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ÖOOri our first pnge to-day, will be Ibund a second article on Jury Trial, from a gentleman well qualified to do the sub jectjustice. It will interest every reader. There is also a communicalion on the 'Chunge of Administration? Notice the remark conceming Mr. Briggs,M. C, Is it mproper to cali such a Represenlative, a servile? &CrThe propoedinfjs of the Jackson Co. Convention display that unronipromisingstraight forward spirit which has always distinguished the aholitionistsof thatcounly. In reference to the matter of lengthy reeolutions, we would beg leave to buugestlo all our friends, that the more concise and pointed they are, the more getier ally will they be read and remembered. OrWe send according to request, four extra numbers to each subscriber n Jack. son county. Will not each one who shall receive them, see that they are circulated where they ivill be generally read? And will they not avail themselves of thisopportunity to invite their neighbors to become subscribers fur the Signal. A large addilion might bc made tooursubscription by a ver little exertion on the part of each of our friends. Try it and see. OrWe also publish to day, the ?pirited Address oí the State Central Committe, to the Abolitionists of Michigan, and the remarks of Joshua Leavitt, on the Ascenden cyofthe Slave Power. OCrWe have bcenobliged to crowd out many articles designed for this nunjber.- We regret that several errors have cscap. ed delection until itwas loo late to correct them. We shall endeavor to avoid ihera in future..