs. And y et icomun govctns the world. She does nol ordinarily command armiesj 'preside over Senntcs; legislate in the counci!; plead nt ilie bar, or sit upo the bench; but her infiuetice is there; yes, powerfully there, Who watcfies over the helpless ycurs of the patriot, tho clergymen, the statesmen, the philosopher, cngruviiig upon their tender niinds sentimeiits and feelings uhich shall never be efficel? Who ha3 paiience to answer the thousand qneries of cUildren, touching every art and science which occur within their noiice? Whose presence softens the pillow of pain? Whose cheerfulnes dissipates the gloom of sorrow ? Whose smile cheers to toil and nerves to forlitude? Whose company gives to an excursión its interest anti heightens the lovetiness of nature? Whose approbation inspires the poet. animates the -brave and pives value to the wreath oï victory? - Whose attention gives to truth its weight, to eloquence its fire ? Wojïan ! lovely womanü It was their mothers who made John Newton and Philiip Djddridge stars of the first magnitude in ihe religious world. it was his molher that stamped the greatness of herown mind upen Wes iey. It was his mother that gave to Ame rica the pure patriot, the faiher of hits country, the idol of posterity. And shall women be uneducated? No! Every heart that is worth culling by that name, proclaims witl emphasis, no! Let the treasures of ecience be unlocked and jioured at her feet. Let her be educated to be the friend and companion of man ! - Let her be educ&ted to useiulness! Let her be prized, not for ihe flowere, or drapery, orjewels which decórate her persun, faut for e riches that adorn her mind. - Lel ixexbo educated ! She shall Ie !"